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Eight iconic voices of the past collide in a current of dance, music and textural audio fragments.
Created by

Beth Graczyk

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Some details behind the Beautiful Rice Paper Prints and the images

Here is some more detailed information on the signed Rice Paper Prints that Torben is offering at our $1,000 donation plus direct links to the images:

Torben Ulrich's work with ball, rope, racquet, and rice paper has its beginnings in 1971,
when the Lions Club of Copenhagen asked a variety of politicians, actors, writers and others
to make "a blue elephant" for a charity exhibit to benefit a senior center in Denmark.

Today, using primarily skipping rope and tennis racquet and ball, T.U. makes imprints
with ink and / or acrylic on rice paper. First, with the rice paper on the ground, weighted down,
he skips an inked rope onto the rice paper. When dry, the paper is then posted or held against
a wall and an inked ball is played / volleyed onto it. Later, a text may be added.

T.U. tends to call these works "rice papers". Some are photographed and go into the computer, where the colors or textures are sampled or played with further.