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Life is too short to let discomfort stop you from riding your bike. Get fit, explore, ride more and enjoy it on a bike built for joy.
Life is too short to let discomfort stop you from riding your bike. Get fit, explore, ride more and enjoy it on a bike built for joy.
162 backers pledged $152,814 to help bring this project to life.

100% Backed in less than 48 hours!!!!!!

Posted by Cruzbike, Inc. (Creator)

Thank you, thank you, thank you for joining us in this! We are totally blown away!  When we set our funding goal, we were pretty nervous - I mean, $100,000 in 35 days? That is a BIG goal!

But we kept reminding ourselves that this bike is about big goals.

It's about sharing this way of riding and introducing more and more people to a bike that works with your body, not against it.

A bike that gives to your body instead of taking away.

A bike that lets you go fast with your whole body instead of in spite of your whole body. 

A bike that lets you feel good -- not one that forces you to be okay with "numb."

Because numb doesn't work for anyone. Not in the long run. Not when it comes to life's challenges and life's joys. You want to feel real. Feel your muscles working. Feel your body getting stronger. Feel your joints supported in a healthy, doctor-approved way.

Looking forward, up, and out. Not looking down.

And you all made it happen.

Backing this campaign not only scores you first access to an amazing bike, it also gives that amazing bike to the world.  

And that is no small gift.

Thank you.

The Cruzbike Team

P.S. We have 33 days left to keep spreading the word. Look for some exciting updates from us today once we've had our coffee and happy danced for a bit!!!

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    1. Cruzbike, Inc. Creator on

      Hi Duncan! Great question. Early Bird Backers T50s will ship in July! We've confirmed final production details with the manufacturer and should see these beauties shipping very soon. We'll keep you posted when they ship!

    2. Missing avatar

      Duncan McDonald on

      Now it is funded, will you be bringing forward the production schedule?

    3. Cruzbike, Inc. Creator on

      Ohhh cool idea Joe! We love dynamos. In fact Jim and Maria use them on their training Cruzbikes.

    4. Missing avatar

      Joe Tilman on

      Perhaps some more complete commuters. Maybe even some with dynamos �

    5. Cruzbike, Inc. Creator on

      Hi Stephen!

      Thank you for backing the T50! We so wish we could ship the T50 Complete world wide, but the crate is too large for international carriers. It would require freighting which is prohibitively expensive. Our hope is that offering the complete, disassembled version will get our international friends access to the bike without unreasonable shipping fees.


    6. Stephen Feber on

      This is all cool and I'm very much looking forward to getting my frame kit. The only thing I would ask is why I couldn't buy the whole bike – I'm not sure why living outside of the USA makes such a difference? After all, I fairly frequently get products from the USA – I live in the UK. And DHL and FedEx do deliver worldwide as we all know. But generally, I think making it cheaper and more accessible alternative is a great idea. What I have to work out is how to ride in a country which is not particularly bicycle friendly and is notorious for its narrow little roads.