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More than an alarm clock, Kello is an advanced sleep trainer that helps you fall asleep, snooze less, tune your body clock and more.
More than an alarm clock, Kello is an advanced sleep trainer that helps you fall asleep, snooze less, tune your body clock and more.
More than an alarm clock, Kello is an advanced sleep trainer that helps you fall asleep, snooze less, tune your body clock and more.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Kelly Jenken about 16 hours ago

      Was hoping to buy one for a Christmas present. Congrats on being sold out. Yay for you. sad for me. Any idea when you'll be restocking?

    2. Mister Jay 2 days ago

      Kello OS Update?
      No. No Notification in the App.
      Firmware is 20170704_040948_dfd1f8c

    3. Kello Labs Creator 2 days ago

      @Stefan: thanks for the report.
      @Jay: interesting. Did you get the update we're currently pushing?

    4. Mister Jay 2 days ago

      I had a new bug this morning.
      The alarm starts normal with Spotify song. After hitting the snooze button the sound stops but the alarm animation was still on the display

    5. Missing avatar

      Stefan on November 15

      I had a weird bug this morning. My kello woke me up with a mix of my playlist and the fail safe sound thus generating some crackling. I snoozed it. After the snoozing was over my playlist played but not as an alarm. Kello turn off my alarm by itself and played my song like normal music. I had to turn it off on the device itself (i normally use the all to turn off my alarm) and it showed the music pause item. Just for ur troubleshooting loggs.

    6. Kello Labs Creator on November 14

      @Kelly Jenken: thanks for the kind words! A lot more sounds are coming very soon. On the other hand, the second point is a bit harder to do right. As far as Apple Music is concerned, we will integrate it as soon as Apple opens it up to 3rd party device makers.

    7. Missing avatar

      Kelly Jenken on November 13

      Been using my Kello since I got it and I love it! I might have to buy one for my boyfriend for Christmas because he likes it too.
      A couple of thoughts after using it for a few months:
      1. I wish there were more options for sounds, and ones that were more music like Zen rather than nature sounds.
      2. It would be nice if the alarms set would sync with the calendar app or if the alarm icon would appear on my phone
      3. Also hoping that one day Apple music can work with the Kello

      Overall, really great product! This was my first kickstarter and I feel like I picked a winner.

    8. Kello Labs Creator on October 29

      @Annie: shoot us an email ( stating which OS you use (iOS or Android) and we'll add you to the IFTTT beta.
      @Stefan: could you send an email to stating is you use Spotify or Deezer? We're currently testing an update that should help with this issue and we'd like you to test it. Thanks.

    9. Missing avatar

      Stefan on October 26

      Lately I've the problem that Kello only plays one song, both when it's waking me up and when I put the program 'play music to fall asleep'. After the first song the audio just stops.. this morning again.. the display shows the LEDs that run up but there is no sound anymore..

    10. Annie
      on October 24

      @kello would it be possible to integrate with IFTTT: when I leave the house, music goes off

    11. Kello Labs Creator on October 24

      @Mister Jay we're still working on it but it's coming soon!
      @Valentino Racki can you please if not done already? Thanks

    12. Mister Jay on October 21

      When will we get the update? :)

    13. Valentino Racki on October 16

      Hi, I noticed the same issue as many have written regarding the humming sound coming from the power supply unit, it is quite annoying so if it's possible to replace it would be great, otherwise the device works ok.

    14. Kello Labs Creator on October 13

      We'll consider it for one of the next releases of the firmware ;) Thanks.

    15. Missing avatar

      Daniel Z. on October 12

      +1 for more alarm space :)

    16. Annie
      on October 12

      Would you guys consider adding more alarm space. Unlimited maybe? Sometimes on important days I set about 10 alarms, and I still do miss my flight. Don't ask me how... But it happens. Lol

    17. Missing avatar

      Johannes on October 11

      @Kello: Thank you!

    18. Kello Labs Creator on October 11

      Johannes: the firmware update will have to be triggered in the app. You'll get a popup in the app prompting you to update the firmware. The whole process takes ~5 min.
      Concerning the power supply, we've identified a new supplier and we've ordered replacement parts from them. We'll send you an email once we're ready to ship them to you. This took a lot of time because originally we tried other models of power supply units from the original supplier and the issue still occurred, so we decided to find a new one.

    19. Missing avatar

      Johannes on October 10

      Hi Kello! You mentioned a firmware update. When it is ready: will it be transferred to our Kellos automatically or do we need to trigger it? For example via the app? Thank you!
      And as a side note: i would invest in a power supply unit without that irritating noise. So please keep us updated if there is a solution. Thanks again.
      I am very happy with my Kello! Keep up the good work!

    20. Kello Labs Creator on October 7

      @Kok-Sum that sounds very much like a Multicast issue. Can you please reach out to with the model of your router? They will assist

    21. Kok-Sum on October 7

      I kept loosing my connection with kello after successfully setting up the alarms.
      Each time, it’s the “searching for Kello” even if there’s only one WiFi network in the house and I check all the points recommended.
      What else can I do?

    22. Kello Labs Creator on October 3

      @all: we're making progress with the power supply units. Turns out that all models from our manufacturer emit the same noise, so we've decided to switch manufacturer and are now sourcing a new model. It's a holiday week in Asia so things are moving slower than usual, more to come next week.
      @Eirik: it's probably Spotify Connect packets that are streamed from Kello during idle. If you have the technical knowledge, could you send to the Wireshark trace of these packets? We'll analyze them. Thanks.

    23. Missing avatar

      Eirik Sunde on October 1

      I have noticed that Kello is really active on the network. It constantly broadcasts ca 1kb/s when being idle. What is the purpose of the traffic?

    24. Missing avatar

      Daniel Z. on September 29

      It‘s loud enough that I searched for the noise after the Second day with my kello. From more than a meter ago and a Shelve between...

    25. Missing avatar

      Stefan on September 28

      How noisy are your power supplies?! Mine does make a sound but for now it's quite far away from my head and behind a shelf.. if I go closer I do hear the sound it's like a lil siren.. is that normal? Would be a bummer if it would disturb me sleeping when I move

    26. Kello Labs Creator on September 28

      @Daniel: thanks! We are bringing improvements to this feature on the next firmware update, due in the upcoming days.
      @Edward: your package has been sent to you end of July and was delivered on August 9th to a parcel locker. Let's follow up by email.

    27. Missing avatar

      Edward LEVERT on September 27

      I never received my package. Very disappointed.

    28. Missing avatar

      Daniel Z. on September 27

      After a month of use I'm still very satisfied with my kello!
      Only downsides:
      - noisy power supply
      - Feel of the Snooze Button

      Also I had an issue after hitting the snooze button for the second time:
      kello didn't ring again (standard sound) but showed the "ringing graphic" after the first snooze. Are you aware of this bug?

      Again: This is the best managed and supported kickstarter campaign I backed so far!! Keep on the good work!

    29. Kello Labs Creator on September 27

      @Joseph Hawkins most probably a router setting, would you mind contacting with more details on the issue? They will assist

    30. Joseph Hawkins on September 27

      Any idea why my Kello keeps disconnecting from the app all of a sudden? It worked fine at first, but in the past week I have had to reconnect twice.

    31. Missing avatar

      René on September 27

      @Kello Labs
      Ok, thank you. I sent you an e-mail.

    32. Kello Labs Creator on September 26

      Hi everyone. About the whine we're still currently sourcing noiseless power supply units. It's taking a bit longer than expected but we're working as fast as we can. If you have the issue, please send an email to and we'll add you to the list. Thanks.

    33. Missing avatar

      Matthew Palmer on September 26

      @Renè - I had the same problem but get with whine with or without anything plugged in

    34. Missing avatar

      René on September 26

      Hi Kello Labs,
      i figured out the problem of the noisy power suppl, that I told you a few weeks ago. Do you still need the recording? i can send it to your support mail address.
      If you just plug in the power supply you can here the strange noise. But after connecting a device to the built-in USB port (for example your phone), the noise has disappeared. It could be coil whine. (higher voltage consumption).
      Can you send me a replacement power supply unit?


    35. Kello Labs Creator on September 25

      @Stefan, thanks for all the feedback! and happy to hear you love your Kello! Regarding brightness would you mind getting in touch with our support team (
      The default sound is a failsafe alarm. In case of a network error, for example, the failsafe will ring instead of the regular alarm. The snooze limit is reset once a week, we will push an update in the coming weeks improving the Snooze Less program (in particular the display of the number od snoozes left)

    36. Missing avatar

      Stefan on September 25

      Since tdy the brightness bug extended and the brightness control doesn't work at all anymore. Not responsive. Even after restarting..

    37. Missing avatar

      Stefan on September 24

      One more thing, the program 'snooze less' has one flaw. Under the section 'how to snooze when above target' and if 'snooze forbidden' is activated then the target of how many snoozes allowed per week just doesn't work. Snoozing is turned off entirely instead of being turned off when u hit ur target..

    38. Missing avatar

      Stefan on September 24

      Hey, so I've been using Kello for a lil now and I've a few bugs that u can probably deal with via a software update. 1st randomly during the day the brightness of my Kello increases and the brightness switch in the app stops working.. this just keeps going for a few minutes changing from increased brightness to the one I selected back and forth. Restart didn't help but it occurs just now and then. 2nd this morning instead of playing my deezer playlist a default alarm sound went off and woke me up. I put another time for that same alarm and my playlist got played normally again. I'll see if that keeps happening. 3rd when I used the 'try' option while setting an alarm to see how loud it is, the volume was on like 2 instead of 58 (as set in the app). My phone locked itself and when i turned back into the app the volume control by itself jumped to 2 instead of where I left it. Just to let u know for your trouble shooting. Maybe it help :)

      Thanks again for my Kello I love it and the bugs r just minor I'm sure this will all change with the nxt update :))

    39. Missing avatar

      Dave Wright
      on September 23

      Thank you I have emailed them

    40. Kello Labs Creator on September 23

      @Dave can you please contact our support team will help understand what can be the problem

    41. Missing avatar

      Dave Wright
      on September 23

      My alarm has been waking me up with a playlist from Spotify. Now when my alarm goes off there is just silence. When I open Spotify and connect to Kello it says it is playing but no sound comes out

    42. Kello Labs Creator on September 19

      @A this is a known issue that happens when you manually change the volume on the device during the Fall Asleep program. It will be fixed in the next software update

    43. Missing avatar

      A on September 19

      Kello sometimes will suddenly increase its volume by 30% during "Fall alseep with music". Happened afew times now.

      Will there be software update?

    44. Kello Labs Creator on September 17

      @David: please send us an email to to be part of the beta. Hue is working neatly with IFTTT. Concerning playing music from your phone, it's a bit hard as it's virtually impossible for Kello to access the music on your phone. However we're working on a feature to play music from a USB key. Concerning the sleep tracking integration, it's definitely something we're thinking about.

      @Björn: a setting to increase the duration of the volume ramp is on our todo list. Concerning the brightness of the display, we've tested it and weren't very happy with the feature as if wasn't bright enough to wake you up. We still have to nail the use case.

      @Annie: we just sent you an email to find the source of the problem.

      @Stefan, Mister Jay: thanks for the feedback. We're working hard on improving that feeling! Concerning the default playlist, we felt that people would edit their alarm instead of creating a new one each time, this way they wouldn't "lose" their alarm setting. Concerning the volume of the alarm, our next firmware will improve the scale. Concerning your brightness bug, could you simply reboot your Kello (unplug/replug power)? This solves a lot of issues. Hopefully our next firmware will bring numerous stability fixes.

    45. Mister Jay on September 17

      The feeling of the snooze-button is the only negative point on my list too. :(
      The rest is still good an I love it to wake up with my Spotify-Playlist every morning

    46. Missing avatar

      Stefan on September 17

      Addition: I've a weird bug where the screen brightness just stops working.. it becomes brighter as I set it in option and the option for screen brightness become unresponsive, even the 'turn off when dark' doesn't work..

    47. Missing avatar

      Stefan on September 17

      So first time waking up with kello. It's quite nice an damn the speaker is loud.. I had to put the volume on 56 cuz everything over 65 is just blowing my ears out haha
      Suggestions: is it possible to get an option to change the default music of a new alarm to my deezer playlist from the start? So I don't have to choose the playlist every time I create a new alarm. 2nd is it possible to change the default alarm volume so? It's on 72 or so for me and I have to change it every time a new alarm is set. Thanks

    48. Missing avatar

      Stefan on September 16

      Hey kello, so I just set up my new kello it all works as far as I can see, but one question is it normal that the snooze button feel that 'cheap and chubby' ? Esp when I hit it a lil quicker it kinda feels loose and cheapish..

    49. Annie
      on September 16

      My IFTTT worked initially the first time and then it doesn't work anymore. Not sure why

    50. Missing avatar

      Björn Semsch
      on September 15

      Dear Kello team,

      first of all my wife and I love our Kellos and use it everyday - it wakes us up reliably ☺️

      Two ideas, it would be nice to select length of volume increase and possibility to increase the brightness of the display during alarm (like a sunrise).

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