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Blue's Clues creator Traci P. Johnson's animated TV show for preschoolers based on the award winning healthy eating app Rainbow Power.
Blue's Clues creator Traci P. Johnson's animated TV show for preschoolers based on the award winning healthy eating app Rainbow Power.
378 backers pledged $75,115 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by Anthony Weintraub (Creator)

By now you've heard the good news - we made our goal and then some, and our campaign to create a pilot episode for Yummiloo - a preschool series to get kids eating well - has succeeded!   Thanks to you, our incredible backers, we topped our goal by 4%, ending with a whopping $75,000!  THANK YOU!

Now we can start work doing what we do best - making stuff!    

This is especially meaningful for us - we started yummico to create a children's media company that mattered; combining entertainment and education, with social good at its core, our goal was always to try to remain as independent as possible, at least for as long as possible.  The idea was to keep the key creative decisions in the hands of a few experienced creators, instead of with those who are responsive to corporate bottom lines. That's one of the reasons we came to you, to see if the message - and the content - resonated with the community.  Clearly it has, so we're excited to take this gift you've given us - our 'golden ticket' if you will - and make something great.

Not that we need more evidence, but we were heartened to see a new study about the effect of 'Sesame Street' on preschoolers which came out this month from University of Maryland’s Melissa Kearney and Wellesley College’s Phillip Levine.  Finding that toddlers may achieve many of the same educational benefits they get from programs like Head Start just by tuning into Sesame Street, it points to what they dub the 'Sesame Street effect' as a vindication of TV and online media's value as a secondary tool for learning.  Their findings make a strong argument for the development of more technology aimed at spreading preschool education to disadvantaged areas.  Decades of research shows that preschool education can have a pivotal snowball effect on children's lives, and the study suggests that preschool media can have a similar effect.  

We believe 'Yummiloo' can have the same effect on kids and food education.  Of course there are other important issues - access to healthy food for one - and we're also not suggesting that media is the answer (we'd much rather kids learn by going to a farm then by sitting in front of a screen).  But since this is what we do, and because kids today ARE in front of screens more than any other generation before them, we' re going to try to build one of those 'snowball effects'.

You won't hear from us for a little while - we're going to start the development and pre-production process, and get all your rewards organized - but stay tuned for lots of Yummiloo fun in the coming months.  And please don't fail to reach out on the social channels and at

With gratitude- 

Anthony, Traci, Bob, Caroline, Charles, Naree, Frank, Mary and the entire Yummiloo Team

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