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Hitting the road to meet our +170,000 viewers. We want to enhance our monitoring and observation capabilities on the tour!
Hitting the road to meet our +170,000 viewers. We want to enhance our monitoring and observation capabilities on the tour!
870 backers pledged $62,368 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Greg on

      Can you do a Disaster Prediction App for the upcoming presidential election?

    2. Planetary Alignment on

      Congratulations Ben and Family,
      From a multitude of perceived realities to unaffected revelations of the actual, your avid daily discourse brings order to a world of informational disarray full of inaccuracies. It is worth noting that along our uniquely enlivened journeys, many attentional traps await, whereas the Buddha recognized this truth when speaking of Nirvana. Had you not reached out a hand of intelligence, I may have circled yet deeper into the socially spun lunacy of YouTube sensationalism. I applaud your efforts in awakening a hungry populace, dissatisfied with the status quo of the conventional news media outlets. More so, I wish you expedience and broadened horizons.

      We are proud to be part of a growing association of observers.
      Brian Royal & Family
      Alignment – October 2012

    3. Missing avatar

      Levi on

      Can we give more money to get the bigger name this late in the process?

    4. Robbin Smart on

      Congratulations Ben, from Robbin in Massachusetts! I am one of your silent 0bservers cheering from the sidelines. It's simply wonderful to see you take on your dreams. Thanks for sharing and feeding my curiosities. I look forward to watching your channel daily. Brilliant! Your wife is brave and I appreciate her devotion!

    5. Missing avatar

      Cindy Wagner on

      Thank you Ben (& your sweet bride) for all your time and dedication. Your " due diligence" and enthusiasm won me over a few years back. Only subed and contributed to your amazing efforts and devotion when I saw you decided to go forward and make this into a full time commitment. May God Bless You and your family with your future adventures, Cindy "Grandma of SO.FIA" (she only twoish but " she is our future!")

    6. Missing avatar

      Robin Red on

      Thanks Ben I've learned so much from you and & the whole SO community. Thanks for all the links you all provide, and the current updates thru-out the day. Robin in Orlando Fl.

    7. Missing avatar

      Pamela Lee on

      Congrats Ben on the smashing success of your very worthy Kickstarter endeavor. I am proud to be a part of it. I hope you are planning some "Meet and Greets" along your travels; however, I wouldn't recommend that you visit Scottsdale during the heat of summer. We have a saying here: Summer is when the "Valley of the Sun" turns into the "Surface of the Sun"... :)

      Break a leg!!!

    8. Christine New Pering on

      Hi Ben, I just responded to your survey. (I requested my parents names with their respective contributions to weather science and space technology.
      It is an honor to be a small part of the Mobile Observatory project! It is also an honor to know of a young man with your integrity and intensity choosing to follow "Good Science" and common sense in your Due Diligence. This is sorely needed on our Earth today!

      We are spreading the word of what you are doing through every venue we know...We know that "The Best is Yet to Come!" for you and for all of us. Hope you can come our way to Central Eastern Coastal Virginia.

    9. Missing avatar

      john rouhan on

      Very Cool- Montana is rooting for your success. I do sign work - if you need help on lettering, let me know - John Rouhan

    10. Missing avatar

      Auburey Katrice Street on

      Hooray! :) This is gonna be an amazingly awesome year! :) I am so blessed and honored to be a part of this. It's so astounding to look back on how our community has grown and realize our limitless potential moving forward. I'm just super duper excited about it! :)

    11. Ratt Rattus on

      Congratulations Ben & Family, Extremely happy to help support your effort to enlighten the masses and spread the knowledge, i see this as not only an investment in my future & my children's, but in the future of the world as a whole, Love and Respect From Down Under, Namaste Brother, Live the Dream ;)

    12. Missing avatar

      Richard Wagner on

      Congrats Ben & Family!! It's an honor to be part of this. S0s are turning a new page, many challenges ahead, but as this campaign proves once again you have many many supporters. We'll make sure you stay strong! Despite living on another continent, I hope to shake your hand one day, too. Maybe at burning man later this year!? :P Thank you to everyone helping fund this kickstarter, and greetings to all S0s out there. Be safe.

    13. Missing avatar

      Deborah Carrier on

      Congratulations To you Ben. I've been watching you on youtube for over a year now, and I am happy I was able to help support your work. Also you did a great presentation at the conference last month. Keep up the observations and good luck from Louisville, Ky.

    14. Ben Davidson 2-time creator on

      Gary, maybe I'll bring Kongpop with me. I hear he is quite well-liked there :)

    15. Ben Davidson 2-time creator on

      Neo, nothing is free :) and I'll get to Europe and Australia and New Zealand as soon as I can.

      I paid for the RV and that is that. None of this money goes to me - it is for the project only. The RV is a pre-requisite for "turning an RV into the Mobile Observatory." Every dollar goes to enhancing the presentations for you guys.

    16. Missing avatar

      Neocharm on

      Well Ben, you finally did it. Getting that free camper wasn't that hard. Now the wife can finally visit Canada ^^ (jk lol)
      All jokes aside, i congratulate you on achieving this goal. There are still so many people not knowing what Suspicious 0bservers is all about, so it's a good thing you finally are starting this journey. If it was possible i would put in an extra 100k to get you to visit Europe as well. But hey, i'm happy you got it this far.

      Be safe, stay sharp.


    17. Gary Nimmo on

      Hi Ben
      We look forward to you being on the Road
      I hope you can Visit Thailand during your Travels
      Go get em Ben

    18. Jordan Bettcher on

      Great to hear you can make some stops in Canada. You should definitely stop around Calgary, Alberta. Or further north of here if you want to see some northern lights if the Sun is so kind to flare up a bit (pun intended).

    19. Christine New Pering on

      Ben, I just added my 2nd pledge to secure a spot for both my parents names. Dad was among the first Air force Weathermen to fly into the Hurricanes post WWII while stationed in Panama.....When you mentioned the anniversary of the Hubble Telescope, it reminded me that Mom worked on the Hubble when she was at Lockheed...I am sure both of my parents are pleased with what you are doing and have some of the 'best seats'-- in or out of the Universe--to watch the future unfold! Thanks for your tenacious attitude...:"Never Give Up!" Winston Churchill.

    20. Missing avatar

      Michael Baron on

      Yo, Ben! Over the top! Get those fancy gadgets and do what you do!

    21. Missing avatar

      Beth Dickinson on

      We've gotten a great deal out of the information you provide and we're very glad to have the opportunity to be a part of this adventure. You, your wife and the MOP are welcome to hang out in the Mojave desert and check out the night sky any time. Our treat for dinner!

    22. Missing avatar

      Deborah Fato on

      Ben, you and your family are welcome to be our guest for some good ol' Texas hospitality when you're riding through the Dallas area. We'd like to see our name on your bus in person and shake your hand. My husband and I have been following your progress for the last few years. Our fathers worked for NASA. And my dad did the Voyager spacecraft communication system design when at JPL in the '70s. We appreciate what you do very much and are proud supporters.

    23. Missing avatar

      Scott Sterud on

      Hoping to see you in Minneapolis!!

    24. PlantIntelligent on

      Thanks Ben for your passion and direction. I'm in Northern CA - Fairfax. It's beautiful here come & visit.

    25. Saranadd on

      Happy to help support your project, Ben. After watching you grow for awhile am happy to be a small part of it all. If you come to upstate NY, we have a big parking lot and I can drag a good electric connection out to you! You could go down and take readings by Lake Ontario. You and your wife can meet the grand daughter adventurer who's name is on your bus! Just let me know...

    26. laura on

      You have shown this community your committment to the Cause, Ben, and in my mind, these are monies already EARNED! I am honored to contribute, and see all of OUR dreams personified, and coming into fruition through you (and your family). Thank you from all of us. We're behind you all the way!! CHEERS!

    27. Justish on

      Ben, maybe you should go get a dinosaur bone and a meteor and promise to display them from the RV... fossils sure did this project a big turn ! (He also communicates and prepares extremely well, so you've got something in common already)…

    28. Missing avatar

      Jill Crivello on

      Congrats Ben... you've gone over and you deserve it. Maybe you can use my contribution to take your wife out to dinner and celebrate or buy a nice soft dog bed for your cute pups to use in the RV?! Hope you swing by Brew City(Milwaukee that is) on your many adventures. I am proud to be part of watching you grow into something huge. Best of luck!

    29. Missing avatar

      Fran Burkhardt on

      Best wishes for a safe and productive journey.

    30. Missing avatar

      christopher mccall on

      Hi congrats! Have you thought about putting a page on your web site and list all contributors and their city? Many KS offers do web site listing even for the $1 folks.. I think it would be neat for us all to see the size of the community that has come together to help you. Of course people not wanting to be listed would not return the listing form.

      I love your news and it's cool this got funded before the conference!

    31. Missing avatar

      Keith & Cindy Jensen on

      Ben congrats you've meet your goal
      If you make it to Sacramento California, love to meet you

    32. Sean Kilmer on

      Congrats on meeting your goal Ben! We love all that you do every single day for everyone of us! It's highly appreciated and it seems as though the past few days since you kicked off on here has certainly showed how much we all support what you do. Looking forward to how high the supporters take you on here for the remainder of your 30 days! Many thanks from North Texas. Hope we get a chance to meet you during your travels!

    33. Lars Hjalmarsson on

      If you asked us to move mountains, we had probably done it too.
      Have a happy trip!

    34. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Swande on

      Follow your excitement and have a happy trip!

    35. Paul Short on

      Hay Ben when are you coming to England ;)

    36. Missing avatar

      D Hutchens on

      Congrats on meeting your goal!

    37. Paul Short on

      I am from Oxford England and i have been watching Ben do the news everyday I have seen the bad times and now let the good times roll. Ben I have put 50 on there for you all the best to you all over there I wish you the best of luck.

    38. Missing avatar

      Tony Rango on

      Glad to be part of this project!

    39. Missing avatar

      Michael Baron on

      If you get the bucks consider vibration control for your sensitive hardware and even rack-mounted stuff. Also consider adapting that bus to propane.
      Hoping you go way over the top. There're a lot of great instruments it would be really cool to have at your disposal. All the best.

    40. Rob on

      I like this project, glad to be a part of it friend.

    41. Paul Bratetic on

      Ben, I stumbled on your YouTube channel a couple weeks ago. Being so new I have no idea what you are talking about most of the time but I am researching the death out of it. You make the news look like they are talking to a bunch of kindergarteners. I can't believe how much I have learned in this little time. I just became a member of your site today and became a backer as well (first time ever visiting KickStarter as well). Best of wishes to you and your wife Katherine. Don't forget to look around at the scenery and not just the sky on your journey! If your ever In the Omaha, NE area look me up I am an avid RV'r and most of the time can provide a 50 Amp service.

      Paul & Megan

    42. Susan Long on

      I freak out if I don't hear your report in the morning. All day I think "what if there is a CME killer on the way" and we are caught off guard. Hey - you warned us about the storms rolling through Texas and NW Louisiana when the so called weather experts were calling for 10% chance of rain. Hope you are going to visit some colleges and talk about c"lie"mate change. God bless you and your wife in your new adventure. I have been in business with my husband for 17 years. Couldn't ask for a better life. We wish the same for you.

    43. Ben Davidson 2-time creator on

      Levi - let me rock the conference first please. Then I'm all over it.

    44. Missing avatar

      Levi on

      As always good work. NOW GET ON THE JOE ROGAN PODCAST ALREADY. I'm going to keep spamming you until you take it seriously. Excellent exposure. Get onnit already

    45. Missing avatar

      Patrick Leger on

      Just dropped a hundred on the project Ben. I have been watching your videos everyday for a couple years now, keep up the good work. My favorite part about your channel is how you cut through all the B.S. For example, GLP will be going apeshit over the size of a solar flare or a planet that was caught in the view of a camera and you always calmly and rationally explain the situation WITHOUT all the fear mongering. The scary part, and something I am looking forward to, is that one day, something will happen that will even get you rattled, the day that happens, god help us!

      Anyway, you da man!


    46. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Hughes on

      Don't have my breakfast without the news. Thanks for that btw, best of luck sir!

    47. Missing avatar

      Beulah L. Sartain on

      Best of luck, Ben and Katherine, and don't forget to christen the rv.

    48. Missing avatar

      Patrik Toma on

      Hey Ben, the thing I admire on you the most is that you really didnt take a break for the entire time, you know. I am pretty sure that if you break both your hands one day, there will be morning news next day right at 6:30am. If I have some money I would sent you much more but I am just a student now. Hope to see you one day in personal. Bon voyage buddy!

    49. Jordan Suwinski on

      Fastest funded project in KS history? Amazing momentum so far. Keep it up!

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