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Learn how a group of American students helped a group of Indian girls get access to education. Read more

Ahmadabad, India Shorts
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This project was successfully funded on January 15, 2013.

Learn how a group of American students helped a group of Indian girls get access to education.

Ahmadabad, India Shorts
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About this project

I've been interested in telling stories about women helping women ever since I was a sophmore in college. As an intern with an NGO in India, I was handed a camera and told to tell women's stories. In one month, with no video experience, I produced two short films about the impact of microfinance on women's lives. Ever since then, I've been hooked! 

This January I'm traveling to Ahmedabad, India to tell a story about girls helping girls. A group of teenagers from Washington, DC raised money for underpriveleged girls in Ahmedabad to attend the Shreyas Foundation school. I'll travel to Ahmedabad on January 22nd, and meet with the organization. I plan to go into the slums and interview the girls who have received this scholarship. As a student at SIT Graduate Institute, I've been studying Hindi so I'll be ready to interview the students in their native language. 

I hope this video will help to share the amazing work that Shreyas Foundation is promoting, and to highlight the challenges of girls' education in India. I'm volunteering my time and buying my own plane ticket. But for this project to be a success, I need your help! 

Here's where your money will go: 

$50 for disposable cameras for participants to take photos of their life and education and get their point of view into the film. 

$50 Video/Photo Expenses:printing, memory cards, etc. 

$200 Room & Board

$50 Transportation

$50 Miscellaneous On-site Expenses

Risks and challenges

The potential challenges to this project are the risk of delays, miscommunications and technical challenges.

In my experience, every video project can and will be delayed by something. To make sure I'm able to complete the project, I have built in an additional week of my itinerary to have flexibility. For example, if participants are out of town or busy the week I am there, I will be able to stay for an extra week to accommodate those delays. If for some reason the proposed participants are unable or unwilling to participate, then I will work with Shreyas Foundation to identify new participants.

In the case of miscommunications, I have prepared by completing an independent study in Hindi language. I will also practice basic Gujarati in order to be able to establish rapport with participants. In the case of basic language miscommunications, I have contacts who will be able to help translate. If the miscommunications are more cultural in nature, I will try to inquire into the cause of the misunderstanding and address it respectfully. As a guest in their country and as a representative of the United States, I plan to speak, dress and act in accordance with Indian cultural norms as far as I am able.

If technical challenges arise, I will make sure to have backed up files of all footage (number one rule of video editing!). Then I will consult with computer experts that I have connections with in-country to resolve the issue. During the editing process, I will work under the supervision of an experienced videographer to ensure that the final project meets the highest standards of quality.

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