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A Table-Top RPG set in the Magical Wild West. Original 52-card Gameplay, Play Elves, Dwarves and Ogres as they explore the vast west.
A Table-Top RPG set in the Magical Wild West. Original 52-card Gameplay, Play Elves, Dwarves and Ogres as they explore the vast west.
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    1. Island of Bees Creator on April 14

      Hey John,
      Yes i'm afraid shipping to Canada is odd and for some reason it takes an exponentially long time to get to a location in Canada than one in USA. As far as I know this is due solely to Canadian custom's inefficiency.
      If your remember our Updates in December and January it was largely waiting for the book to arrive so we could give a thumbs up and start production, but it took forever to get here.
      I just looked your order up and it was definitely shipped, but like most of our Canadian book orders they haven't arrived yet. The one we shipped to Alberta has yet to arrive either, so it looks like there's still some time to wait for customs to get through with it.

    2. John Carroll
      on April 14

      so the Cards came in one mailing about 6 weeks ago, the cases came two weeks ago. Still waiting on the book???

    3. Missing avatar

      Andrew Schuchman on April 11

      I've been using them as additional backing in the plastic deckbox case. I like to think it's cooler to have the Sort image on one side and the deck backing on the other.

    4. Island of Bees Creator on April 10

      Hey Stephen,
      Yeah we had to pay that Import tax like 3 or 4 times with all the proofs we got. Really don't know why they charge that much just to make our packages late...
      Make sure to put those blank cards in a safe space. They'll come in handy if you lose or damage a card!

    5. Missing avatar

      Stephen Mortimer on April 10

      Oh. Also, I have to take the blank/extra/art cards out of each set to get them to fit into the boxes.

    6. Missing avatar

      Stephen Mortimer on April 10

      Finally, after much interference and an additional £40 in import taxes I have received my card boxes. It all looks very nice. Now to schedule in a tryout game with my group. :)

    7. Island of Bees Creator on April 4

      Hey Joshua,
      We definitely want to make apps, especially for spell-sculpting which is the most complicated part, but Westbound is generally very stat light. The real problem with apps is that they're costly and we really cant afford anything like that now.
      That being said, we've got a ton of help for you on our website ( We have video tutorials on how to play the game, you can also watch the video of us playing so you get a feel of the game (This is on our kickstarter page), and we've also just added a "Quick Character Creator" which can help your players create level 1 characters. The Character Creator also includes a filled out sheet, so you can compare your finished sheet with ours and make sure you did everything right.
      Hope that helps! As always, you can message us as if you need more help!

    8. Joshua David Madsen on April 4

      Has there been any thought towards creating an app for character sheets and inventory tracking that could auto calculate the stats? I am new to RPGs and my friends are also novices...sort of flying blind here. I am having fun crafting the quests and story arc for our players though. I feel like it took me sometime to figure out the battle system and I am still not one hundred percent sure if I am doing it right. But I guess as a GM I make the rules to a certain point...

    9. Island of Bees Creator on March 29

      Wow really? Again, send as much info on this as you can to and i'll speak with the manufacturer in the morning.

    10. Island of Bees Creator on March 29

      Wow really? Again, send as much info on this as you can to and i'll speak with the manufacturer in the morning.

    11. Missing avatar

      Wheler on March 29

      Same here, putting cards in the tuckboxe is a hell.

    12. Island of Bees Creator on March 29

      Hey Tim,
      Your cards don't fit their boxes? Thats super odd. I haven't any other reports of this, would you mind sending us more details (Maybe even a picture) to so we could get a better idea of whats going wrong? Thanks!

    13. Tim Au on March 29

      I got my decks and boxes yesterday, the art work is acceptable but the card boxes (with color print ) design is quite a failure . I was not able to put those cards in the color box and the color box is unable to close .

    14. Missing avatar

      Darcy Braun on March 29

      13 boxes and 13 decks of cards arrived! Thanks :)

    15. Island of Bees Creator on March 26

      Hey Stephen,
      I don't believe our manufacturer has a European card division as they do for their books, For international deliver it looks more like 3-7 weeks on the delivery side.

    16. Missing avatar

      Stephen Mortimer on March 26

      Thanks for the heads up, do you know what the shipping times are internationally? I'm not in the US, I'm in the UK. :)

    17. Island of Bees Creator on March 26

      Hey Stephen,
      The tuck boxes began their printing run on 3/14/2018, and then were shipped out. From what i know it typically takes 1-5 days for processing at the manufacturer, then shipping is anywhere between 1-3 weeks while within the continental US. If my math is right they should be arriving anytime now, but not before.

    18. Missing avatar

      Stephen Mortimer on March 26

      Hi. Do you know when we should be expecting these deck boxes? I received all the decks I backed for (all standard and premium decks) but none of them came with boxes, I've waited a couple of weeks to see if the deck boxes would get delivered but still haven't received anything.

    19. Missing avatar

      Andrew Schuchman on March 22

      Yes, that’s what I meant. Thank you.

    20. Island of Bees Creator on March 22

      Hey Andrew,

      If by value you mean Damage, then the value is the number of cards in the attack. Pair deals two, flush deals five, full house is five, straight is five.

    21. Missing avatar

      Andrew Schuchman on March 21

      Sorry again, but I just want to double check. Given the sets listed on page 14, am I correct in assuming the following values?
      Full House-5

      I just want to make sure in case one of my players makes a Gambler and makes a flush with one of their aces.

    22. Island of Bees Creator on March 17

      Hey Andrew,
      Keen is a Weapon property that allows a character to reduce a target's complication. You can find it again on page 151 in the Weaponsmith Section, except Keen weapons cannot stack the complication reduction like the Triple Bonus. In the "Rules for Combat" chapter 3, page 178 and 179 there is more info on how Defensive complications and complication reduction interact with one another.

    23. Missing avatar

      Andrew Schuchman on March 17

      Sorry to bring this up a bit late, but one of my D&D players made a character for Westbound (for when we finish the current campaign). He put together a Dwarf Marshal and took a Grit for his archetype trait. While he was looking at the triple bonus, he asked me what "Keen" was. Where would I be able to find that in the book?

    24. Island of Bees Creator on March 17

      Hey Max,
      Just looking at our logs, I don't think we sent yours at all. With the tier you were in, we must have gotten confused in the order process and thought you got the regular PDF, instead of the early bird with a deck.
      Because of this, we also neglected to ask you for the deck's shipping cost, but because its so late and its pretty much all our fault, we're covering the shipping for you.
      We're real sorry about this, we'll try to be more thorough next time. The deck should be shipping now.

    25. Max Freedlund on March 17

      I know you said some of the premier decks got sent out later, is there a time frame to expect them in? It seems like a lot of other people have already received theirs

    26. Benoit Toulouse on March 17

      I received the deck yesterday, and they look beautiful. It looks like I received the same deck twice, but after carfully looking at them, I didn't. Can't wait to receive the rest.

    27. Island of Bees Creator on March 10

      If you didn't get a tuckbox, please send a message to so I can add you're order to the list of manufacturing errors.

    28. Island of Bees Creator on March 10

      Hey Justin
      They are absolutely supposed to be in tuckboxes. We sure as hell paid for the tuckboxes. can you send a picture to just so we can confirm?

    29. Missing avatar

      Justin Perkins on March 10

      I got the decks today, they look really good, but I was thinking they were supposed to be in tuck boxes, and they were not. Am I wrong about the tuck boxes?

    30. Island of Bees Creator on March 9

      Hey Andrew,
      I believe my response when I finally got the proof was "Its real, its real, I cant believe its real!"

    31. Missing avatar

      Andrew Schuchman on March 9

      Finally got my copy today. You have no idea how happy I am to finally have this. The decks aren’t expected until Monday, but I can wait. I can only take so much awesome at a time.

    32. Craig Lee on March 9

      Just got my book in the mail today. Looks really good and all, but am I the only one or was there an impression that all us Kickstarters would get our names listed in the core book? I’m guessing I was wrong about that, so there’s a little disappointment but still, it looks great. I’d share a pic if I could but can’t figure out how to right now.

    33. Island of Bees Creator on March 8

      Hey Kevin,
      That makes sense, Westbound is filled with a bunch of bad-ass dames. The Orcish Spell-Slinger has to be our most popular character- although she shoots ghosts for a living, so its kind of hard to compete with that!

    34. Missing avatar

      Kevin Harris
      on March 8

      got my copy in today. I think my wife is more excited about the book than I am lol. great job everybody.

    35. Island of Bees Creator on February 27

      Hey everyone,
      Just wanted to let you know we're a bit behind schedule. We're transferring money around to actually pay for the manufacturing (Which generally takes a few business days), while also working through some logistics with the manufacturer. Thanks for your patience!

    36. Missing avatar

      Stephen Mortimer on February 23

      Those update pictures look amazing. I'm very excited for this project to be moving into the delivery phase.

    37. Island of Bees Creator on February 20

      Hey Andrew,
      One of the books DID arrive today! But it was just the art-book, so that doesn't help too much. I will say that the art-book looks perfect, so that's a good sign! I got a picture of it, but cant post it in the comments and its not worth an update yet. We should really get an Instagram for that. The corrected version for the cards came in today too, and they don't seem to have the same problems the last ones did (But i'll be diving more thoroughly through them later tonight).
      You can definitely share your PDF with your players, email it to them, etc, but preferably you wouldn't post it online anywhere. Thanks for asking!

    38. Missing avatar

      Andrew Schuchman on February 20

      Knock on wood everything turns out all right this time. On another note, would I be violating any rules by sharing the pdf with my players?

    39. Island of Bees Creator on February 19

      Hey Stephen,
      Sadly no proofs yet, but I got an email from UPS and it looks like it should get here within the week, possibly tomorrow, but i'm not holding my breath. If it does arrive here that quickly, and barring no earth-shattering errors with the book that would require a reprint and subsequent road trip to the manufacturer, we should be able to have them printed and sent within the week! Thats the best case scenario, however, so don't get too excited yet.

    40. Missing avatar

      Stephen Mortimer on February 19

      How are things going? Do you have the proofs yet? Any chance of a timeline for delivery?

    41. Island of Bees Creator on February 9

      Hey Andrew,
      That was my exact thought! A cross country road trip would have been faster...

    42. Missing avatar

      Andrew Schuchman on February 9

      I don't know if this would be possible (I don't know where your printer is based...), but if Canadian customs is giving you trouble this time, then next time would you be able to drive there and pick them up before bringing them back? ... Sorry. I just thought with how insane customs are letting things in, maybe bringing it by hand instead of relying on a post office or something would be more time efficient...

    43. Island of Bees Creator on February 2

      Hey Stephen,
      As with the update in January, they're still with canadian customes. I wasn't joking when i said they would probably read the entire book. Canadian customs is crazy.

    44. Missing avatar

      Stephen Mortimer on February 2

      Any updates on the Proofs? Are they any good, do you have a printing/delivery schedule yet?

    45. Lord Zombitten on January 17

      Nevermind. I found the answer in the complete rules section.

    46. Lord Zombitten on January 17

      I've been reading the PDF, and it keeps referring to crown cards. Are these any face cards, or just kings, or are queens included? Thanks.

    47. Island of Bees Creator on January 15

      Hey everyone,
      Again, not really worth an update, but I'm getting impatient and wanted to say something at least. The proofs for the cards arrived, and they're glorious. They had some errors that have already been fixed. Still waiting for the proof of the book to arrive. I ordered 2, one premium color and one regular, so if the first one got lost in the mail or worse, we can at least expect the second one. Updates to come when the book comes in!

    48. Island of Bees Creator on December 29

      Hey Andrew,
      Its a simple error. In most programs you can align the bleed to be larger on the left or right, as well as ordering it to only happen on only even or odd pages. Instead of ordering it for only odd or only even, i ordered it all.

    49. Missing avatar

      Andrew Schuchman on December 29

      Out of curiousity, how exactly do you format the spines to be all left-sided? I'm asking for myself; I'm a self-published author, and in case I get a real gig, I want to be sure to avoid it.

    50. Island of Bees Creator on December 19

      This really isn't worth an "Update," more for those who are curious. The printer took a look at the book, but it looks like I formatted the spines to be all left-sided pages. Luckily they caught it instead of sending a clearly broken proof. I'll make sure to update everyone when the proofs are being delivered!

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