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Vanquish bloodthirsty creatures, the devotees of a twisted religion. Hand-crafted pixel art action game by the makers of The Last Door.
Vanquish bloodthirsty creatures, the devotees of a twisted religion. Hand-crafted pixel art action game by the makers of The Last Door.
Vanquish bloodthirsty creatures, the devotees of a twisted religion. Hand-crafted pixel art action game by the makers of The Last Door.
9,869 backers pledged $333,246 to help bring this project to life.

Technology behind the game

Our project is fairly simple from a technological standpoint, but nevertheless we have a few interesting things in mind that we want to tackle, once we’ve gather the fundings for it.
Pixel Perfect

We have created a framework for accurate presentation of pixels on-screen, or what everyone knows these days as ‘pixel perfect’. First we settled for a “virtual frame” resolution of a fixed 360 pixel height, and its corresponding width (calculated from the aspect ratio of your monitor). Then we let the player choose among different ways to upscale the “virtual frame” selecting between preserving pixel-perfect (with letterboxing or cropping) or just doing whatever is needed to fill the screen. Regardless of your monitor configuration you will have pixel-perfect if you want it, or just regular upscaled full-screen if that’s what you prefer.

On top of this, we will include a filter selector that adds scan-lines and other visual “aberrations” to simulate the feel of several arcade/retro platforms! This nice touch was a courtesy of you crushing the $90,000 stretch goal in little more than 48h!

Eye Candy

Pixel art is at the core of 'Blasphemous', both in the scenery and character elements. So far we have shown you pure handmade, pixel by pixel assets. We want this to remain the case, but, additionally we want to perform a certain research on eye candy techniques that may be applied on top of that to make everything look more dynamic and vivid.

We are playing around with the concept of permablood: make the blood splatter out of the bodies with a combination of hand-painted sprites and physical particles, and then let them stain the floors and walls permanently.

Permablood animated mockup
Permablood animated mockup

 We are also experimenting with objects that react and move physically, but they remain on point with the rest of the hand-painted pixels. And finally, we really could use some more dynamics in water and other fluids.

Powerful AI System

In-editor Player and AI gizmos
In-editor Player and AI gizmos

Our goal is to create an AI system that is able to deliver powerful, challenging and meaningful opponents for you to fight against. But we’re not stopping there, we also want an AI system that is able to impersonate a human player! “Why?” You’d ask. We want to take advantage of what is know as “automated testing” which is having the game being able to play itself overnight, finding holes in the collisions of the level and other systematic bugs. That would allow us to deliver a better quality game, despite not having key resources (like a dedicated QA department in the studio). 

Cloud-Based Features

Cloud based features are and will always be optional.The game will work just fine without an internet connection. But if you have one, you can opt in for online features:

  • Persistent boss creature: There’s a hideous, ancient and indestructible creature in Orthodoxia, brought back by the grace of The Twisted One each time it is slayed. You can try your luck against this creature and if you are skilled enough to beat this optional boss, it will be reborn a little bit tougher, in every other player’s playthrough. 
  • Campaign extensions: We have designed a feature that will enable us to put more stuff within the campaign, without requiring the players to update the game. This feature requires an internet connection, and hence they would be completely optional. Our goal is, once the game launches, having weekly challenges or easter eggs the community will have to work together to solve.
  • Seeds: Exploring the lands of Orthodoxia you might find scattered seeds. Collect them to progressively unlock a library of seeds in your inventory. At any point you can choose one and have it planted in the ground. The seed will eventually grow into a plant, but in someone else’s playthrough! When exploring, you might find fully grown plants placed by other players, which you can collect and consume. The effects these produce depend on the type of seed used by the player who planted it, and you won’t know which type they used, so the consequences will be a surprise for you.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Helmic on

      I love the seed concept. If planting the most effective seeds cost you something - sacrificed something you could have used for yourself - it'd be really neat to sometimes stumble upon that person's plant knowing that they did this selflessly just to help someone else. Permanently sacrificing a health upgrade, for example, to pass it along to a stranger.

    2. zacH on

      The rendering options look very comprehensive! You really covered all your bases, there. Just wanted to say things are looking good, and that permablood mockup looks really good to me. Keep up the great work!

      (Still think Orthodoxia is a silly name, but everything else is looking amazing!)

    3. Nicola Del Monaco on

      Great update. GREAT.

    4. Kosmo Kramer on

      Loooooooove all the updates that keep rolling in!!!

      I myself have struggled with the trying to creating pixel art that is high resolution!
      Please- PLEASE - share more about this process and what you come up with! I would love to hear more about it!!

      Can't wait to start testing this puppy in the Alpha/Beta stages!!!


    5. Sector94 on

      awesome, I love CRT shaders! I wish more retro-inspired 2D games had this option.

    6. Missing avatar

      DaxanATX on

      thank you for these regular updates, they are very appreciated in the community. each detail that is released about Blasphemous, whether it is related to lore, development, or potential mechanics, makes me that much more excited to play this game one day in the future.

    7. Michael Zummo on

      All looks great. For the "Persistent boss creature," I'd suggest having some type of monthly reset or something to keep this fresh, and give people a chance to "try it again" without instantly getting slaughtered... Or at least have some "persistent mini-boss" that resets if you really want a viscious baddy growing over time... ;p

    8. David Clarke on

      Great update. I love the amount of energy you guys are investing in your communications with backers! Keep it up.