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An innovative children’s wooden toy tablet that teaches young kids about technology. Designed to inspire creative kids ages 3 and up.

What is the Tinker Tablet?

The Tinker Tablet is a wooden toy that teaches kids about technology, without any lights or sounds. Design in Seattle,WA.

We believe it’s important for our kids to unplug and explore their natural creativity!

Slide the front of the tablet off to reveal a classic wooden puzzle; each piece represents a technology component for kids to learn.

Our unique design allows the puzzle pieces to form a cell phone…so kids can play with their own, just like their parents!

The magnetic dry-erase “touch” screen on the front panel allows kids to draw and express their imagination!

Key Benefits:

  • EDUCATIONAL:  Teaches kids basic technology concepts and helps explain the world around them. Builds the foundation for future learning in a healthy & imaginative way.
  • INTERACTIVE:  Kids can mimic the activities of their parent’s hi-tech devices, while safely "tinkering" with the internal components. Develops problem solving, logic, and fine motor skills.
  • QUALITY: Modern design with high-quality materials and construction.
  • SAFE: Made with child safe non-toxic materials that will last for generations.
  • VALUE: 3-toys-in-1 provides endless hours of entertainment and fun.
  • PORTABLE: Perfect for play at home or when traveling! 

Our Story

Toys for kids have really come a long way in the past few years. In particular, you are seeing more interactive and engaging toys, and a growing number with a science and educational focus. But many of the toys for younger children – jumbo puzzles and blocks - are about barnyard animals or dinosaurs. Our first thought was that this made sense; we should start our kids with these basic concepts … but is that really true? 

We began looking for toys that covered more concepts about technology. Not toys that had more technology in them, there are many of those, but toys that played with ideas behind the technology around us – electronics, combustion, communication, etc. We are engineers, programmers, and general technology enthusiasts - and want to share those passions with our sons and daughters … even at an early age.

 So we began to think about barnyard animals, and began to wonder about the perspective of a young child. If you are a child ... and didn’t know anything about anything … is it really any harder to learn the names, shapes, and colors of barnyard animals than it is to learn about machine parts? Or have we as parents defaulted to teaching our kids the same farming concepts our own parents gave us, because those are the ideas their parents gave them? 

 So we set out to design fun toys that are LOW TECH play, but HIGH TECH learning. We don’t expect kids to understand the purpose of a CPU, or any of the technical components. But at some level the kids will begin to associate these concepts in a group … and know they do fit together for something. Just like after repetition of “moo-cow” we eventually learn how milk gets to the grocery store.

 So, if you agree, please join us! We have spent months working together, consulting with designers and toy makers, and trying out the Tinker Tablet prototypes with our families. And we are now excited to share the rest of this journey with you. 

How will the Money be used? 

The money we collect from Kickstarter will go towards the first production run of the Tinker Tablet.

  • Quality Product and Manufacturing - We have picked high quality earth friendly materials, and we have a solid quote for manufacturing the initial run in the USA. The tablet requires quite a few wooden pieces, painting, and assembly steps.
  • Testing - We have found a qualified testing company to help us make sure we comply with regulations, and most of all - provide a safe product for our kids!
  • Insurance, Licensing, and Legal - You wouldn't believe how expensive it is to ship a wooden toy/puzzle!


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