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Ingrid: A book project created by mother, son, & daughter. YA fantasy novel, enhanced by original music and artwork.

Ingrid: A book project created by mother, son, & daughter. YA fantasy novel, enhanced by original music and artwork. Read More
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Mother, Son, Daughter. Three artistic expressions. One Experience.

The story-line inspired the musical creation and then the written music, inspired the writing of the story. Those inspirations together, inspired the art.

All three inspirations completed what was meant to be One Unique Experience all along: 
INGRID. Timeless Tale. Enchanting Music. Captivating Artwork.

Inspiration led to inspiration.

This project was created by three members of one family. Lynnette Kraft (Mom) is the Writer, Jared Kraft (Son) is the Music Composer, and Abigail Kraft (Daughter) is the Artist/Illustrator.

Kyle Kraft (the husband/father) is the business manager for this project and is heading up the communication with printers, distributors, and everyone else involved in producing and marketing the Book and CD.

The Story of Ingrid is...
-YA Fantasy Fiction
-Fictional Universe. A small, charming village called Scot - with 19th century attributes. The village is surrounded by a dense and colorful woods where the Kunbion (an earth energy being) materializes and dwells.
-Delightfully rich characters.
-Written in a vivid literary style.

Story Synopsis:
Destiny knocks when looming trouble calls two, other-worldly, strangers to the village of Scot. Sixteen-year-old Ingrid Harrison, completely mute from her birth, finds herself helplessly connected to the newcomers but feels small in the shadow of their knowledge and magnificence. When Ingrid’s life long friend, Adair, goes missing, Ingrid turns to her new friends for guidance. As she sets off into the surrounding woods to find Adair, she is unknowingly setting a plan into motion that will bring about hope and restoration for her entire village. While on the journey, Ingrid loses her way, encounters gypsies, and is ultimately faced with her greatest fears. Will Ingrid discover that the silence she has always resented might just be the voice that changes everything?

Lynnette's Description of the Project:
I've written two non-fiction books and never thought I would write a novel, but one day, after realizing how absorbed I became in a well created story, I said to myself, "I'll bet I can do that!" I did a lot of daydreaming in the days and weeks ahead as I set out to create clever plots and interesting characters.

The idea to make the main character mute, was inspired by my love for destiny's call coming in unexpected forms. I had three children who were created differently, but even though their time on earth was short, they left a great impact! You don't have to be like everyone else to be valuable. Every life has a special purpose.

Cinematic music has always inspired me while writing, so when I began writing Ingrid, I began writing to movie soundtracks. One day, early on, I was struck with a great idea. I went to my composer son, Jared, and said, "Will you write music for me to write my book to?" 

He's pretty much obsessed with writing cinematic, thematic, orchestral music - just what I was desiring... so he said, "Sure!" and began working right away.  

Jared at work in his studio.
Jared at work in his studio.

The process was, that I would go to him and say, "I'm going to write about ...." and then he would write a song to that theme/scene. He didn't write a song for every chapter... but he gave me over 60 minutes of music to write to. It was a symbiotic process - he composed to the story and I wrote to his compositions! Inspiration led to inspiration.

You heard some of the music on our campaign video, but here is a sampling of the music, which will be included on a CD inside the book cover.

The Village of Scot

Anointed in Silence (Ingrid's Theme)

Suite for Adventures Abroad

A Darkened Heart (Rafe's Theme)


Along the way, I got another great idea. Illustrations to begin each chapter! You see, I not only have a composer son, but I have an artist daughter! 

Abigail working on the companion artwork.
Abigail working on the companion artwork.

Abigail was game (because she is just as obsessed with creating as her brother and mother). She wanted to wait until we were both done with our parts before she began to draw, because she wanted to have the full inspiration that had been created to stimulate her own.

So when my first draft was done, Abigail took the manuscript and the music and read the 104,000 words in about a day and a half. She was properly inspired and you can tell by her beautiful artwork! (Abigail is also in charge of the cover and book design as well as the website content.) 

Illustrations from Ingrid
Illustrations from Ingrid

One of the coolest things about having the addition of art and music to a book is that you have three different ways to experience the story. 

You can sample the experience here: "INGRID" - Sample the Experience

Why did we decide to do a Kickstarter?
Because of the unique nature of this project - and the clear vision we had for it -  we knew it needed to be done independently, and we love the idea of if being a family project.

We are a large-ish family (there are 8 of us), and while we aren't naked or going hungry, we just couldn't seem to scrounge up $17,000 to independently produce this book/cd/art project. Kickstarter seemed like the perfect way to fund it, especially since there is no risk for us or for you. If we don't get funded, you don't pay. 

There are different options when self publishing - like "On-demand" printing, but I (Lynnette) have had personal experience with on demand and what I've found is that the product quality consistency varies. Because we are also producing CD's to go inside the book, it made the book project a little out of the ordinary and didn't seem well suited for that. We have decided to do offset printing for this project to have a consistent and high quality product (and the books are much less expensive per each when you can print this way).

*If the Kickstarter is (miraculously) overfunded - we will put every extra penny into the book project. More money would mean...
-More Books Printed
-More Marketing to Give Ingrid a Larger Audience
-Perhaps even more options for Limited Edition Books, CD's and Artwork

The Completed Project with an estimated Release Date of Feb. 2014
Will Include: 

-Hardcover Book w/Dust Jacket
-Approx. 450 pages (printed on quality paper for illustrations to print well)
-Original Illustrations at the Beginning of Each Chapter (55 total) 
-CD Inserted Into Book With Over 60 minutes of Music Composed to and for the story.

We have budgeted carefully by analyzing price quotes for the work. The goal we've set will provide:
-First Run Printing of the Hardcover/Dust Jacket Book 
-First Run Printing of CD (Will be inserted inside book)
-Special Edition Copies
-Artwork Prints
-Setting up Business w/Distributor
-Purchasing ISBN numbers
-Setting up Digital Copies on Various Websites
-Shipping Fulfillment 
-Promotional Materials

Reward Details/Options:

Ingrid Reward: 8"x 10" Mounted Signed Print
Ingrid Reward: 8"x 10" Mounted Signed Print

You are SO IMPORTANT to this project! We simply can't do it without your support! Thank you so much for taking time to look over our Kickstarter Campaign!

The Kraft Family
Lynnette, Jared and Abigail - Creators
Kyle - Business Manager
Cecily 17, Silas 12, Jonas 10 - Initial Test Readers and Biggest Fans
Harrison 6 - Ingrid's Youngest Fan and Future Agent

Risks and challenges

We don't expect any challenges regarding the completion of this project. We've done our research and feel confident that the people/companies chosen to edit and produce this book and cd will deliver a great product!

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