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The project's funding goal was not reached on Thu, December 8 2016 9:49 AM UTC +00:00
StefanoBy Stefano
First created
StefanoBy Stefano
First created
pledged of €290,000pledged of €290,000 goal
0seconds to go
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Thu, December 8 2016 9:49 AM UTC +00:00

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    1. Marie-Pierre Pertus-Hopman

      Dear Halos team,
      Do you plan to launch a new campaign for Halos in the near future?
      Thanks and all the best.

    2. DaJo on

      Hi Stefano! I love the concept! I'm already a follower and will be looking forward to your every campaign updates. Good luck and God bless!

    3. Stefano Creator on

      Hi Guys!
      Thank you for your messages and for your feedbacks! It's great to hear from you!

      @Peter Thank you! This is important for us, I am happy you like Halos!

      @Eric. You have perfectly understood our vision, thank you for believing in our project! Concerning the goal, big investments are needed even to produce 100 lamps, this is why we set a goal so high. We knew it would have been hard, but we are happy in any case because the feedbacks on the product and on the design are great so far. Now we are looking for investors to launch a campaign with a lower goal and possibly a lower pricing.
      Plase suscribe to our newsletter the updates on the project


      @Edon and Eric. Thank you for your feedback

      @John please write me a private email and I'll put you in direct contact with our engineers


    4. Missing avatar


      Hi Stefano,

      i would back you again.
      It is a beautiful and well designed product, that is why i want it.
      Maybe you have more sucess with a relaunch if you find a way to lower the goal.
      The price does not scare me (but i am quite unscrupulous when i find nifty shiny things).

      Best P.

    5. Eric F Grodsky

      Hi Stefano

      I've read some of the previous comments and this is how I see things. I totally understand that Made in Italy costs more, and that is precisely why I didn't flinch at the price. For those who want a cheaper made product buy something Made in China. The real issue is why did you set the goal so high? Now I am sad that the project won't get funded.

    6. Edon van Hees

      The idea is great.
      The design is even greater.
      The price is way too high, as is the goal.
      The momentum here on KS is over.
      This project will not be funded.


      More awareness is needed, or a relaunch with better finances.

    7. Missing avatar

      Eric F on

      Hi Stefano,

      I agree with Bernhard : the product is wonderful, I really love it, but it is soooo expensive.
      I have pledge 205 €, but after thinking, I have cancelled it.
      I have understand your answer about quality and the costs, but it is a "just" a (very nice) lamp .
      If the project is cancelled, I hope you will come again with a better price and you could be sure I will be with you.
      Good luck

    8. John Garner on

      Hi Stefano, sorry got mixed up there with Lumens and Lux so just wondering if you have lux values (not lumens) for the product...

    9. John Garner on

      Hi Stefano, do you know what the CRI value (or value range) the light will be? Also when you refer to 600 lumens, what is the distance from the light source you are using as a reference for this measurement?

    10. Stefano Creator on

      Hi guys!

      Thank you for your feedback, they are very useful for us.

      @Bernhard. Thank you, we are delighted you like the design and the usability, we have invested lot of time to make Halos as smart as possible conserving it's high quality design. I perfectòy understand your concern but in order to make an high quality product made in Italy the production costs are very high. I hope the Kickstarter family will understand it :) Thank you for your message and your pladge it means a lot for us!

      @André Hi André, thank you for your message! Great you like Halos!
      On the charging:
      - yes you switch on while charging
      - the wooden dock is connected to the electricity with a USB port (like this you can choose different plugs). The lamp is connected to the dock with the classic PIN you have on smartphones. Think about charging your telephone on a dock station. I hope I have answered your questions :)


    11. Missing avatar


      Hi guys,

      just wanted to let you know that you have designed a great product.
      Also, I wanted to quickly explain why I just backed the $1 tier.

      I think your lamp has great potential. Is perfectly designed and looks great. Its easy to user and has a simple UI. It's usable in different situations as a bed lamp, makeup lamp and it's portable.

      Normally, I would instantly back the project. I could use it as a ambient light in the living room or as a bed lamp. And in the morning my girlfriend could use it as a makeup lamp.

      For me, It is simply a price issue. I will not pay €205 for the lamp including sipping (alltough it's early bird). Because overall - it's just a lamp. A beautifully designed lamp. A lamp with a lot of use cases. But it's still a lamp.

      Concluding, I wish you all the best in getting this project funded. But I know the kickstarter family pretty well. And I think your chances with this price model are below 10%.
      Good luck anyways.

    12. Missing avatar

      André Wolf on

      Hi guys,
      such a smooth and minimalist design, I like.

      Just taking up the question from Eden about the charging,
      am I right that the wooden dock has an usb port to plug in the ring and the dock is further connected to an USB charger? And can I switch on the lamp while charging? Do you can maybe provide a pic?

      Best wishes,

    13. Stefano Creator on

      Hi guys,

      @Albisp we are flattered to read your comment! As Rakyong says the battery last between 2 and 4 hours depending on how you use it. It last 2 hours at maximum power (600 lumens approx).

      @Rakyong Thank you for your answer and for your comment! Yes we are testing last generation leds so Halos will be aligned to market lifetime values.

      Thank you again and keep spreading the love for HALOS!

    14. Missing avatar

      Rakyong Choi


      in the campaign, it says, 2-4 hours approx.


      What I am curious is on the other part, how long the lamp lasts?
      I know LED lasts for 25k hours normally, but need to know the detail lifetime, if available

    15. Missing avatar

      Albisp on

      Proud to be among backers!
      the product design is innovative and upscale, the production team is solid and rightly experienced. I wish you all the best on this journey and I'm looking forward to receive my shining ring!
      how long does the battery last?

    16. Stefano Creator on

      Hi Jon!

      Thank you for your message and your interest in our campaign!

      At the moment we do not have a reward for 2 bad boys, but we might consider doing one :)

      Thanks again

    17. Missing avatar

      'Jon Su

      Hi, is there a way to buy 2 of these bad boys? :D

    18. Stefano Creator on

      Hi Edon!
      Thank you for your interest in Halos and for your question!

      The first HALOS version will be charged via USB. We are working on the wireless charging system but is difficult to get good results with alluminium and wood.

      Hope this won't be a big problem for you!

      Thank you again for your support

    19. Edon van Hees

      Great project!
      How is the HALOS charged?
      Wireless through the wooden stand (I hope so) or USB?

    20. Filippo Sarasino on

      I had the chance to have one of the prototypes in my hands and it just looked A-W-E-S-O-M-E ! Looking forward to receive my personal one!