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Get a 144 page Hardcover Edition of Book One in the Fantasy Graphic Novel Trilogy, Murder & Midnight.
271 backers pledged $23,724 to help bring this project to life.

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Remaining Books Sent

Posted by Frosty Ogre (Creator)

The last of the books are in the mail, so if you've yet to receive your copy, you soon will! (Unless, of course, you're one of the handful of backers who still needs to fill out their survey -- your books await!)

We've been blown away by all the kind words about how the books turned out. And all the pictures on twitter, wow! Here's a selection:

Want your own photo posted? Go ahead and send it - don't be shy. And if friends or family inquire where you got such a cool item, please don't hesitate to tell them!

More announcements coming up shortly.

Landed, Packed & First Wave Shipped

Posted by Frosty Ogre (Creator)

The long-awaited day has arrived – the books were delivered from the port earlier than I’d been told, so there was a mad scramble to get as many as possible shipped out before I went out of town for a week. (I’m writing this somewhere over the Midwest on the way to Boston)

Once they were all in the storage unit:

It was time to pack. For three straight days. Three days in hot, cramped conditions without food or water... well, it was cramped anyway.

But seeing the gorgious books all stacked up gave me the strength to push on.

And lastly, we schlepped the majority of the books to a USPS sorting center just yesterday (believe it or not, open on Memorial Day) in glorious, clown-car-style… Just look at my good looking helper in there. (thank you Stef!!) 

The remainder of the books will go out in the 2nd wave on Monday, June 1st. 

 Thanks again everyone for the support (and patience) while we made this book. We hope you all enjoy the final result! (Also, keep your eyes peeled for some news regarding the series coming up real soon.) 


Posted by Frosty Ogre (Creator)

The books have left the port and are on the way! Also, I received a few advanced copies by air to inspect and make one last gut-check before the entire shipment was outbound.

 Wow, they really turned out great! Here’s a little preview:

 These angles show the subtle debossed icon:

The end pages turned out pretty slick too:

 And of course, there's the story...

Hang in there, your book is crossing the Pacific as you read this. Not long now!


Posted by Frosty Ogre (Creator)

QUICK UPDATE -- I just now received an unbound copy of the book to approve for binding...

...and it looks SO GREAT!

As I suspect you all have the same question: How many minutes until I get my book?!! Here's the tentative schedule the printer provided:

As for how long it will take to get your books mailed out, that will depend on how long they take to clear customs here in California. As soon as they're in our possession, we'll do our best to get them out within a few days.

Not long now!

Proofs and Press Time!

Posted by Frosty Ogre (Creator)

Hello All,

Since our last update we've gone through, not one, but two rounds of proofs for both the cover and interior pages. We actually just received the last one a few days ago. During this whole process we’ve been trying to guide the printer to the right balance between color saturation, brightness, and hue, and, well...

It seems like we’re there! (finally)

We've also done a handful of other small changes such as making the lettering on the cover more legible by increasing the font-weight slightly, and David created a nice hybrid between two cover proof versions: one that was slightly too dark, and the other too bright (Goldilocks).

To show you how much we've adjusted the cover, here's how it looked on the first test proof:

And now, with the third proof, we've got it how we want:

We expect to officially approve the book to go to press by the end of the week!

We know we're behind schedule, and we wanted thank everyone profusely for bearing with us while we nit-pick our way to the best book we can make you all!