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Confederate Express is a strategy-oriented tactical RPG. The game is a Windows PC title.
Confederate Express is a strategy-oriented tactical RPG. The game is a Windows PC title.
2,386 backers pledged $39,739 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Maksym Pashanin Creator on

      Ok guys, what's the latest deets on the drama? 10/10, would squat again

    2. Remy on

      From Kickstarters Terms of Service:
      "A Project Creator is not required to grant a Backer’s request for a refund unless the Project Creator is unable or unwilling to fulfill the reward.
      Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill.
      Project Creators may cancel or refund a Backer’s pledge at any time and for any reason, and if they do so, are not required to fulfill the reward."
      Do I read this correctly that the project creator needs to refund is as he is unwilling to fulfill the rewards?

      By the way, Polygon also ran an article on them:

    3. Veav on

      Man, your bank dun care. Just say they failed to meet the promised delivery date, with the project URL as proof should the bank ask.

    4. Kahuna Kevin on

      Good idea. I'm fairly certain on my banking website I can flag and dispute a charge. If they need proof send this project URL, the latest update and the story on these guys scamming other people.

    5. Veav on

      So I actually went through this on a different kickstarter. You have a limited time to dispute a payment (90 days maybe?) and after that it stands, buuut you can still dispute it through your bank and Amazon won't hold it against you. In my case the $10 isn't worth the effort to pursue - which is what scammers count on - but yeah, absolutely request a reversal for a product not delivered.

      (Which isn't to say you shouldn't COMPLAIN to Amazon. Just don't ask them to handle the chargeback.)

    6. Chris Chen

      Just sent this as a PM using the "Contact Me" button.

      "Dear Sir,

      After your recent update, I was prepared to leave my pledge as it was and continue believing in you and the eventual release of the game.
      Unfortunately, due to your continuing actions concerning the AirBnB incident, I am no longer prepared to do so.
      I formally wish to request a refund of the $75 pledge as I cannot in good conscience believe that you will release or have ever prepared to release Confederate Express.

      I await your reply,
      Chris Chen."

      How does one go about filing a complaint to Amazon Payments? If someone who knows, posts it for all of us to see, then the more reports the better.

    7. Veav on

      I'm hoping to get Amazon Payments to suspend their accounts. The more reports the better, folks!

    8. Kahuna Kevin on

      Oh you won't get your money back, I guarantee that, but spend a couple minutes spreading the word about these two crooks so they never can pull this crap ever again.

    9. Missing avatar

      Cliff H on

      This was a scam and we all got took. I'm pissed. I want my money back.

    10. Veav on

      It's under a different user name, and there isn't really a "this is a high-risk, low-confidence pitch due to the creator's behavior and business partners" report option. Without receiving a flood of bad press I can't see Kickstarter doing anything about it.

      Not that they need to, even if there were no other shenanigans afoot Knuckle Club looks like absolute shite. Slow and methodical works for tactical games. Not so much for brawlers.

    11. Missing avatar

      Cane on

      No fucking way this game will ever be released and neither will knuckle club. It's amazing kickstarter hasn't suspended knuckle clubs kickstarter campaign

    12. Kahuna Kevin on

      More info and new photos on the Pashanin brothers (Kilobyte Developers) squatting case... In case you're wondering why theres no updates. Looks like they're plenty busy doing other things.

    13. Andreas Inghe on

      @Veav I have no idea. I live in Sweden heh.

    14. Veav on

      @Andreas If you live in Palm Springs, it costs more than $10 to replace a window?

    15. Clinton Hallahan on

      I have squatters rights to this game.

    16. Andreas Inghe on

      Hmmm... Interesting. To bad it has come to this. I dont know what to think.

    17. Kahuna Kevin on

      Watch and read this, so basically the developers are scammers, and now scamming someone out or rent. Likely funds from the game were used as rent and now likely used as lawyers fees with them squatting in someone's apartment. Bunch of SHADY CROOKS!!!

    18. Missing avatar

      Götz von Berlichingen on

      Kilobite is registered to Maksym's brother. So it turns out this "company" that "came in and hired all his employees" is registered to his brother.The whole thing is BS. &Button=search&Search_ID=32052665448

      This is a con.

    19. Veav on

      ahaha, damn. Well hopefully somebody makes the game in time, I liked the idea/look.

    20. Missing avatar

      Jack Pyke on

      Their registered business address in Austin, Tx is a gated community, with rents starting at $1000/month. Not a huge stretch, but not bad a for couple of guys running a KS scam.…

      I wonder if the community residents or management have ever heard of the Pashanin brothers.

    21. PegasusOrgans-AGL 589 on

      Go look at Forsaken Fortress people! At least there's a good chance we'll get a complete game. It could be far worse, stop your whining. Give ppl a tiny bit of power they start acting like Activision.

    22. PegasusOrgans-AGL 589 on

      I just hope the one situation does not affect your ability to complete Con Ex. Personally, it is none of my business what you do in your personal life. It shouldn't affect anyone else either.

    23. More_Badass on

      Hi, Maksym, I stumbled on these articles while I was reading online when Knuckle Club campaign launched. Do you have anything to say about this situation:

    24. Kahuna Kevin on

      @ ack, not sure which was deleted, last comment was praising your investigating and sarcastically hinting that the different names were typos or he forgot how to spell his name, not to hide anything shady...

    25. Veav on

      @Jack HUH. Some good arguments/intel there.

    26. Missing avatar

      Jack Pyke on

      A previous comment of yours was deleted. Care to rephrase it for me?

    27. Missing avatar

      Jack Pyke on

      Need more?
      This interview was linked to by a backer in Update 10.

      A few choice quotes from Maksym:
      " there were almost no negative feedback regarding the actual game, Knuckle Club; just mostly about Kilobite’s inner-company politics"
      "I have no control over Kilobite’s business decisions"
      "Knuckle Club is being developed by Kilobite contract employees. Confederate Express is being developed by myself (Maksym Pashanin) personally. The only link between two projects is that I am employed by Kilobite"
      "Knuckle Club is completely funded by Kilobite, we are using Kickstarter strictly for market research and publicity purposes."

      So it seems Maksym Pashanin, founder, President, Treasurer & Director of Kilobite, has nothing to do with its internal politics or business decisions. Seems legit.
      Maybe he leaves all that to his VP, Denys Pashanin.

      Now I'm not regretting backing at a higher level.

    28. Kahuna Kevin on

      Good investigation work! I'm sure it's just a typo and he forgot how to spell his name. Not trying to hide with aliases or anything. ;)

    29. Missing avatar

      Jack Pyke on

      Also check out both their Facebook profiles.
      Denys is spelt Denis btw.

    30. Missing avatar

      Jack Pyke on

      Additionally, Kilobite were registered in 2013; in Florida in August and Texas in December.
      In Update 7 (December 2013) Maksym says he was approached by Kilobite and he relocated to Austin, TX.
      Somehow I don't think a lot of moving was necessary.

    31. Missing avatar

      Jack Pyke on

      I too was relieved by the latest update. Unfortunately it seems like we're being told the whole story. T&Cs give their company address, registered in Texas (sorry about all the urls but I think it's important).…

      So who is Denys Pashanin? I'm sure it's just a coincidence right?

      Maybe not.

      I have no issue with family business, but Maksym obviously withheld these important details of who Kilobite actually is for good reasons.

    32. xlynx on

      To be honest the last update raised more questions than it answered...

    33. Veav on

      We're not entitled to a damn thing but the rewards at each tier. We're not even entitled to Knuckle Club, under these circumstances or any other. (Not that it's any great prize, it looks uhh not-great, but I appreciate the gesture.)

      Welcome to the real world, where projects may never be realized, or may get sold to a third party, or may change substantially between pitch and release. If these are unacceptable terms Kickstarter is not for you.

    34. Kahuna Kevin on

      If Maksym made a deal with an investor then post proof. Also show how much of the $40k+ was spent on outsourcing. I'm not buying any of this until there's concrete paperwork or transactions. And as funders of this game we are entitled to any and all financial transactions and side deals with others that affect development.

    35. Missing avatar

      Cane on

      Wow some people here are easy to fool. Buying into a poor excuse so they can hopefully scam more money out of knucklewhatever.

      No wonder the world is full of con artists

    36. Nelson A Diaz on

      Well, I just hope the game gets finished, the concept and art are pretty fantastic, and if the developer is back on the ball then that's great.
      Although I have to say that "witch hunt" comment from the developer on the Knuckle Club kickstarter left a bad taste in my mouth.

    37. Kahuna Kevin on

      I believe refunds are in due order to those who wish it, especially since according to this update stretch goals are a burden on development. It's actually a win-win situation to refund. Less game to develop and people who still have no faith in this developer can walk away unscathed.

    38. Chris Chen

      @Nelson A. Diaz. I also had a look at Knuckle Club, and it does look interesting.
      But since I'm already a $75 backer of ConEx, I don't really need to do a thing. :)
      (But hope this early negative publicity doesn't hurt it too much, and it does get funded. :P)

    39. Chris Chen

      Latest update! I hope this allays the suspicions and fears of everyone at least a little bit.
      I really want to be able to play this game! :)

    40. Nelson A Diaz on

      The sad thing is, I would have totally backed Knuckle Club, but all this shady business and lack of communication makes me wonder why I should trust them with my money again.

    41. SharpKris on

      to think that i put the effort in advertising this on bay12 forums, this is infuriating.
      i expect to hear the full explanation and detail regarding the progress of CFEX.

    42. KilieSo on

      This is a scam from start. Need refund.

    43. Kahuna Kevin on

      Understand you good hearted folks hoping for the best are essentially trusting a habitual liar with $40,000, while the dude is essentially scamming folks for another couple grand on another project. You're better off giving large sums of money to a street junkie hoping they're going to spend the money wisely and turn their lives around. READ BETWEEN THE LINES. You deserve to be pissed. Embrace it.

    44. The Beardo

      Just chiming in to note I am also of the hopeful mindset(as much as I can be,) in the end I just want to see this game made, not gonna ask for a request but like other people I just want clarity over just what the heck is going on. This situation has left me and plenty of other people worried, now would be the time to ignore the people who are acting like jerks and focus on aleving the concerns of those who just want to see this kickstarter do what it committed to do.

      So yeah if you all have a plan, set steps you intend to progress through before the game will be able to release, how about you let us all know. Show that we have no reason to worry, maybe focus on the 2350 backers who have not been d***s to you as a gesture of good will.

    45. Chris Chen

      So, I'm still choosing to hope and believe that this project is still good, albeit running into difficulties. Yes, I agree, there are a lot of stretch goals to implement into the game - 12 of them. Yes, that will take additional time to code, but!
      Tell us this!
      Inform us why it's taken so long for you to finish a "2-3 month" project.
      Tell us if you had to agree to do this before you started work on ConEx as a condition of the venture capitalist funding!
      Give us a revised timetable with the stretch goals added.
      Don't fob us off with like for like extra rewards for a game we don't really want! We want ConEx!
      I for one am *willing* to wait AS LONG AS YOU ARE ACTUALLY GOING TO DELIVER THE GAME.
      So, PROPER UPDATE, please!

    46. icemann on

      Kickstarter really needs a "Request Refund" function.

    47. Kahuna Kevin on

      He can keep my $10. Eventually the fraud will catch up to him and that $10 will be pounded out of his butt in a prison shower.

    48. Missing avatar

      Sam C

      I guess we shouldn't really be surprised that they're still selling preorders for Confederate Express at Someone should report them to Paypal, given that they're selling preorders for a product that they don't really seem to be planning to deliver.

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