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It's a cafeteria food fight to the death! (actually, you'll live but you won't ever forget that beefsteak tomato upside the head...)
It's a cafeteria food fight to the death! (actually, you'll live but you won't ever forget that beefsteak tomato upside the head...)
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What the Four Years Ago?!

Posted by Peter Vaughan (Creator)
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Hi WHAT THE FOOD?! backers! How are you??

I miss you all! I'm writing this - 4 years after we made this awesome game together  - to tell you that I am returning to Kickstarter (what? I know!) to help Breaking Games make the epic game RISE OF TRIBES, designed by my good friend Brad Brooks.


There are no food fights in Rise of Tribes. You can hunt a mammoth or fight another tribe for resources, if that counts for anything. :) It's a game good for families and many different game groups (yay!) Just like What the Food?!, I valued high quality art for this game, and I am super super excited to share it - GORGEOUS illustrations.


Let me 'splain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up. :) I took a job in games, a full time job. I am the Director of Development at Breaking Games, and responsible for dozens of different party, family and strategy games made per year. Just wait till you find out about Sparkle*Kitty, Expancity, Infamous and more!

I wanted to say that living the dream is directly due to this Kickstarter (my boss is a WTF backer, ha!), and all of your support. Thank you AGAIN for that. I love making games, and I love sharing them with people, so I wanted to share this with you!

If you want to stay in touch on my current projects, drop me an email at Peter AT breakinggames DOT com. Cheers!

What the Toy Fair?! - and other Squirmy Beast news!

Posted by Peter Vaughan (Creator)

Hey all,

This might very well be my last Kickstarter update on this project. WTF?! The reason is that there's so much to share (Now two new games in 2015, and more on the way) that I need to move company news to email. I'm going to add everyone to said email and then you can decide if you'd like to stay on the Squirmy Beast mailing list for news, prizes, and well - lots of games!

I do hope stay with us. Even if we don't need to Kickstart the next couple games, I still want to give you, our first backers! - exclusive discounts and first chance to see artwork, hear more and give feedback on upcoming games and expansions.

Squirmy Beast Tour 2015!!
Ok, so that said, before I sign off from KS for a bit, I wanted to share more about our convention tour in progress - over 10 cities! And this weekend is particularly exciting, possibly my most exciting game event to date - right now I'm preparing to fly to New York this morning to show our games at the New York Toy Fair! Actually, Squirmy Beast games are showing coast to coast this weekend! (also in LA at Orccon with the League of Gamemakers). Brad Brooks will be demo'ing one of the first ever production copies of Letter Tycoon. New York and LA premiere the same weekend! More on Letter Tycoon in our email updates.

WTF?! - Less than 40 copies left!
Just to talk WTF for a minute - Toy Fair is particularly exciting for this game - at a time when the first production run of 1500 games is about at an end (only about 3 dozen games left, folks!). We gave the hobby market a run, but didn't really saturate beyond that. The story for most Kickstarter games is true for us - without a big market gained, a second run is nowhere guaranteed and even unlikely for any indie game. That doesn't take anything away from what was achieved. However, the game has it's shot to reach out to the mass market at this show, and possibly find some buyers that will breathe new life into the title.

What we did - all of us, was publish a game together. In turn, Shari Spiro and Ad Magic printed the game and took us to shows, and believe in this fun food fight and adorable characters still today. So much so that they are joining me to publish it further, under Breaking Games. It's going to Toy Fair, and all these shows. It may get a chance to go to Europe in a bigger way. Check out the demo table for What the Food?! (featured here is Ad Magic's Aaron DeMark showing the game at PAX South in Texas last month:

 Another fun fact - WTF (as well as our next game Letter Tycoon) are featured on every Toy Fair bag that attendees receive when they enter the fair. That's right - you sign in to the show, you get a cool bag to hold your stuff, it has our games on the bag. That's so incredibly awesome! Thanks so much Ad Magic for being a show sponsor! 

What the Food?! has plans to reprint. What we can do now is even more amazing. We can fix a couple things about the rulebook presentation for those who got stuck. :) We can look to the future, and see if there's something else we can do in the box? New characters, new rules, foods that do more damage? new pieces? WTF Dice? poker chips? I'll be asking you in our company newsletter, if you have fun with this game, what would you like to see next for WTF?!

Well that's all for now - a busy weekend, actually a busy year! 
Cheers and thanks for backing this game. You've created a new gaming monster - a Squirmy Beast.


Squirmy Beast Update

Posted by Peter Vaughan (Creator)

For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post.

What the Fourth?!

Posted by Peter Vaughan (Creator)
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I didn't plan this, but this is exactly the fourth update this year, right around the 4th of July!

Don't you miss updates on What the Food?! :) We funded a year ago in June! (Thanks again, by the way!) Hopefully you can appreciate my aim to not clutter your inbox with game news. I have however been busy all year as a publisher taking the game to conventions - and designing too. Coming soon for all you word game fans, I have a new family-friendly card game for 2-5 players to share! It's called Letter Tycoon, designed by my good friend, Brad Brooks.

For now I just wanted to wish you a nice a long weekend and good gaming this holiday! And if it's not a holiday for you - well, I still wish you fun & games - that's year 'round as far as I'm concerned.


One more thing before I let you back to your BBQs - my blog, The League of Gamemakers, is running a raffle all through July - a chance to win free board games with no purchase necessary! What the Food?! is among the prizes (so you already own that) - but it's in a bundle with 5 other card games AND there's 3 different bundles of games, all valued at $100 or more! There are soooo many good choices. The winner can pick whichever bundle they like! Feel free to enter every day!




This Food Fight Goes to 11!

Posted by Peter Vaughan (Creator)

Hi all! An update on International Tabletop Day - tomorrow, April 5. 

Lords of Waterdeep Wheaton, and More!

League of Gamemakers post here!

This art of Wil above was done by Christian Strain, artist and co-designer for Evil Intent, also Kickstarted in 2013, and coming out now. I highly recommend the game, and now with this new evil genius character in it, it's even better!

What the Food?! on Tabletop Day

Clearly as backers of this game you don't need to look past your own collection to get in a food fight this weekend, but I just to share, I sent demo copies, prize copies and promo cards out for tomorrow's big day. It was a bunch of work, but we're at 11! official Tabletop Day events! One such event - a live broadcast of games for cancer fundraising even reached out to me, citing that What the Food?! was already on their list of games to play. Here's my ultimate combo of WTF events:

links to all 11:

Durty Nellies, Chicago Game Lovers & Geek Bar, Board Beer Geek Tavern, Cardboard Gaming, Emerald Knights, Wanderer's Refuge, Chicagoland Games Dice Dojo, Geek and Sundry, Ventura Tabletop Day, FUMC North Hollywood and Lustgarten Foundation

Honorable mention to two places that support and love What the Food?! as well, also hosting tabletop days: Game Haus, and Board of Games

Where Will you Be on Tabletop Day?

Let us know! If you'll be playing What the Food?! or just have awesome food combos to share, please tweet us @Squirmybeast or @whatthefoodgame or my own account @pvaughan007 - Post pictures! Even if it's not WTF?!, I'd love to hear what games all the backers are playing this weekend. It's be a fun list to see all the games played by this group!

Tabletop Day Coupon Code

Because we may introduce new fans to the game this weekend who missed the Kickstarter, we're rolling back to KS prices at for the game and the expansion all Tabletop Day weekend! That's $10 off MSRP! I'll include the KS thank you cards in any order this weekend as well! Pass it on to friends that may have missed it!

Thank you!

Just a special shout out to my family, who is there for me always, especially in this business venture that seems to take up a lot of time. :) I couldn't do it all without Janelle supporting me. My mom, sister and brother along with all my family in Chicago helped me get these copies of the game out in time for Tabletop Day. Much appreciated.


p.s. next week, What the Food?! with Ad Magic at Pax East!