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S.S.E.T.G. Hardware Device


+S.S.E.T.G.: - Self Sustaining Electrical Turbine Generator

+R.E.M.: - Rare Earth Metal

This system works by allocating a percentage of the generated electricity between each spindle point, and firing a short, self-generated electrical charge to an accelerator magnet for turbine rotation. The system is enabled by a closed case, low friction, silicon lubricated ball bearing configuration. To gain initial momentum, or for post-hibernation purposes, a solar-panel is useful for momentum.


Thesis: The S.S.T.G. is a scalable self sustaining turbine generator system that conducts electrical energy without the prerequisite of an expendable fuel source. The S.S.T.G. also has the capacity to double as a cylindrical accelerator, capable of being affixed to existing wheel and rotor technologies.

Hypothesis: A percentage of electrical conduction is split by percentage to a temporary/main battery system. From there, an allocation of electricity conducted between each spindle is then used to amplify the power of the accelerator by using a pulse-width modulator (pwm). The pwm fires a percentage of stored electricity to the accelerator magnet to initiate spin, just like spark plugs work in a combustion engine. In theory, with low-resistance, silicone-lubricated closed case ball bearings, the energy required to initiate/accelerate turbine spin is a lower percentage than the electricity that is created - thus, the device generates more electricity than is required to increase power. If the accelerator magnet is far enough from the turbine spindle, as to not affect the spindle by the innate accelerators magnetic field, the electricity conducted should amplify the accelerator to reach the spindle and begin/continue rotation.


Comparable Technology: The Perpetual Engine

The S.S.E.T.G., in many ways, vastly outperforms former generations and concepts. Instead of working as a gradual accelerator, susceptible to pitch, yaw, and roll variations, the S.S.E.T.G. creates it’s own momentum while providing an additional power output for electrical systems and subsystems. This additional power output can be optimized, scaled, and amped up on an “as-needed” basis.



-Wheeled/Rotary Vehicles. (Bicycle, Motorcycle, Automobile, Aircraft, Spacecraft etc.)

-Remote electrical generation for sanitation & quality of life.


1.) To prove the S.S.E.T.G. thesis hypothesis.

2.) To build, refine, and produce various scales of the S.S.E.T.G. for commercial and personal use.

3.)Eventually, with a 10 Million U.S. Dollar budget at a 150$ (high estimate) per-unit generators, 66,666 units of the S.S.E.T.G.’s can be mass produced and air-distributed to energy-deserts all across the Indian and Asian peninsula. In addition, remote regions in Africa and South-America will have the capacity for clean water, sanitation, and a more hopeful future.


Resources Required:

Aluminum: Magnetic Resistance for framing and structural elements, etc.

Copper: Wiring and energy conduction.

Magnetic Turbine Shaft & Accelerator Panels: Neodymium equivalent, man-made magnetic metals as to avoid R.E.M. exhaustion.

Gravity signature dependent Location: G.S.D.L. + Space Coordinate X, Y, Z (in relation to celestial body) (Green, Red & Black Zones, etc.)

-Clause to 1st and/or 2nd law of Thermodynamics:

*The Species Clause of Dynamics: An intelligent, advanced species with the capacity to create, refine, and distribute advanced metals, tools, and mechanics; thus, capable of modifying an existing space with a mechanism to fulfill a goal or expectation that would otherwise be impossible.

Perpetual Motion is said to defy the first and/or second laws of thermodynamics, which it does, however; gravity is an innate, invisible energy source. Perpetual motion describes motion that continues indefinitely without any external source of energy. With gravity as an innate, invisible energy source, I believe I have found the missing key to this conundrum.

“The Perpetual Motion Machine is flawed in it’s ineffective capacity to redistribute energy, with the prior assumption that the process can continue unassisted. The perpetual motion machine is an analog, seven component self sustaining electric turbine generator that operates on localized gravity signatures.” -Robert Bonner

Risks and challenges

Well, you might electrocute yourselves if you build this, after you initialize the alignment conductor, it has a runaway-gun possibility that will melt before it slows down. A couple of people have asked me to begin construction, and I haven't heard back from them - so be very careful.

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