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€20,918 pledged of €90,000 goal
By Sébastien Brusset
€20,918 pledged of €90,000 goal

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    1. Annie

      No.... I want Oliver Panis' autograph :(

    2. Sébastien Brusset Creator on

      Hi Jerome !
      Nice to see you there and many thanks for your support my friend ;-)
      We can't add prescription yet, but of course, we're working on it, and that will be ready next year.
      The lens is not polarised on this version, as we want to be sure that while you be riding up to 80km/h, you won't miss an oil puddle on the road ;-)
      Warranty is 1 year worldwide, and we expect to deliver first batch in august. Impatient to press the production button !
      Take care


    3. Missing avatar

      Jerome Petin on

      The temptation was too high ! Couldn't resist and got a pair of black&red Juic-e !
      Can we add a prescription? Are lens polarised? How long is the warranty provided? When is delivery expected?
      Good luck guys !

    4. Sébastien Brusset Creator on

      Hello Annie

      It will be with pleasure, but of course I have to ask the principal interfered ;-) Knowing well this should not be a concern ... we come back to you as soon as we have his answer.
      Thank you for your support and very soon

    5. Annie

      Big fan of F1!! Can I just please have Oliver Panis' autograph :)

    6. Sébastien Brusset Creator on

      Bonjour Laurent et merci pour votre soutien.

      Nous avons dans l’équipe des spécialistes de la lunette de sport, premium et luxe, ce qui nous a permis de pouvoir totalement fiabiliser notre équipement à l’instar de n’importe quelle autre paire de lunettes de vélo. Elles sont résistantes aux chocs, étanches, et la technologie est éprouvée sur la durée.
      Pour la protection, nous fournirons le packaging avec le meilleur compromis encombrement protection !

    7. Laurent on

      Bravo !
      -les lunettes sont-elles plus fragiles que d'autres "normales" ?
      - vous nous prévoyez une jolie protection pas trop encombrante avec svp ?