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Vanquish bloodthirsty creatures, the devotees of a twisted religion. Hand-crafted pixel art action game by the makers of The Last Door.
Vanquish bloodthirsty creatures, the devotees of a twisted religion. Hand-crafted pixel art action game by the makers of The Last Door.
Vanquish bloodthirsty creatures, the devotees of a twisted religion. Hand-crafted pixel art action game by the makers of The Last Door.
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Consoles confirmed!


We are immensely happy to announce that we have welcomed a very experienced partner on board to handle the console ports of Blasphemous! We’ll update you more on this as soon as we can, but we really wanted to share that we can now confidently say that Blasphemous is going to release simultaneously on all of these platforms:

Prefer to play Blasphemous on console?

This is what you have to do, to get a downloadable for console instead of PC:

  • If you haven't pledged yet, just pick a reward tier with “(Consoles)” in the name and you're good to go!
  • If you have already pledged from $40 up to $120, you can change to console from PC free of charge. Simply click “Manage your pledge” from the Blasphemous Kickstarter page, then “Change your pledge” and select your tier’s “(Console)” counterpart.
  • If you pledged $200, $350 or $500, you don't need to do anything, since you will be choosing your preferred platform when the campaign finishes.
  • Finally, if you pledged $1, $15, or $20, please upgrade to 'The Penitent (Consoles)' at $25. This upgrade includes some nice extra perks, like a digital download of the OST, and your name featured in the game's credits.

You will be able to specify your choice of console platform in an online form shortly after the campaign has ended.

New reward tiers!

What better way to celebrate Blasphemous getting released for consoles than with a fresh round of new reward tiers? Check them out:

  • We have secured 60 more units of ‘The Tabernacle’ with CuadrosPixels.Com, more of those beautiful frames to welcome our console players with.
  • Check out 'The Martyr' if you want to get your pixelated face into the game’s credit sequence.
  • A second, and final, chance to get 'The Immortal' and your name as an in-game collectible item, which players will have to collect in order to unlock a trophy/achievement.
  • A second, and final, chance to get 'The Prophet' and collaborate with the design team in the creation of an equippable or consumable item, that puts your name into the game's lore.
  • Revamped 'The Blasphemer' now includes a fancy dinner and night out with the developers, a guided tour of the creepiest corners of Sevilla where all the inspiration of the game comes from, and a super exclusive custom PS4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch with a hyper-exclusive Blasphemous design skin!

New stretch goals!

Fasten your seatbelts, because we have surprises ahead! The second half of the campaign is going to be really exciting because we will be revealing a lot of new stretch goals in the upcoming days, and you are going to love them!  

Today, we are revealing a very exciting one, something many of you have asked for:


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    1. Missing avatar

      camseyeview on June 9, 2017

      No offense, but I doubt I see a Vita port in the future. The Vita is pretty much dead in the point in putting resources into a dead console

    2. Keegan Fink
      on June 9, 2017

      @GAME KITCHEN: considering the two year delivery window, would it be possible to change your choice of digital console download LATER, if you're forced to pick something via the survey right after the campaign wraps up?

    3. Seppo Seppälä
      on June 9, 2017

      YES!!! Great news!!! PS Vita port would be indeed nice too. :)

    4. Missing avatar

      PhilippM on June 9, 2017

      First off congratulations for this amazing project! As others already stated, would it be possible to have console add-ons, as I'd love to have the game on both Steam AND Switch!!

    5. Mnemonaut on June 9, 2017

      Sorry, I meant 'March 2019'.

    6. Mnemonaut on June 9, 2017

      Hi there. Is the March 2018 release date for the console versions correct?

    7. Nathan Erickson
      on June 8, 2017

      Best news of the day! That's two of my wish list items checked off with only physical copies is left. Limited Run, Signature Edition, and Special Reserve do great stuff for Indie developers but I fear there's not enough time in the campaign to set something up. That would have brought in a ton of extra pledge upgrades and money. Ah well, can't take away the great news that this is coming to consoles. Yes!

    8. Alexandre Lescarbeau on June 8, 2017

      Does that mean we won't be seeing a PS Vita port?

    9. starflame on June 8, 2017

      I see Switch version, I back.

    10. Tobi on June 8, 2017

      Also, porting the game shouldn't be a problem as this is a Unity engine game and it doesn't appear at a glance to be doing anything "fancy" (the sprite animations are the main fancy things here). It was only a matter of the manpower and funds needed to both create the ports and go through the QA/CERT process for each hardware platform (particularly the consoles).

    11. Missing avatar

      Michael Mayer on June 8, 2017

      Thank you sooooo much!!! :D
      Now I'm even more excited, especially since the Switch is part of the console ports. I wish you all the best for your estimated milestones and the development in general. All the best from Austria :-*

    12. DarkCoolEdge on June 8, 2017

      Awesome, I was already thinking about upgrading my pledge to get the artbook and now I'm sure about it. I prefer to play it on the couch :D

    13. Alejandro Sorroza Tejada on June 8, 2017

      That's great news!! I'm willing to play Blasphemous on mi Switch.

    14. Tobi on June 8, 2017

      @Francois and @Gunlord: The update states that it will be their new external partner (possibly publisher?) who will be handling the console ports. In that case, the responsibility for delivering the ports will fall on them. That said, I'd like to believe that developers ironed out the agreement and did get a good faith commitment (or one in writing) to deliver a simultaneous release from whomever they are partnered with.

    15. Gunlord500 on June 8, 2017

      Good news! I agree with Francois Ansel, though, be very careful about console ports. I hear it costs money to license a game for each individual console, which combined with the difficulties in porting stuff can cause a lot of trouble down the line D:

    16. KuantumSuicide
      on June 8, 2017


    17. Kelsey Rullmoss on June 8, 2017

      Aaaaaaaand now I'm a full-bore backer.

    18. Bill Budd Jr. on June 8, 2017

      I'd also be in for a physical version on consoles. I'd prefer the Nintendo Switch, but i'd do PS4 also.

    19. Sector94 on June 8, 2017

      Like others here, I'd rather have this game as a physical console copy. I don't want to have to rely on a third party's server to be able to play the game XX years from now.

    20. Alexander Rehm
      on June 8, 2017

      Please, please allow for a console add-on, as I'd love to have the game on both Steam AND PS4 or Switch!!

    21. Fire-Dragon-DoL on June 8, 2017

      I love that one of the stretch goals is actually "another game programmer". Some reality in this world. Being able to hire more people definitely is a stretch goal for us!

    22. Thomas on June 8, 2017

      Am I the only one who kind of feels like voice acting isn't really necessary or, indeed, appropriate for an old-school pixel game?

    23. Marcus on June 8, 2017

      I'm with Alvaro; I want both (Steam and console)!

      Could we please have the option of *adding* a console version, instead of having to choose?

    24. Missing avatar

      TheMariest on June 8, 2017

      I was just waiting for the confirmation of a Switch version.

      As a Sevillian, I find the atmosphere of the game really appealing and I just love how the gameplay video "feels", if that makes any sense.

      Now the waiting game begins.

    25. Beh Kok Seng
      on June 8, 2017

      Any chance to get a physical copy on PS4? Like Limited Run?

    26. James Alexander
      on June 8, 2017

      Is there a way to back to get PC and Console digital code?

    27. Missing avatar

      Antares88 on June 8, 2017

      Great! I updated my pledge to get the PS4 version.

      However I assume it's going to be digital and I prefer to get my games boxed for my collection. Will you add a phisical release?

    28. Missing avatar

      Justin Ward on June 8, 2017

      I can't tell you how excited I am that this is coming to the Switch. I've been keeping my fingers crossed that this would happen!

    29. Missing avatar

      camseyeview on June 8, 2017

      A little bummed to that I have to upgrade my early bird reward tier to the $25 tier, but oh well. I'm happy to support this game. Hope to hear about how you guys will tackle difficulty.

    30. Fred T. on June 8, 2017

      Can't wait to see those stretch goals!

    31. Missing avatar

      Sam van der Meer on June 8, 2017

      Great news! Any potential that we'll see physical copies available as add-ons? Would love a boxed version for my Switch!

    32. François Ancel on June 8, 2017

      Hey !
      I also want to emphasis a previous comment : releasing on console is great, releasing on console simultaneously seems a bad ideas. I've see enough indie studio release turning into a nightmare trying to do this, and I rather would like let it not happen again.

    33. Alvaro Segura on June 8, 2017

      If I buy a console pledge, shall I have EA access in steam?? I want both

    34. Missing avatar

      Oriol Siurana on June 8, 2017

      Is there any possibility of a physical release of the console version?

    35. Missing avatar

      jedeitor on June 8, 2017

      "Finally, if you pledged $1, $15, or $20, please upgrade to 'The Penitent (Consoles)' at $25. This upgrade includes some nice extra perks, like a digital download of the OST, and your name featured in the game's credits."

      A mistake there. The upgrade must be done to THE FOLLOWER, not The Penitent.

    36. zacH on June 8, 2017

      While consoles are definitely an exciting addition to the campaign, having all ports release simultaneously sounds like a real headache. Console issues will almost certainly delay the PC release, and an early PC release traditionally is a boon when it comes to squashing bugs and ironing out features (due to the ability to very quickly patch steam games). If the console ports aren't done in-house then coordination also becomes a problem.

      Again, excited consoles are getting some love. But I strongly suggest that you release the console versions after the PC port has some time in the wild.

    37. Missing avatar

      Lorenzo A. Ricciardi on June 8, 2017

      Hope this won't be detrimental for the PC controls, but OTOH I guess this will make the campaign more successful.
      Now that everyone is happy because the game will be ported on his preferred system and language... can we start talking about features again? Not render modes or game modes, but real new features, like seeds and persistent bosses

    38. Missing avatar

      Hugh Laurence on June 8, 2017

      Good work guys. Keep at it and all the best with the 2nd half of the campaign!

    39. Missing avatar

      Graeme Norval on June 8, 2017

      Yes! Super pleased to hear that we can now pledge for a console copy as this is the sort of game I wouldn't play on my PC, I've upgraded my pledge already.

    40. Missing avatar

      Alessandro Caberlotto on June 8, 2017

      Way to go, I confirmed my Scribe pledge for Switch!

    41. Gabriel Meunier on June 8, 2017

      **Upgrade to 'The Follower (Consoles)'**
      (Not The Penitent)

    42. The Game Kitchen Creator on June 8, 2017

      "I don't like this, is the game going to retain all the visceral, bloody animations?"
      - Absolutely!

    43. Koochi on June 8, 2017

      When I saw this update I was literally screaming like a loonatic, not a lunatic, but a loonatic!!!

      @jorge, how can you not like this...

    44. Jorge Mesa Moreno on June 8, 2017

      I don't like this, is the game going to retain all the visceral, bloody animations?