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Morning Head is a reusable cap lined with a proprietary super-absorbent cloth allowing you to wet your hair in seconds


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Hello Kickstarters!

The Morning Head cap is a cap lined with a proprietary super absorbent cloth material. You simply add water to the interior of the cap, place it on your head, and rub it around. In about 5 seconds your hair is wet as if you just got out of the shower. You are then free to style your hair as you normally would. As long as you wring it out completely, each cap can be reused up to 30 times.

We've all had to wet our hair in the sink one time or another. As a young professional, hectic mornings like these happened more than I would care to admit. I polled friends and found that it was a common occurrence for everyone. While Morning Head was originally developed for emergency mornings, it's also perfect for people who shower at night. There's no need to shower again in the morning just because of bed head.

We have some initial inventory, but we need more funds to add to this inventory and to film online commercial spots. We will be ready to ship as soon as we hit our goal.

We have made the path to getting Morning Head as easy as possible for you. $10 for two caps with free shipping (in the US). Give it a shot, support the idea, and never be caught flat footed with bed head again.

Thank you so much for your time and support; and enjoy the Morning Head.

Max Valverde


  • A Morning Head cap can most definitely be used 10+ times, but the true upper bound is unknown at this time. Some users have used it 30+ times. As long as you turn it inside out and wring it out, you can keep reusing it. This is the key. If you do not wring it out, it will get mildew like clothes left in the washer.

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  • They will be shipped as soon as the Kickstarter campaign is complete. On February 23rd we will send out a message requesting shipping information. As soon as the shipping information is obtained we will ship out the rewards.

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