Help bring this new Stephanie Law Masterworks miniature range expansion of iconic role playing game (RPG) character classes to market!

These are lead-free pewter miniatures - not plastic. They come unpainted and the miniatures shown are the actual original sculpts.

Expanding an Already Wonderful Miniature Range

With your backing and support, we intend to expand Dark Sword's existing Stephanie Law Masterworks miniature range in a fun new direction, producing an entirely new series of miniatures created from new original concept art drawn for us by Stephanie Law. These new miniatures embody Stephanie’s vision for iconic role playing game character classes. Furthermore, for this initial sampling of classes, she has created both male and female versions of each character. We also have some other fun surprises waiting in the wings for this project that will be revealed once we push into stretch goal territory.

About Stephanie Law

Stephanie got her start in the games industry doing role playing game/trading card game character designs/art for game companies back in the late 1990’s. When we proposed dipping her toe into these waters with new original artwork focused on iconic character classes from classic RPGs, she jumped at the chance, having grown up playing role playing games and collecting pewter miniatures. Our hope is that these miniatures will inspire gamers and miniature painters to create all sorts of epic new adventures and creations!

About the Sculpts

Patrick Keith has sculpted some wonderful new miniatures for this range. Patrick has a proven track record with Dark Sword Miniatures, Reaper Miniatures and his own company, Bombshell Miniatures. Dark Sword and Stephanie feel that this is some of his very best work yet. He has adjusted some of the poses and such here and there from the source artwork to make the miniatures as fun and awesome as possible while still being able to be nicely molded and cast. They look really amazing in pewter.

Dark Sword Knows Miniatures

Dark Sword Miniatures has been producing critically acclaimed tabletop gaming scale (often referred to as 28mm Heroic Scale) pewter miniatures for the past 15 years. Our award-winning miniature ranges include the George R.R. Martin Masterworks, Elmore Masterworks, Parkinson Masterworks, Easley Masterworks, Caldwell Masterworks, Stephanie Law Masterworks, Tony DiTerlizzi Masterworks, Visions in Fantasy, and of course our Critter Kingdoms Anthropomorphic Animals range. Dark Sword Miniatures has a 15 year proven track record with our licensed ranges and with our customers.

George R.R. Martin Masterworks

Below is a sampling of our existing George R.R. Martin Masterworks pewter miniature range from the Song of Ice and Fire Book Series. These miniatures were created working closely with GRRM himself from how he envisioned the characters from the books in his mind. Please note: these are painted studio models - all of our miniatures come in bare pewter or bare resin, requiring minor assembly and of course painting.

Elmore Masterworks

Below is a small sampling of our Elmore Masterworks pewter miniature range. Please note: these are painted studio models - all of our miniatures come in bare pewter or bare resin and require minor assembly and of course painting.

Visions in Fantasy

Below is a small sampling of our Visions in Fantasy pewter miniature range. Please note: these are painted studio models - all of our miniatures come in bare pewter or bare resin and require minor assembly and of course painting.

Critter Kingdoms

Below is a small sampling of our Critter Kingdoms anthropomorphic animal pewter miniature range. Please note: these are painted studio models - all of our miniatures come in bare pewter or bare resin and require minor assembly and of course painting.

We have included the above galleries of images to showcase a small sampling of what Dark Sword Miniatures has delivered over the past 15 years as we approach 800 miniatures produced. You can see for yourself the quality and care we put into every aspect of our small boutique miniature company.

You can check out our Web site at: www.DarkSwordMiniatures.com
On our site, you can see more examples of what we have done and also read customer testimonials about the quality of our miniature ranges and the speed of our shipments all over the world. I bring these things up to call attention to our proven track record of delivering on projects in a consistent methodical manner.

Thank you very much for checking out our Kickstarter project!

Risks and challenges

The biggest challenge we face is getting the backer rewards shipped in a timely and affordable fashion. I want to exceed expectations on this front once again like we did on our first five Kickstarter projects – that all shipped early. So to once again help support this goal, we have already completed sculpting and initial master molding on the core set of miniatures. We have also performed test castings to ensure everything is dialed in from a pewter quality perspective. We have already had our pewter miniature caster set aside casting time and packing time so we can quickly get a head start on production as this campaign is underway.

Just like with our first five Kickstarter projects, we will keep our backers in the loop with frequent updates throughout the run of this new Kickstarter project. All of our production and packing/shipping will take place in/from the Midwest USA.

Many Kickstarter campaigns also run into shipping issues – especially international shipping issues. We are in our 15th year of business and have shipped orders out all over the world in the past 15 years. We also completed and fully delivered on our first five Kickstarter projects. International shipping is expensive and this large release will be no exception. Dark Sword Miniatures has built a reputation of top notch quality and dependability over the years in regards to both our miniatures and our shipping turn times. And we aim to build upon that reputation once again with this new Kickstarter.

Another challenge many Kickstarters face is sorting the surveys after the project completes. Just like our last five Kickstarter projects, we have purposely built our project with simplified backer levels in order to simplify surveys so they are easy to complete and return quickly.

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