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A Table-Top RPG set in the Magical Wild West. Original 52-card Gameplay, Play Elves, Dwarves and Ogres as they explore the vast west.
A Table-Top RPG set in the Magical Wild West. Original 52-card Gameplay, Play Elves, Dwarves and Ogres as they explore the vast west.
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    1. Island of Bees Creator 7 days ago

      Hey thanks for asking for the update Adam! I’ve been wanting to post one for a week but... idk i can’t describe what keeps holding me back, but your comment broke its grasp, so thanks again!

    2. Adam McClendon 7 days ago

      Thanks! I am sorry to hear about what you are going through, please take care of yourself.

    3. Island of Bees Creator on November 12

      Definitely Adam! I was planning on doing an update later today.

    4. Adam McClendon on November 12

      How's it going? Can we get a quick update?

    5. Missing avatar

      Matt Frost on October 13

      Hey, just wanted to say that I'm really happy I backed the project. I've actually been running a long-time Pathfinder campaign set in a weird west world, and to come across this is really special. I've done playtesting with two friends of mine, and we all love the system. It's interesting, intricate, and enjoyable! The mixture of random chance and skill has a nice feel to it, and the system itself has a pretty easy learning curve. I can't wait until the official book/decks come out! Congrats on funding.

    6. Island of Bees Creator on September 30

      Hey Gene. Standard decks are fine, the specialty decks just help.

      We're planning on doing some giveaways later, so if you got a Westbounder tier or higher you might be able to snag a free deck with your book. Stay tuned!

    7. Gene Kenney on September 30

      Do you need the specialty decks to play the game or can you use a standard deck?

    8. Island of Bees Creator on September 29

      Hey Ian! PDFs will arrive much sooner, yes!

    9. Ian Slocum on September 29

      Just saw that this got fully funded. I know the books won't ship till around December but will you be mailing the PDFs to backers that qualified like myself before then?

    10. Missing avatar

      Ron Smay on September 28

      I tried I think I only added 5 Can I may not be able to fix until its closed Sorry let me know what I have to do Thanks !

    11. Island of Bees Creator on September 28

      Hey Gene!
      Early Birds don't come with any decks inherently, however we do offer a free deck to anyone who played the game and posted it online!
      Otherwise, you can always add a deck as an add-on!

    12. Island of Bees Creator on September 28

      Hey Ron, You can totally do what you're doing, but you should increase your pledge by $5 to cover the shipping, too! Thanks!

    13. Gene Kenney on September 28

      As an early bird Westbounder, do I get any of the basic decks with that?

    14. Missing avatar

      Ron Smay on September 28

      I just pledged Ca $215 that should cover all 6 premium decks. I just could not see the extra $40 US For Dust not a big fan of art books ( trying to save some money lol ) Please let me know if there is any other benefit ! ?

    15. Daniel Farris on September 27

      Thanks, you guys rock

    16. Island of Bees Creator on September 27

      Honestly, were so close I wouldn't worry about it. Either well make it by the time, or well just eat the printing costs and make them anyway!

    17. Daniel Farris on September 27

      I'm one of the "push to goal" backers. If some of the premium decks aren't unlocked, can we still get them by adding $10 to our pledge?

    18. Island of Bees Creator on September 27

      You are correct Stephen! The disciple of dust tier comes with the rule book, 12 decks, and also the Art book which features all of our art unedited!

    19. Missing avatar

      Stephen Mortimer on September 27

      Hey folks, just joined as a backer for this project. It looks awesome, really loving the style and the art. Just wanted to check that my understanding is correct; the Disciple of Dust backer level comes with one physical copy of every deck unlocked by the campaign?

      Looking forward to running this for my players, I think they'll love it.

    20. Island of Bees Creator on September 26

      Hey Max, thanks for the question!

      Davids pretty close! (Thanks David!) Each deck has a custom back and front, and the fronts will give you infromation on what you can do, although this will be in symbol form. When you pick up a Diamond when you have the Withstand ability, you'll notice a large shield like emblem on each front, which makes it especially awesome when you block a Three of a kind with three huge diamond shields!

      And just add $12.50 CAD (Or $10 USD) to your pledge and after the kickstarter we'll send you a survey and ask what you want from it!

    21. David Cummings on September 26

      My understanding of the cards is that they are a standard deck of cards but with a themed card back, and reminder text for special things that happen with certain archetypes when certain card types are drawn. Like if you played a class that could hit automatically whenever you draw a queen of diamonds, then the special deck for that "class" would have reminder text on the queen of diamonds that says "automatic hit". But the rule book would have the rules for playing that class with a regular standard deck.

      I'm not answering @Max, I'm just saying what my understanding is, and hoping that's correct.

    22. Max Freedlund on September 26

      Still a bit confused about the add-on decks, referencing my previous question and Lord Zombitten's question (September 18). It sounds like if you pay extra for a deck as an add-on, that's a physical item? A printed deck of cards with art customized to whichever 'class'? But you don't need to buy the add-on to receive instructions on how to play that 'class'?

      Related, what is the process of adding an add-on to your pledge on kickstarter?

    23. Island of Bees Creator on September 24

      Thanks for the question Andrew!

      Definitely, they just won't come out immediately. We wan't to know the kind of content you guys want to see, whether its adventure paths or more character creation options. So we'll be sending out these kinds of questions in the survey after the kickstarter.

    24. Missing avatar

      Andrew Schuchman on September 24

      In the event that we don't get to their unlock goals, will we ever see the Books of Secrets?

    25. Island of Bees Creator on September 23

      Hey Max,

      Each deck is a standard deck, but emphasize the play styles of each sort! The Gambler has an Aces Wild ability which allows them to make huge attacks using aces, while the Witch gains a ton of power while she has a queen in their hand! Every sort also has suit based powers, so every sort will have their suit powers emphasized in the card fronts.

      Thanks for the question!

    26. Max Freedlund on September 23

      Do the different stretch goal decks effect gameplay at all? Or are they just aesthetic?

    27. Island of Bees Creator on September 21

      Early-Bird gets the worm, and in the west there are only the quick and the dead!

      Enjoy the discount, you've earned it!

    28. David Cummings on September 21

      Sorry for the dip in the total. I just snagged an early bird that became available. I wouldn't have done it if it would have cost us some decks...but it seemed safe. ;-)

    29. Ayleron on September 20

      Wow thanks for the super quick response, sounds like you definitely already are working on if then. I totally get the constraints of a small team. I will PM from here on out. Thanks again. :D

    30. Island of Bees Creator on September 20

      Hey Ayelron, thanks for the question!
      Yes, i agree it is vague in some areas, and we've been working non-stop over the past few weeks renovating the book, making sure its good to for printing!
      That being said, we're not a huge company, and having lots of eye pouring through the book the past few weeks have been super helpful! We've made a ton of edits and fixed issues because of a bunch of fans that have been going through the basic. (shout out to Xavier)
      So, if you have these kinds of concerns, PLEASE be vocal about them! There's nothing we want more than getting you guys the best possible book! We especially appreciate private messages with anything you see wrong or think is confusing.

    31. Ayleron on September 20

      Thanks for all of the work you guys have put into this so far. I really like the world and feel from what I have read and watched.

      I have been pouring through the free text copy of the rules and it seems like there are alot of vague descriptions of things; especially items. Will the book be more specific in its final form?

      As an example you describe guns as flintlock in some areas and seemingly as able to hold multiple rounds in others. And I can't quite figure out what a dust-blade is supposed to be, or how it works: other than it expends 3 rounds when it activates.

    32. Island of Bees Creator on September 18

      Heya Lord, thanks for the questions.
      Any 52 card deck will do. You don't need anything special, but the decks will make every draw feel thematic to your character's sort.

    33. Lord Zombitten on September 18

      Will the basic rulebook include instructions for how each class and the GM could play using a standard poker deck, or will the decks be necessary to play this game?

    34. Victory Condition Gaming
      on September 14

      Going live in about 45 mins with John Heffernan from Island of Bees as we chat about Westbound! Join us in the chat and ask any questions you might have about Westbound!…

    35. Island of Bees Creator on September 13

      Good question Andrew. They are in USD. A better way to put it is in percentage of funding. At 110% we'll unlock the first deck, and all the decks at 200%.

      Unfortunately, decks are expensive unless you order them in bulk. At the moment, each deck would cost upwards of $12 USD just to print. At 20k funding we can order enough that they won't break the bank.

      Thanks for the question!

    36. Missing avatar

      Andrew Schuchman on September 13

      I'm a little confused about the deck unlock tiers. Are they unlocked at milestones in USD or CAD? I'm just trying to figure out if the first two are already unlocked, or if there is still a ways to go before the first one is unlocked.

    37. Island of Bees Creator on September 13

      Hey Daniel,

      The Disciple of Dust tier includes the rewards of every tier before it, which would include the basic decks unlocked by the Master of the West tier. I understand your confusion, i think we were trying to be clever and limit space. However, if you check the "Includes" section it lists the Basic Decks as well as the Premier decks.

      The standard art book is about 50 pages, and includes just the art in the book without any editing. Its a whole extra book and is a luxury we're offering. (typically it was just a reward of the Disciple of Dust tier)
      The "Deluxe Hardcover" refers to the Hardcover Westbound Rulebook, which is not only rules but also art. Its the one that comes with the Westbounder tier and every tier below it. It doesn't cost $10 for the book, it costs $10 to take the standard rulebook and add the feature with the publisher. If you don't at least get the Westbounder tier, this would not be available to you.
      Thanks for the question!

    38. Daniel Farris on September 13

      Does the Disciple of Dust include basic decks that are unlocked? It's a little weird the standard art book is more expensive than the deluxe version, but I'll probably be getting both, anyway.

    39. Missing avatar

      Darcy Braun on September 12

      CA$ 12,555 pledged of CA$ 12,500 goal
      Congrats on getting fully funded!!! :)

    40. Joshua Workman
      on September 10

      You have my attention.

    41. Island of Bees Creator on September 8

      Thanks for the input and the question William, i'm going to post an update later and ask all our backers if they want decks as add ons.

      After the kickstarter we're going to have a survey asking what you guys want from us; more content, settings, adventures, campaigns, etc. We'll also ask how you want it, in digital form or in a book, as well as how much your ideal budget.
      If the "Secret Books" aren't funded then they aren't guaranteed to be free updates every 2 months, and instead will be based on what you guys tell us you want.

    42. Missing avatar

      William Gull
      on September 8

      I would be interested in decks being available as add ons. Will the additional stretch goal game content be available at a latter date if they are not unlocked?

    43. Island of Bees Creator on September 7

      Hey Dave,
      We don't have any plans to include addons at the moment, but you can send us a direct message after the campaign and i'm sure we can work something out.

      That being said, if there is more demand for addons (Say, if four or five more people started asking for it) We would definitely reconsider it.

      Thanks for the question!

    44. dave bush on September 7

      Will the decks be available as addons if they unlock

    45. Island of Bees Creator on September 2

      3k in under 24 hours? You people are officially loco! Loving it!

    46. Island of Bees Creator on September 2

      20% funded in under 10 hours? We're starting to think you guys really like us.

    47. Island of Bees Creator on September 1

      We saw, and you're awesome! Thanks!

    48. Victory Condition Gaming
      on September 1

      Really looking forward to seeing this campaign take place over the next few weeks! We sent a blast out on our social medias. Hope it helped.

    49. Island of Bees Creator on September 1

      Already over 10% funded? You guys are amazing!

    50. Kurt Temmerman
      on September 1


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