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Matt Harrison's hilarious long lost comedy sweetly documents everything that goes wrong while living his Hollywood movie-making dreams. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on February 26, 2012.

Matt Harrison's hilarious long lost comedy sweetly documents everything that goes wrong while living his Hollywood movie-making dreams.

About this project

Film Crash Presents a Matthew Harrison Film 


Just to prove that sometimes life imitates art, Matthew Harrison's hilarious comedy about what goes wrong when trying to fulfill your Hollywood dream was lost before completion in 1996. Providence has put this film back into post production and it's almost ready for the big screen.

“A man, a camera, a delusion”.

The Story

Under fire from his enraged ex in New York, wandering adventurer Cost (Matt Harrison) drops into California where he teams up with teen-idol Revs (Shawn Andrews DAZED AND CONFUSED) to make a Hollywood movie.

Things don’t quite go as planned when Revs runs off with each actress Cost auditions and it looks like the movie is a bust. Then Cost discovers 17-year-old liquor store delivery driver Rose (Tiprin Mandalay ROBERTA), the only actress immune to Rev's charms and ready to get down to filmmaking.

Next, the trio find their fourth in broken-hearted actor J.W. (Jason Oliver STAND BY ME), and the four friends set off on their quest, inadvertently making a movie and finding the yellow brick road to their own Little Hollywood.

A comical through-the-looking-glass tour of the movie business, MY LITTLE HOLLYWOOD sweetly documents the fantasy world of every young man and woman who travels to Hollywood to fulfill a movie dream.

What We Need the Money For:

The post production of this lost film is fully paid for and nearing completion. Now we need $2,700 for the next step; getting MY LITTLE HOLLYWOOD out to the world. Your donations will be paying for festival applications, mailing screener DVDs and other plans we have to bring MY LITTLE HOLLYWOOD to a screen near you. We really appreciate your contributions.

Official website Unrated: explicit language, no nudity.

Cast and Crew

Casting by Sheila Jaffe
Edited by Matthew Harrison and Casey Mandel
Music by John Horn

Reverend   Shawn Andrews
Rose         Tiprin Mandalay
JW            Jason Oliver
Costello     Matt Harrison
Babette     Kimberly Flynn
Flash Cashmere   Rick Parker
Catherine   Brooke Langton
Peter         Peter Lohmeyer
Sivan         Bonnie Dickenson
Italian Fashion Designer    Carmen Piccini
Red and Bellydancer         Marci Johnson
Cindy        Danielle Rich
Divorcée   Gabrielle Conforti
April         Layla Summers
Chic        John Patrick Pierce
Ernie       Kim Murphy
Stewart    Paul Rachman
Terry the Actor    Himself
Willard Morgan as Jelvis


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