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March 2nd UIUC, NIU, ISU, Wesleyan, Elmhurst, and Millikin One Big Band & a short clinic with UIUC Jazz Faculty & Jamey Aebersold Read more

Urbana, IL Jazz
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March 2nd UIUC, NIU, ISU, Wesleyan, Elmhurst, and Millikin One Big Band & a short clinic with UIUC Jazz Faculty & Jamey Aebersold

Urbana, IL Jazz
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Matt Sulikowski
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About this project

Jazz Festival at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign!Hosted by Matt Sulikowski

I am hoping to bring down a Big Band from NIU, ISU, UIUC, Wesleyan, Millikin and Elmhurst College to perform and receive a short clinic from some of the UIUC Jazz Faculty! Names such as Jim Pugh, Larry Gray, Chip McNeill, Tito Carrillo, and Joel Spencer have been invited to share their knowledge.

Thanks to the help of Oliver Nelson Jr. and the UIUC Jazz Faculty, bringing these academics together has been made possible. I hope to make a festival for the educational enjoyment of UIUC students and the surrounding high schools, and the colleges coming down to play. This is an phenomenal opportunity to hear other college groups, watch them learn from top educators in jazz, and see a performance by one of the leading names in jazz, Jamey Aeberold, all at no cost to the students or their schools. UIUC is one of the biggest campuses in the state of Illinois, hosting a festival on campus will make this fantastic display of musicianship easily accessible to over 50,000 college students (UIUC and Parkland), 3,000 high school students, and all the surrounding jazz fans from these twin cities.

It will be hosted in the Historic Channing-Murray Foundation building, also known as the "Red Herring" named after the vegetarian restaurant downstairs. This gorgeous Chapel has hosted the likes of Herbie Hancock, Chip McNeill, McCoy Tyner, Joe Zawinul, Chicago Suburbs Got Talent Top 3 Rob Osiol, Joel Spencer, Joan Hickey, Tito Carrillo, Larry Gray and many more! The acoustics in the Chapel make this the perfect venue to host a jazz gig!

With the help of my good friend, Oliver Nelson Jr., Jamey Aebersold will be headlining, and hopefully inspiring all who come. 

Jamey Aebersold is one of the top names in jazz education, his knowledge and wisdom will hopefully encourage everyone, and pass on his message that everyone can play jazz.

Risks and challenges

The challenges are found in funding. I've been hosting, booking, managing, and serving at times, at all the jazz shows, on a volunteer basis. With the help of my friends, the cost of labor has been nonexistent, and it will remain so. All the money raised towards this festival will go to the headlining musician, having food available for free, certificates of recognition, and travel costs to the out-of-town students. Anything left over will be donated to the Channing-Murray Foundation with the stipulation that it "Only be used for jazz"

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