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€346 pledged of €2,000 goal
€346 pledged of €2,000 goal


Hello everybody, PDC is a true turn by turn classic 16 bits Roguelike, with a real challenge, deep gameplay, unique specialization system and draw to cast spells.  

This is a sequel of our first game Paper Dungeons, a few years later in the same realm.  

Explore the mysterious Dungeons of Cyndaria and an extensive lore to unearth. A plethora of creatures and magical items are waiting for you to step into ever-changing dungeons, with diverse biomes and challenges. Defeat Dragon bosses to unleash hidden runes and recover the sacred Seeds of Cyndaria to restore the divine trees.  

Dungeons can be unforgiving: be sure to eat and rest in time, use all your abilities wisely. Nothing stops you from skipping bosses to rush and move to the next dungeon, but you’ll also meet true death if you don’t take time to level up your character and abilities.  

Get your hands on our demo, and have fun with the first dungeon! Paper Dungeons Demo

Each class has access to 4 rune types and casts spells by drawing them on a runic compass. Make your character unique, based on your gameplay: do you prefer shooting arrows with your warrior? Just use your bow more often, and your “Ranged weapons” skill will level up twice faster if you chose the talent “Hunter” when rolling your character. 

Our game is similar to classic roguelike such as Nethack, enhanced with a modern inventory and an intuitive fast access to melee, ranged or spell casting course of action.  

Life and mana gradually refill after several turns, but you can choose the faster way by sleeping, which consumes precious food. There's turn by turn gameplay, hunger system, runecast system, random levels with some predetermined rooms on each floor, permadeath, cursed and enchanted items, extensive inventory system…  

You can play the game casually with autosave, but then you won't be able to unlock our special Game mode: Veteran. In this mode, each time you finish the game, you'll be granted an extra rune to start with and a higher skill level, based on your previous character's choices.  

Cyndaria was once a peaceful kingdom, thanks to four sacred trees that brought prosperity across the realm. They are now deperishing, and nobody knows why.  

It is said that they're a link to Yggdrasil on Earth, channeling the divine tree's protective power to men. Without their protection, war rages at the frontiers, crops are dying and plague is spreading among the people.

Fortunately, the sage council reveals that there's still hope to restore their ancient protective power: four sacred seeds have been kept deep inside the most dangerous dungeons of the realm. They have the power to grow into four new sacred trees and link back the land of men to the divine plan of Yggdrasil.  

The best warriors have volunteered to bring them back, but until now, nobody has succeeded. Who will be the next hero of Cyndaria?  

You decide to take on this challenge and venture towards the ancient Royal Crypt, where the entrance of the first dungeon lies.  

  • 4 Biomes (with caves and dungeons) 
  • 60 creature types 
  • 120 unique items 
  •  5 Bosses 
  • 80 Rune spells 
  • 9 random potions 
  • 9 random scrolls 
  • 25 randomized dungeon floors to beat  

5 CLASSES that can master 4 class-related rune types:  

  • WARRIOR: Justice, Fury, Dark, Draconic 
  • ARCHER: Elfic, Sylvan, Wind, Drownic 
  • PRIEST: Life, Death, Nature, Chaos 
  • MAGE: Fire, Water, Air, Earth 
  • THIEF: Ninjutsu, Poison, Shadow, Robbery  

6 TALENTS (natural gifts that help your Specializations level twice faster): Champion, Heavy, Hunter, Ninja, Runic, Merchant.  

9 SKILLS (that level based on your gameplay): One-handed weapons, Two-handed weapons, Ranged weapons, Thrown weapons, Rune type 1, 2, 3, 4, Appraisal.  

Our characters have a cheerful design, each drawn pixel by pixel and animated with love. We try to bring as much diversity as possible, while maintaining a coherent art style and screen visibility.

The world is divided into 4 biomes with specific environments and monsters. Each biome features dungeons with new dangers, challenges and a final boss.

Paper Dungeons Crawler will be released on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux.

Find us here:

Master Reward: Your name engraved on one of the game's tombstone.

Master Reward
Master Reward

Risks and challenges

The project is already well advanced and we really need you for those last weeks of development to be able to polish the game and present you a solid gameplay experience.

It's not our first game and we always finish our projects. (See Paper Dungeons & Miaou Moon already on Steam).

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