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A story about a runaway programmer. If funded, it will be released with a creative commons license for anyone to read and remix.
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What is this story about? 

"The Wrong Ship" is 1,600 word short story about a programmer on the run from the authorities, who winds up stowing away on, you guessed it, the wrong spaceship. It features an artificial intelligence named Charlie, one 1980s film reference, and a stunning lack of helpfulness from the laws of physics. 

If the project is funded, then this story will be released under a Creative Commons license, for anyone to read and remix, from now to the end of forever. 

Owing to its shortness, I can't give you a sample of the story itself, but here are some other stories of mine so that you can get a sense of my writing: 

  • Heroes Save the World: On January 1st, suddenly and without explanation, one hundred teenagers get superpowers. They could be Earth's salvation, or destroy it, but can they agree on what it would mean to save the world in the first place? An ongoing serial novel.
  • Redeeming Blood: A legacy superhero's final confrontation with his mentor's nemesis. 
  • The Cloud: The end of the world is coming. It's been coming for a long time. You can see it through your telescope. 

Are there any stretch goals? 

There are two: 

  • At $150, there will be an illustration to accompany the story.
  • At $350, an audio version of this story will be commissioned. This will be released under the same license as the original story, so that anyone can access and remix it. 

Why release this via Kickstarter? 

I write stories and build worlds, and I have an interest in making sure that both of those are as accessible as possible, and for any purpose that you imagine. We are indebted to previous generations of creators, the vast majority of whom created works that are in the public domain, free and accessible to everyone to do with as they please. 

Releasing short stories via Kickstarter is a way to release my stories to the world without compromising my ability to write more in the future. $90 isn't much, but it's an adequate measure of the time and effort that it took to write "The Wrong Ship," and lets me put a little something in my rainy day fund.

Everything that I write is being released under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license, which means that you can share, remix, transform, and build upon it however you'd like, so long as you: 

  • Give appropriate credit. 
  • Provide a link to the license. 
  • Indicate if changes were made. 
  • Distribute the result under the same license.

A supporter of Kicking It Forward: 5% of the profits from this project will go to support other crowdfunding projects. 


Risks and challenges

The story has already been written and is ready to be sent out. There shouldn't be any other issues, unless I'm eaten by a trap door alligator when I least expect it.

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