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Say hello to Looksi Pups, a voice-activated virtual puppy who does everything a real dog does!

Say hello to Looksi Pups, a voice-activated virtual puppy who does everything a real dog does! Read More
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Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on August 20, 2013.

About this project

Meet Looksi Pups

Hi, my name is Elliott Myers, and I’d like to tell you about Looksi Pups.

Looksi Pups is an adorable voice-activated virtual puppy who does everything a real dog does — and it couldn’t be easier to bring him to life.

Simply download the FREE app, then pop your iPhone or iPod Touch in the special sleeve inside his kennel. Your new furry friend will instantly spring into action in amazing 3D, tail wagging and ready to play!

Looksi Pups is the perfect companion for:

  • Boys and girls aged 4-12
  • Retro digital pet lovers
  • iPhone mums / dads
  • The coolest aunties and uncles
  • Gadget geeks
  • Dog devotees
  • The BIG KID in all of us!

You can then personalise your pup with exciting accessories, talk to him and teach him fun tricks. He loves to learn — and will bring you hours of four-legged fun!

Our Puppy has been enjoying lots of attention...

"If you’re looking for a unique gift for your children or as birthday and Christmas presents, this one is a fun one!" - Ottawa Valley Moms

"Looksi Pups Are Taking Virtual Pets To The Next Level" - Dad Does

"We love our Kickstarter projects...and can’t help but keep on featuring them, especially when we receive one as good as this." - Tech Nutty

"There's no doubt they're scampering at the forefore of digital pet technology" - Telegraph

"Looksi Pups managed to hold the interest of the entire CNET UK staff, which is saying something" - CNET UK

But... He's a playful sort and still needs more friends.

For more info, interaction and fun, Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter

A host of fun features 

The many features of Looksi Pups include:

  • 7 Different breeds of dog to choose from
  • 15 voice commands, including 'fetch', 'dance' and 'chase tail’
  • Voice recognition which responds only to the owner’s voice
  • A host of extra outfits, toys and tricks to be unlocked
  • Games which use voice commands and the phone's tilt sensors
  • Interaction with other Looksi Pups, who can play in each others’ kennels
  • An alarm clock and "guard dog" mode
  • The rear of the kennel left open for charging cables,
  • Volume controls left accessible at the side

The Looksi Kennel comes with a device tray and stickers to personalise your Pup's home

The initial launch will feature a pink kennel, as well as a Kickstarter limited edition green version.

However, as the brand grows further, a variety of different colours could be offered.

How Looksi Pups works 

Looksi Pups is comprised of an interactive iPhone app and plastic Looksi Kennel, which uses specially laminated acrylic mirrors to “project” dual images of the puppy when the iPhone is inserted.

The specific angle of the mirrors also creates a disbelieving effect of depth, making the puppy appear three-dimensional from both the front and side of the kennel.  

Special iPhone sensors detect if the device has been inserted correctly, triggering the dual-screen display.

To the user, the puppy appears inside the kennel like magic.

The kennel also comes with a specially designed tray which holds the iPhone in place.

To bring your pup to life, simply pop, load, snap and slide! 

  • POP the two halves of the device tray open 
  • LOAD your iPhone or iPod touch into one half of the device tray. The tray works with iPhone 3gs, 4, 4s and 5, and iPod touch 4g and 5g. 
  • SNAP the other half of the device tray over your phone ensuring both halves of the tray 'click' together. 
  • SLIDE your phone into the back of your kennel with the screen facing down. The device tray will 'click' into the kennel, giving you audible feedback that the device is secure and positioned correctly. 

The tray will automatically position your screen inside your kennel, and protect your device from moving around when interacting with your puppy. 

In order to release your device from the kennel, simply press the Open button at the rear. This will allow the device tray with your iPhone or iPod to slide back out of the kennel. 

Once inside his kennel, the puppy can be observed in amazingly lifelike 3D action as he responds to commands and plays games with his owner.

The Looksi Pups Story

With Looksi Pups, I wanted to restore traditional physical play value to the flat digital experience which children now favour.

I have an extensive background in the video games accessories sector, where I have always aimed to bridge the gap between what the user sees on the screen and their physical interaction. My experience includes:

  • CREATING and managing the Gamester brand, whose games controllers outsold Sega, Nintendo and Sony
  • BRINGING award-winning products such as the first force feedback steering wheel to market.
  • HELPING to develop and manufacture Konami’s Dance Mat for the European market.
  • ESTABLISHING In2Games Ltd, launching a number of innovative products and over an eight-year period, including Gametrak, Real Play and Freedom.

Inspired by my daughter's love of puppies, I decided to bring a degree of physical interaction to the classic virtual pet.

I built my first model out of Lego — and the Looksi Kennel evolved from there.

Working with a well-respected factory who produce hundreds of toys and games each year, and a team of hugely talented software developers, I set out to create the world's first 3D virtual pet.

After a lot of teamwork, Looksi Pups was finally brought to life…

A new way to play — and how you can get involved

Looksi Pups is unique as it engages children through both physical and digital play.

It also teaches children to take responsibility for their own pet, for if they don't take proper care of their puppy, he’ll be taken away by the dog catcher!

My daughter is delighted with her new pet, and says it is almost as good as the real thing.

The reception of Looksi Pups has been equally positive amongst other children and parents— and we are now asking for support to bring our adorable Pups to children worldwide.

By helping to bring Looksi Pups to market, you can become the proud owner of the world's first 3D interactive pet for a special early bird price.

You will also be in with a chance of naming the face of Looksi Pups — a poor little Jack Russell who just wants a name!

Get involved and receive treats and rewards

Your support means a lot to Looksi Pups  — and in return there are plenty of reward levels just for you.

You can help Looksi Pups grow…and grow

Although the Looksi Pups app and kennel have received incredible feedback already, there is massive potential for taking it to another level.

The support and generosity of the Kickstarter community will enable the Looksi team to:

  • FINALISE production tooling to put the kennels into manufacture.
  • FINISH the current version of the app and develop more puppies, environments, accessories and games for future updates.   
  • DEBUG everything so that Looksi Pups becomes a truly amazing game and interactive experience, and  
  • EXPAND the Looksi Pups concept to create other virtual pets, such as cats and ponies (in their own special habitats).  

Alongside developing Looksi Pups, we have also started creating other products which work in a similar way.

We've begun creating a Dinosaur Crate for your pet Dino, and a Cop car with additional mirrors for 3D racing games.

We would really love to put these into production as soon as possible too, but need your help with Looksi Pups to get our first product into the market.

We have many other ideas waiting to go, and hopefully the success of Looksi Pups would enable us to put these into action so that we can continue to develop exciting new interactive toys.

Risks and challenges

Facing the challenges ahead...

With the production of any physical product, there are challenges within manufacture and delivery which can lead to delays in receiving the item.

With Looksi Pups, the digital aspect means there are further challenges in relation to meeting the deadlines. However, we are extremely confident in achieving our delivery estimates.

Having managed production closely during my four years at Gamester, I am fully aware of potential problems within the process of creating hardware, and how best to avoid these.

Furthermore, the establishment of my own games publishing company, In2Games LTD, meant I oversaw the launch of a number of innovative products and technologies into the market over an eight-year period.

These included Gametrak, Real Play and Freedom, all of which were comprised of both a digital and physical aspect.

When it comes to Looksi Pups, there are four great advantages:

• WELL-RESPECTED manufacturers who produce hundreds of products in the toys and games industry.

• STRONG working relationship with the manufacturers, built on many years of close collaboration

• CHALLENGES of molding and assembly already ironed out with sample tooling, reducing the risk in full production tooling lead-times, and

• CONSERVATIVE delivery estimates with healthy built-in contingency and a commitment to ensure your rewards are delivered to you on time and in a flawless condition.

The beauty of the Looki Pups app is that it’s been developed by a traditional video games developer, experienced in creating app games.

The beta version of the app is already available on the iTunes app-store, and in future updates, we’ll continue to debug, and add more puppies, items, environments and games.

We also hope to get lots more ideas from feedback and comments, in order to keep improving Looksi Pups and make it a fun, interactive toy that children around the world will love.

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    $ 1.50 or more


    Our Looksi Pups icon (the Jack Russell) is yet to be named. For £1, give us your suggestions for a name. All names will be entered into a draw, and the winning entry will be chosen as our mascot’s name, and added to the app!

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    As a thank you for backing early, you will be the first to get your Looksi Pups kennel and phone tray, at this special early bird price. The pack includes the Kennel, multidevice tray, and stickers to customize your kennel.


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    Includes the original pink Looksi Pups kennel, multi-device tray, and stickers to customize your kennel – all to bring your in-app puppy to life!


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    A limited edition Kickstarter kennel in Green and White. This will be limited to 500 units, and be supplied in special limited edition packaging. The packaging will contain a fold out environment, to give your unique Kickstarter kennel a home!


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    Send us up to 10 pictures of whatever you (or your kids) might wish to stick on the kennel, such as family pictures. We'll send you high quality vinyl stickers together with your kennel. Imagine the surprise on your kids face when they see them! Includes the original pink kennel, tray, and standard stickers


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    Pledge £500 or more About $767 USD

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    Send us some pictures of your own garden and we'll digitise it and make it available in the game! You will have the option to name your garden in the menu screen also. Includes the original pink kennel, tray, and standard stickers


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    Pledge £900 or more About $1,381 USD

    $ 1,360 or more


    A beautiful large (29cm x 23cm x 19cm) hand-made iPad Kennel, colour sprayed to your liking and signed by inventor Elliott Myers. The App will naturally run on your iPad too. The amazing 3D effect is twice as neat when it's twice as big! Plus of course, 1 of everything above.


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    Pledge £3,000 or more About $4,603 USD

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    A big pledge, but, for £3000 or more our modelers will re-create your very own dog, inside the app. Send us photographs of your puppy, tell us it's name and a little about his or her personality, and we’ll recreate a digital version and add them to the app so that anyone, anywhere can select and play with your pet!

    And, of course, 1 of everything above (excluding the large iPad Kennel).


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