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Confederate Express is a strategy-oriented tactical RPG. The game is a Windows PC title.
Confederate Express is a strategy-oriented tactical RPG. The game is a Windows PC title.
2,386 backers pledged $39,739 to help bring this project to life.

Introducing Knuckle Club

Posted by Maksym Pashanin (Creator)

Greetings, everyone!

After a long wait, we are very excited to finally reveal the sister project we've been working on: Knuckle Club!

 Knuckle Club is a real-time brawler with RPG elements set in cyberpunk era. With this game, we are featuring a brand new graphical API called FALSE 2D, which is a special toolset that simulates 3D conditions in 2D environments. With this API we are finally able to precisely adjust the lighting conditions of our scenes, giving us full control of the final product.

Unfortunately due to recent restructuring of Kilobite, the development of Confederate Express have been postponed, but as an upside it has received a graphical overhaul and now it fully supports FALSE 2D API. As an apology for the delays, we are offering every backer of Confederate Express a free reward pack from Knuckle Club! The reward pack chosen will be the closest to backer's pledge. We will be sending a separate email for every backer with specific details about the reward, so keep an eye on your inbox.

We have also prepared a series of exciting technical updates on Confederate Express to share with our backers, so please stay tuned! We are planning on unrolling the updates shortly after Knuckle Club campaign ends.

For more information about Knuckle Club, please visit our official website,!

And as always, if you have an opinion or wanted to ask a question, please stop by our kickstarter page and leave a comment! All feedback is greatly appreciated.

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    1. Anthony Bonome on

      New kickstarter without proof of serious updates/progress on the first one: Not cool. Risk/reward on ConFed Express? Decent. Doubling down? Hell no.

    2. Peter Ståhlberg on

      With over 80 projects under my belt (as a donor) I'm fully aware of the risks and rewards of Kickstarter. Out of those 80 very few has failed or not kept their promises. BUT that being said, what Kickstarter do not need right now is another poorly handled campain. Very recently Yogventures went caputt and now this seems to be on quite thin ice. I still have hope. The basic idea of the game is good. It has potential. Also i do like this new trend of well made pixel graphics. BUT to many promises are being made. What more, small indie devs are constantly thinking they can do things they clearly can not. Lack of experience and poor PR relations. Even well meaning teams can go under simply by doing a less than stellar job. That is the risk of Kickstarter. Not only to the backer but also to the campain owner. I really wish more devs would do their homework to a greater degree. Before they start a campain. Look at successes and ask your self WHY they worked and HOW they did not turn out a failure or a mess. I hope this is not one campain that crash and burns. I still have hope. Time will tell...

    3. Missing avatar

      Ryan W on

      Some agitated folks bought into Knuckle Club to get posting privileges on their Kickstarter page. They posted warnings not to give Kilobite money. Kilobite has since removed links to the Kickstarter page from their website and are now linking to direct funding options with PayPal and Amazon payments.

      I did some digging and Maksym posted several times late last year that their "investor project" was only going to take 2-3 months and be a limited drain on ConEd's development. According to everything he's said up until this update the "investor" was going to completely bankroll the new game and all of the stretch goals for ConEd. Where is the stretch goal money coming from if these people can't even give $25,000 to Knuckle Club?

      I'm a gamedev and try to give every other gamedev the benefit of the doubt. I have no doubts about this being a scam.

    4. Mikhail on

      A lot of kickstarter projects are delivered not in time, thats not deally that sad. I still have faith in this project. You really have only one update for explaing things better. Don't loose that chance.

    5. Chris Chen

      I like to believe in the good and honest nature of people unless I am shown incontrovertible evidence otherwise.
      @Kilobyte/ Maksym. So, I'm choosing to believe that you're not scammers, and that you just got in over your heads.
      What you *need* to do to start making this right with your backers is to post another update in which you are *honest* about the reasons for this postponement etc. and if you have a timetable. If you don't, tell us!
      Don't simply be upbeat about bad news. We pledged for Confederation Express and telling us it's been postponed, but not for how long and leaving us in the dark is the best way to alienate your backers as you can see from the comments on Knuckle Club.
      It is NOT a witch hunt if you are being perceived as scammers. Everyone simply wants to make sure no one else gets scammed.
      So, honest and lengthy update, and maybe some of the vitriol will stop.
      Otherwise, a neon sign saying "Scammmers Alert! Beware!" is just going to stay around and follow you around like a bad smell.

    6. Matt White on

      apparently you are people who specialize in making gifs.

    7. Markus Rajala on

      To be perfectly honest, I'm getting a definite Three-card Monte vibe from this project, now. I'm hoping I'll be proven wrong, and won't be jumping the gun on a request for a refund, but I'd appreciate an update / clarification on the appropriation of funds and future of Con Ex, which was the initial pledge.

      I feel like the backers have been somewhat left in the dark, receiving now new words on how Con Ex was coming along and suddenly we're told that there's a new show in town, which takes precedence over the first one? This is troubling, to say the least.

    8. Zwarteziel on

      Here's something quaint: in an interview with the website Cliqist (, the following is stated:
      Cliqist : Any fear of the over funding curse? That you’ll start obligating yourself to adding features that continually push back the release date?
      Maksym Pashanin : One of our biggest concerns is delaying the release date. If we will get over funded drastically, the majority of that money will go towards hiring extra help to make sure we release the game on time.
      I wasn't too concerned with update #7's news about the sister-project and the slight delay of two-three months, but it seems ironical that both the original intentions to release CE on time and the 'quick-win' investment in Knuckle Club didn't work out. There's also an obscure bit of info about Kilobite's nature in the interview. It seems it's not a traditional development-studio, but rather a 'staffing agency'?

    9. Lars H on

      Though I would have appriciated a better rewind to Update #7, I remembered something about a side project and I'm neither disappointed nor feeling betrayed or something.
      In update #7 every comment was: Yeah, great we get all stretch goals! Now it's: blah, side project took longer than expected.
      I'm fine with that cause common sense is that very few game projects are delivered on time and most times, these are awful.
      So my suggestion is: Let all these whiners, who I think are a very vocal minority have their refund and concentrate on making the game(s).
      But please: Make Updates with shorter gaps and refer to other updates if that is helpful

    10. Missing avatar


      @Alexander: By no means am I trying to tell people not to be angry/upset, and to be quite frank I agree that this was a terrible move on Kilobite's part.
      As you so aptly pointed out, though, "when almost every angry person has been ignored things just getting worse." That's exactly why I was trying to give them answers, so everyone can be informed as possible when they decide how to feel about the situation.
      And you're right, they've been incredibly sparse with the updates (though I think that's somewhat understandable given the circumstances; there hasn't been progress on this game to update about, and there's a fine line between keeping everyone informed and throwing information in their face about a game that they don't even care about. The update that they did make was at least somewhat related since the games would share the same engine). And no, we don't have any reassurance that the money is untouched (and as backers rather than investors, we don't really have any grounds to demand that assurance, if it were even possible to provide something concrete enough to satisfy anyone), but that's the narrative and it doesn't help anyone to make things more confusing by throwing around accusations.

    11. Rich on

      Backers here wouldn't mind if you (CE People) were done with this project and then launch another project.

      So, what are your plans now that this Knuckle Club gamble backfired?

      I've been backing projects here for quite a while now and I can tell that the money that you guys got for this campaign wasn't enough huh? Hence the reason why you and Kilobite are trying to shove this new project down people's throats.

      I backed this project because I support Indie developers--- but you guys are making the legit ones look bad.

    12. Nathan Collins on

      In December, you estimated that this side project would be complete in February-March. In February, you stated a "deployment date" of April 15. Now this new campaign has that release pushed back to November. Why has the supposed side project been delayed so far? Why does this side project require additional funding when the whole point of taking it on was to inject funds into Confederate Express? What are your plans for Confederate Express if and when that campaign fails to fund?

    13. Alexander Kuhta on

      Sleet, Stoibs, i clearly remember that update about additional funding, this other project actually not the reason of my reaction and refund requests, the reasons: this update is not about ConEX, giving me knuckle thing for free looks like stupid try to ease corners, and, of course, the main reason is that there is a huuuge lack of updates, NDA shit, and endless lies. And now when almost every angry person has been ignored things just getting worse.

      And here is another fact: when we were backing this game we didn't know about this sister project and additional funding, they said that sis project will be realeased on spring, then silence began, i can understand overdue, but when this overdue is reasonable. Now i have no information to say that this over due was actually reasonable , because they not only late form ~2 months they started new campaign, i can't understand when game already has funding and they asking for more. And here is another thing: considering all above info how can i be sure that money for ConEx really still exists and were not spent to build this knuckle thing?

    14. Missing avatar

      Hvedrung on

      This is a somewhat clumsy communication but it really isn't that bad. You even get a free game that you might like.
      I feel about the same as Sleet and Stephen, I am a bit disappointed but I also know what to expect from a Kickstarter campaign. Well, time is not an issue for me but some more information regarding the status of both games developpement and how exactly they are being funded would be nice.

    15. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      Huh, seems sleet wrote a similar wall of text that has explanations while I was writing my wall of Text :P

    16. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      So after reading through the previous updates I see know and are indeed reminded of the fact that you have secured additional funding in exchange for working on another project.
      I can only assume *this* is that project then..?

      See this is the thing that has me more annoyed and confused rather than angry like the people here who are demanding refunds and threatening to report; this update was so poorly written and conveyed that it is the *cause* of all this anger, I have literally never heard of ‘Knuckle club’ before now and was at a complete loss as to what the hell this had to do with the project I backed; that you alluded to ConEx being postponed while you work on some other random, unheard of project just makes people see red, and for good reason.

      The problem here is the fact that update 7 - which mentioned and explained all this - was from a whopping 6+ months ago… you can’t seriously expect people to remember the specifics of what is going on after that much time when you are *extremely* light on updates as it is (I just got my 130th KS update from War for the Overworld this morning… you really need to step it up and keep us in the loop more..) You also can’t assume that this is the only project that people are following and have backed and that we are up to date and know what is going on (especially considering the aforementioned fact that you are way too light on updates); with 180 of my own backed projects, I receive 5~10 KS updates daily on average - something that you mentioned in an update half a year and literally hundreds of KS updates ago isn’t exactly fresh on the mind and thus, is the cause for all this confusion and rage. (After re-reading the comments in update 8 and your post that wasn’t there initially it seems the screenshots in that one were also from this ‘Knuckle club’ too and not ConEx… again lack of proper communication and confusion…you guys need to work on this)
      You really should have opened up this update with a paragraph reminding backers of what was going on with the additional funding and the freelancing of this other project, perhaps hire a PR guy and/or push out more frequent updates so something like this that catches us all off-guard and out of left field doesn’t occur again.
      For the record I am anticipating a free steam key for this (Two games for the price of one, can’t complain at that) and *now* - only after doing my own research and digging back through this project - actually understand and am aware of what the hell is going on. Brush up on communication with backers, push out more frequent updates, and try to view this from the perspective of someone who hasn’t been working on or been aware of this ‘Knuckle club’ game for the last 6 months.

    17. Chayadol Lomtong on

      Oop sorry my bad, I should have read it all. So, in conclusion, we have to wait until Knuckle game is finished and we will have to wait for another year or two years to get Con Ex? Seriously?

    18. Chayadol Lomtong on

      Ok, what if..repeat..IF..we back that knuckle things, what guarantee that I will get this game? seriously? you lied me once and I learn. No Con Ex, no back.

    19. Missing avatar


      Dear God, that was a ridiculous wall of text! I'm sorry, everyone!

    20. Missing avatar


      Okay, I think we need a summary in here, because it looks like a lot of people have no idea what's actually going on, which, you know, happens when it's been over half a year since we backed something. If you feel confused by any of this, I hope something in here helps:

      October: Kickstarter begins.
      November: Kickstarter ends successfully.
      December: Maksym announces that just before the kickstarter ended, a venture capital group has offered to provide funding to allow them to meet all of Confederate Express' stretch goals, if they set Confederate Express on the back burner and finish a game that's currently in production (expected to take 2-3 months). At the time, all the backers who commented were thrilled at having a much better game in return for a longer wait.
      February: Maksym updates to show progress made on the engine for Confederate Express and the game that turned out to be Knuckle Club. Announces game is expected to end in April.
      Today: Maksym updates to announce that they're running a Kickstarter for Knuckle Club, and adds that backers of Confederate Express will get the game for free.

      What's going on with this other game?
      Knuckle Club is the game that they've been working on for a venture capital group. See above or update #7 for a refresher.

      Why did you spend our money on this other game, or why are you making this game first instead of the one I backed?
      The money from this Kickstarter has supposedly not been touched, and is waiting until they can work on Confederate Express. All the money that went into Knuckle Club was from a venture capital group that already had the game in progress.

      Why have I never heard of Kilobite?
      Kilobite has been the name of the company from the start, as can be seen if you check out Maksym's profile.

      Why are you running a Kickstarter for that other game?
      Good question! This is one I'd like to hear an answer to, as well. We're purely in guesswork territory now, but I'd suggest it was the venture capital group's idea, since they're the ones in charge of the money for that game.

      How dare you ask us for money for this other game?
      Well, they didn't ask us for money for this other game, and in fact they're offering us the game for free.

      Why hasn't there been any progress on Confederate Express, or how far along is ConEx?
      *points above to the thing where they agreed to make that other game first for a chunk of money they could use to make ConEx even better.*

      Not so good reasons to be upset:
      Kilobite working on Knuckle Club before Confederate Express: They told us about that last year, it's a bit late to get mad.
      Kilobite asking for your money on another Kickstarter: They're expressly not asking for our money, and are giving us the game (plus whatever else comes with a tier of about the same level as we pledged on this project).

      Better reasons to be upset:
      Confederate Express being pushed so far back: While Kickstarter delays are common and pretty much expected at this point, Knuckle Club's development has taken far longer than previously suggested.
      Knuckle Club having a Kickstarter: Though I'd hold the venture capitalist group responsible instead of holding it against Kilobite.

      Okay, I think that should take care of most of the confusion/misinformation I've seen. I hope I've set some minds at ease, or at least helped people be upset for legitimate reasons.

    21. Missing avatar

      Kyle on

      So... You openly admit to abandoning development on this project in favor of something completely different and expected those whose trust and generosity you have taken advantage of to be okay, even excited, about it? I don't know how large your team is, but can you get someone who isn't insane to start writing these updates?

    22. Kyle Harpster on

      So what I am understanding is that, you are saying that all backer are going to get this new game for free and the game that we backed from this campaign. What if you don't care for this new game? It also brings up the question, if ConEx is going to be using this new tech that you have made, does that mean that the game of ConEx is now not going to be a topish down shooter, but now a 2D side scroller? That is how it is sounding to me. But honestly you have given zero information and shown nothing from the actually game that was backed, so how are the backers to have any trust in you at all in getting the game that we actually backed? You have already proven that you are very disingenuous and have made this campaign and yourselves look very shady, if not full on shysters.

      So what are you going to be doing when backers don't want this new game that you are or have already made? Are you just going to give refunds and cut your loses, hoping that you can still get even more money for a game that you have been working on, where you should have ultimately been making the game you made a kickstarter for in the first place. It seems like you know all full well that this "sister project" was going to be taking up all of your time. What you should have done, and would have not gotten yourselves into this situation. This being that you should have never made the campaign for ConEx and have finished this Club game. Got that game on to steam, GOG, and or any other digital games service. Then after that game and only when that game was done that you make a campaign for ConEx.

      You have only shown that you are not capable of managing your time and development of a game. You have made yourselves look foolish and you only have yourselves to blame for the horrible light that you have now created for yourselves. You have made your own graves. You do not get to take money for a game that is now not coming out and say oh but we have this other game that we have been working on that isn't the game that we got money for. Have this new game as a we're sorry. Things may work like that in your world, but in the real world things do not work that way.

      As I see it you do not deserve to have either games come out and make money. There for I am reporting this kickstarter, and writing a letter to all games media, in hope that they cover your game and your deception. An get you ran out of the gaming industry.

    23. Missing avatar

      JiminyJickers on

      I have absolutely zero interest in Knuckle Club so couldn't care if you give it away or not. From your posts below, it seems you guys haven't event done any work on Confederate Express.

      If you are offering refunds, then I will take it.

    24. Missing avatar

      Anthony Berry on

      Sorry, had to report you guys to Kickstarter. My pledge was not an investment so that you could cherry pick games that you wanted to work on, my pledge was an early payment so that you could finish Confederate Express and send me a digital copy. I also don't appreciate that your prototype was actually for a project (Knuckle Club) and not for the project that I was backing (Confederate Express) I have reported you for both of those violations of the second Kickstarter rule: Projects must be honest and clearly presented.
      I would recommend others do the same.

    25. Jonathan P. King on

      Indie Developer here. I can 100% appreciate how awesome these tools are and would love to play with them myself. It makes for an amazing looking project!

      That being said, your answers for all this is pure BS. Receiving more funding does not mean you don't work on a project for 6 months. That makes no sense at all. If this engine was truly for confederate express why didn't you use confederate express to build it instead of this new game? What possible road block put confederate express on stand by? Why would you make a whole different game instead of being vocal? Based on your Feb update it would appear you began work on this new game right away! Enjoy the wall of text.

    26. James McClure on

      Maksym were you once a banker in Ghana? Maybe a roommate of Bernie Madoff? You have some gall to be sending info on a "sister project". I assume it may be a still birth. PLEASE get your act together on Con Ex.

    27. Alexander Kuhta on

      @Maksym, please, do not ignore others, not only me want to know how to refund money. Actually i don't care about this knuckle thing, i'm not interested in another project pledge, i backed this project. In fact i will never support somehow kilobite guys just because of this situation. So much frustration, simply can't believe this shit is real.

    28. Roman Unger on

      This is so shady!!! Ugh. Where do I apply for a refund?

    29. Missing avatar

      Tevaul on

      I don't know if I would go that far Cane, but we do need an explanation. I look at the backers as the board of a company, when they want an explanation of what is going on with the company they invested in they get one. When they want an update about what the company is doing, they get one. Most importantly when they want to do where their invested money is going they better get that update. I would like to see proof that the money has not been utilized in any way shape or form toward Knuckle Club and it is indeed untoched.

      This update with zero updates about CE is very disappointment and unfortunate. Again I am going to highly encourage a huge update on the work that has been done with CE. If there has not been any work done and there is no update you are going to guarantee not only the failure of Knuckle Club but also action will be taken against you.

    30. Maksym Pashanin Creator on

      @Mark another great advantage is that we are also borrowing every new vfx technology that Knuckle Club introduces for virtually free, and without any time spent on research & development. We completely understand the frustration due to delays, but a good game is good eventually, and a bad game is bad forever.

      Thanks a lot for your support! Feedback is very valuable for us.

    31. Missing avatar

      Fowling on

      I would like to know what are the necessary steps to demand a refund.

    32. Mark on

      No problems as far as I'm concerned, looks like knuckle club is very similar in style to ConEx so its more experience for the devs and maybe even some assets to reuse which should help make ConEx a better game. Not bothered if its over due, nearly every game I've ever backed on here has been way over due. I just want it good, not quick

    33. Missing avatar

      Cane on

      Go to hell you damn thieves

    34. The Beardo

      I should add another one of the main concerns here, is most other games I funded have if anything, been too frequent with their updates. Where as nothing is being said about ConEx, which makes me worry it will end up as vaporware.

    35. The Beardo

      Getting on board with the sentiment of what a bad taste this post leaves in my mouth, as so many have said I gave up my money because I wanted to see ConEx get made and now there are doubts.

      You cannot ask folks to just trust you at this point, there has been little communication about what work if any is being done on the project we all funded, so good faith is a hard sell at this point. There needs to be some proof of intent to focus on finishing what you were paid to do before I trust you again, and I certainly will not be giving any money to other projects (Knuckle Club or otherwise) that anyone involved with Kilobite works on in the future unless this whole... situation is rectified in less appalling manner.

    36. Missing avatar

      Felix on

      No one is not being calm. Everyone is worried by this turn of events. It doesn't seem like they've been very straight with us. Nor does their new kickstarter mention their old one. Which is a bit dodgy.

    37. Brian on

      For people who need more background info for how we got here, check out update #7.

      @Felix Everyone is calm. No one is swearing, and the comments that I've read seem "respectful and considerate".

    38. Felix on

      I think you guys just need to calm down and relax just a little more.

    39. Brian on

      I don't mind delays, since that's par for the territory, but we funded development for Con Ex and not "Knuckle Club".

      I didn't feel that you guys joining up with a VC, essentially becoming contractors for their ideas, was good idea. Now I know that I was right.

      Since you guys got funding from a VC or incubator for Knuckle crap, maybe it would be good to refund us our money for ConEx?

    40. Missing avatar

      Ryan W on

      Well, Confederate Express was a good idea. Now it's time to report this to Kickstarter and help get everyone refunded.

    41. Missing avatar


      I think you guys may have shot yourselves in the foot a bit with the tone and content of this update, and I hope we can all come to a better understanding.
      I'm sure a lot of thought went into the decision to proceed the way that you did, but there are a lot of details that have been left out and many backers are going to need to see the reasonable explanation before accepting it (hence why so many comments boil down to 'this is a bad idea' or 'why is this a good idea?').
      To be quite frank, I can understand that this makes more sense from a financial standpoint (Knuckle Club is closer to completion, extra funds will make it even better, and a better game means more sales afterward which can go into making Confederate Express even better as well), and I do appreciate that you've kept funds for Confederate Express untouched during this transition, but you're going to get a lot of ill will from this and I'm not convinced that it'll be worth it in the end.

    42. Missing avatar

      Carl Knoos on

      To chime in with many others, I didn't back knuckle club, I have no interest in backing knuckle club. Why you thought that this was a good idea eludes me. You are making me regret funding ConEx in the first place, it is becoming clear that you are not able to focus on one project at a time, which makes me doubt you'll finish either.

    43. PegasusOrgans-AGL 589 on

      While I'm happy to see this (looks very interesting, much more so after reading RPG elements and cyberpunk)I do hope to see Con Ex. I hope you mean you'll still be finishing the game, but many are upset for understandable reasons. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, and see this as an opportunity for the game to be even better! I hope you can explain to the backers about how big a difference this new tech will have on Con Ex.

    44. Jeff

      So your not working on ConEx?? instead you're working on a different game? You need to finish the one before starting something new.

    45. Missing avatar

      Tevaul on

      Oh and I really have no interest in Knuckle Club, looks interesting but frankly had that been the project up for backing I would have passed on it.

    46. Missing avatar

      Tevaul on

      As you can see with the comments below, this announcement was really not a good call. Common sense dictates that if you have promised something, you meet that promise before hinting that you are making a different one. Translation, you probably shouldn't be announcing a new project when your first hasn't been completed yet. I would highly encourage you to provide a very detailed update on the progress for CE before you have mutiny on your hands.

    47. Plumpbiscuit on

      Wait, this game was meant to come out last month, what happened?

    48. Zwarteziel on

      Sad to read such an obscure update.

      Here's what I expected:
      - An announcement of the game you helped finish for the investment firm
      - An update on the progression of CE

      Here's what I read just now:
      - An announcement for a new game, to be funded using Kickstarter.
      - A message that you will be 'matching' our pledge for this game, despite it being a different genre none of us backers have asked for.
      - No update regarding the progress of CE.
      - A message detailing that you've not used the funds we raised for you on CE.

      It is not explicitly stated that Knuckle Club is the game you were supposed to help finish for the investment firm in exchange for additional funding. From the screenshots you posted in update 8 though, it looks like it is. However, in that same update you state it will be deployed around mid-april. This date has passed a while ago, and instead of presenting a finished product, you now announce a Kickstarter where you state that 40% of it's funding will go to development and 15% to audio etc. (While you are also working on CE?) I hope you will understand that I'm not exactly filled with confidence about both the teams honesty and ability to deliver. My first thought was that you are trying to gain additional (but essentially unneeded) income by using your existing base of backers. I hope that is not true, since I have little sympathy for these practices.

    49. Veav on

      Let's see if I can improve this post using only the original words...


      Update #9 Jul 16 2014
      Confederate Express Delays

      Greetings, everyone!

      After a long wait, we are very excited to finally reveal a brand new graphical API called FALSE 2D, which is a special toolset that simulates 3D conditions in 2D environments. With this API we are finally able to precisely adjust the lighting conditions of our scenes, giving us full control of the final product.

      Confederate Express has received a graphical overhaul and now it fully supports FALSE 2D API. Unfortunately due to recent restructuring of Kilobite, the devepment of Confederate Express has been set back. We have prepared a series of exciting technical updates on Confederate Express to share with our backers, so please stay tuned!

      As an apology for the delays, we are giving every backer of Confederate Express the sister project we've been working on: Knuckle Club!


      Knuckle Club is a real-time brawler with RPG elements set in cyberpunk era. Every backer will receive a free Knuckle Club pledge reward close to the backer's Confederate Express pledge reward. We will be sending a separate email for every backer with specific details, so keep an eye on your inbox. For more information about Knuckle Club, please visit our official website,!

      And as always, if you have an opinion or wanted to ask a question, please stop by our kickstarter page and leave a comment! All feedback is greatly appreciated.