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More than an alarm clock, Kello is an advanced sleep trainer that helps you fall asleep, snooze less, tune your body clock and more.
More than an alarm clock, Kello is an advanced sleep trainer that helps you fall asleep, snooze less, tune your body clock and more.
More than an alarm clock, Kello is an advanced sleep trainer that helps you fall asleep, snooze less, tune your body clock and more.
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    1. Kello Labs Creator about 7 hours ago

      @Mister Jay: sorry for the delay we had some changes in our support team. We're catching up and will answer your message in the coming days
      @Daniel Z. @Tom Graham it is working on our end. Can you go to from your phone this should take you to the app on the App Store (or Google Play if you use Android)?

    2. Tom Graham about 7 hours ago

      So I had to stop using my Kello for a short time and deleted the app to save space. Now trying to set it back up and the app isn’t on the App Store anymore?!? Help please!

    3. Missing avatar

      Daniel Z. about 13 hours ago

      What happened? The app isn't available in the App Store anymore! :-(

    4. Mister Jay 2 days ago

      Hey Kello
      What is happened to your A+ support during the campaign?
      Now sadly the support is an D to E

    5. Mister Jay 6 days ago

      Hey Kello
      Please answer my mail from 27th March

    6. Mister Jay on March 12

      Hey Kello

      I had write you an mail two weeks ago and waiting for your response.
      My Power device makes a noisy sound

    7. Missing avatar

      Stefan on January 22

      @penelope u can link ur phone via bluetooth and then use ur internal fall asleep timer (in iOS it's under timer) to play the audio and have it stop at some point. Just as a go around until kello offers a way to play ur own audio

    8. Penelope
      on January 1

      Thanks for the info on how to change the name. I got two and I have one and my housemate has another. With them being on the same WiFi network it did make it difficult to sync to the right phone and alarms!

      My feedback for you is in relation to your 'Fall Asleep with Music' I use the content you have (in my case Rain) but when I select Pla Audio for - 90 mins it doesnt actually run for 990 mins. It seems to end to the end of the recording at some point and then have blank space/nothing.

      It would also be handly to be able to play our own sounds through the system by being able to link the phone and Kello. I have some sound recordings I've taken while out on bush walks that I wouldn't mind hearing to drift off to sleep.

    9. Kello Labs Creator on December 20

      @Johannes most probably an issue with the power supply. Can you please contact They will assist. Thanks

    10. Missing avatar

      Johannes on December 19

      @kello: my Kello completely stopped working... screen is black. No reaction. Unplugged it and replugged after a while but unfortunately nothing is happening. Kello app can not find a kello nearby. Can you help me out or give me some advice? Please, I love my kello!

    11. Kello Labs Creator on December 11

      @Tristan Gonzalez, thanks! You can actually rename your Kello, see the steps on
      As far as Google Cast Audio we are thinking about it for a future version of Kello (it requires a change in Hardware)

    12. Missing avatar

      Tristan Gonzalez on December 10

      Great product, we love it! Two suggestions/requests:
      1. We have two Kellos, and since they are on the same wifi network it can be difficult to tell them apart (a problem as pairing to our phones often lapses). It would be great if we could rename the units to distinguish them more easily.
      2. I think Chromecast audio support would be VERY useful.


    13. Missing avatar

      Johannes on December 5

      @Kello @Stefan sorry that I haven’t answered earlier: like Kello team suggested I unplugged/plugged and that solved the problem. Would like to repeat that I am really really happy with the product and the support! So glad I supported this :-)

    14. Missing avatar

      Stefan on December 5

      @johannes have u tried turning off all ur lights in the room and then trying the option? The support told me that there is a light sensor in kello which turns that option and the option of dimming ur kello off.. it's only available when it's dark in ur room

    15. Kello Labs Creator on December 5

      Hey Aizat, let's follow up in PM. Thanks.

    16. Aizat Rahim on December 4

      Hey Kello team, I still havent received my Kello just yet. Have you guys shipped out to Malaysia yet?

    17. Kello Labs Creator on December 4

      @Johannes, thanks! As of now, we don't sell white power plugs but the one Kello uses is quite standard, it should be easy to find. Regarding the "turn off screen when dark", have you tried restarting Kello (unplug/plug)? If you still have the issue, can you contact our support team on They will assist

    18. Missing avatar

      Johannes on December 4

      Hi! Thank you for the FW update! Also i received a new power plug! I am very thankful for that. I liked the white one more than the black but I think that’s my individual point of view. But if you are selling white power plugs I would think of buying one (possible?)?!

      One minor thing: since the firmware (or iOS update?) the function „turn off screen when dark“ is not working anymore. Anyone else having this problem?

      Thank you

    19. Kello Labs Creator on November 26

      (and I just hit tab, of course). So we'll let you know once Kello is back in stock! Thanks!

    20. Kello Labs Creator on November 26

      @Jay: right now 50% of all devices have the update and it's growing day by day. We're taking this slow to make sure nobody has issues with updating their Kello, but it should be finished by the end of this week.
      @Kelly: we were a bit caught off guards by how fast our stock lasted! We won't have any unit in stock before beginning of next year. We'll let you know once we're b

    21. Missing avatar

      Kelly Jenken on November 22

      Was hoping to buy one for a Christmas present. Congrats on being sold out. Yay for you. sad for me. Any idea when you'll be restocking?

    22. Mister Jay on November 21

      Kello OS Update?
      No. No Notification in the App.
      Firmware is 20170704_040948_dfd1f8c

    23. Kello Labs Creator on November 21

      @Stefan: thanks for the report.
      @Jay: interesting. Did you get the update we're currently pushing?

    24. Mister Jay on November 20

      I had a new bug this morning.
      The alarm starts normal with Spotify song. After hitting the snooze button the sound stops but the alarm animation was still on the display

    25. Missing avatar

      Stefan on November 15

      I had a weird bug this morning. My kello woke me up with a mix of my playlist and the fail safe sound thus generating some crackling. I snoozed it. After the snoozing was over my playlist played but not as an alarm. Kello turn off my alarm by itself and played my song like normal music. I had to turn it off on the device itself (i normally use the all to turn off my alarm) and it showed the music pause item. Just for ur troubleshooting loggs.

    26. Kello Labs Creator on November 14

      @Kelly Jenken: thanks for the kind words! A lot more sounds are coming very soon. On the other hand, the second point is a bit harder to do right. As far as Apple Music is concerned, we will integrate it as soon as Apple opens it up to 3rd party device makers.

    27. Missing avatar

      Kelly Jenken on November 13

      Been using my Kello since I got it and I love it! I might have to buy one for my boyfriend for Christmas because he likes it too.
      A couple of thoughts after using it for a few months:
      1. I wish there were more options for sounds, and ones that were more music like Zen rather than nature sounds.
      2. It would be nice if the alarms set would sync with the calendar app or if the alarm icon would appear on my phone
      3. Also hoping that one day Apple music can work with the Kello

      Overall, really great product! This was my first kickstarter and I feel like I picked a winner.

    28. Kello Labs Creator on October 29

      @Annie: shoot us an email ( stating which OS you use (iOS or Android) and we'll add you to the IFTTT beta.
      @Stefan: could you send an email to stating is you use Spotify or Deezer? We're currently testing an update that should help with this issue and we'd like you to test it. Thanks.

    29. Missing avatar

      Stefan on October 26, 2017

      Lately I've the problem that Kello only plays one song, both when it's waking me up and when I put the program 'play music to fall asleep'. After the first song the audio just stops.. this morning again.. the display shows the LEDs that run up but there is no sound anymore..

    30. Annie
      on October 24, 2017

      @kello would it be possible to integrate with IFTTT: when I leave the house, music goes off

    31. Kello Labs Creator on October 24, 2017

      @Mister Jay we're still working on it but it's coming soon!
      @Valentino Racki can you please if not done already? Thanks

    32. Mister Jay on October 21, 2017

      When will we get the update? :)

    33. Valentino Racki on October 16, 2017

      Hi, I noticed the same issue as many have written regarding the humming sound coming from the power supply unit, it is quite annoying so if it's possible to replace it would be great, otherwise the device works ok.

    34. Kello Labs Creator on October 13, 2017

      We'll consider it for one of the next releases of the firmware ;) Thanks.

    35. Missing avatar

      Daniel Z. on October 12, 2017

      +1 for more alarm space :)

    36. Annie
      on October 12, 2017

      Would you guys consider adding more alarm space. Unlimited maybe? Sometimes on important days I set about 10 alarms, and I still do miss my flight. Don't ask me how... But it happens. Lol

    37. Missing avatar

      Johannes on October 11, 2017

      @Kello: Thank you!

    38. Kello Labs Creator on October 11, 2017

      Johannes: the firmware update will have to be triggered in the app. You'll get a popup in the app prompting you to update the firmware. The whole process takes ~5 min.
      Concerning the power supply, we've identified a new supplier and we've ordered replacement parts from them. We'll send you an email once we're ready to ship them to you. This took a lot of time because originally we tried other models of power supply units from the original supplier and the issue still occurred, so we decided to find a new one.

    39. Missing avatar

      Johannes on October 10, 2017

      Hi Kello! You mentioned a firmware update. When it is ready: will it be transferred to our Kellos automatically or do we need to trigger it? For example via the app? Thank you!
      And as a side note: i would invest in a power supply unit without that irritating noise. So please keep us updated if there is a solution. Thanks again.
      I am very happy with my Kello! Keep up the good work!

    40. Kello Labs Creator on October 7, 2017

      @Kok-Sum that sounds very much like a Multicast issue. Can you please reach out to with the model of your router? They will assist

    41. Kok-Sum on October 7, 2017

      I kept loosing my connection with kello after successfully setting up the alarms.
      Each time, it’s the “searching for Kello” even if there’s only one WiFi network in the house and I check all the points recommended.
      What else can I do?

    42. Kello Labs Creator on October 3, 2017

      @all: we're making progress with the power supply units. Turns out that all models from our manufacturer emit the same noise, so we've decided to switch manufacturer and are now sourcing a new model. It's a holiday week in Asia so things are moving slower than usual, more to come next week.
      @Eirik: it's probably Spotify Connect packets that are streamed from Kello during idle. If you have the technical knowledge, could you send to the Wireshark trace of these packets? We'll analyze them. Thanks.

    43. Missing avatar

      Eirik Sunde on October 1, 2017

      I have noticed that Kello is really active on the network. It constantly broadcasts ca 1kb/s when being idle. What is the purpose of the traffic?

    44. Missing avatar

      Daniel Z. on September 29, 2017

      It‘s loud enough that I searched for the noise after the Second day with my kello. From more than a meter ago and a Shelve between...

    45. Missing avatar

      Stefan on September 28, 2017

      How noisy are your power supplies?! Mine does make a sound but for now it's quite far away from my head and behind a shelf.. if I go closer I do hear the sound it's like a lil siren.. is that normal? Would be a bummer if it would disturb me sleeping when I move

    46. Kello Labs Creator on September 28, 2017

      @Daniel: thanks! We are bringing improvements to this feature on the next firmware update, due in the upcoming days.
      @Edward: your package has been sent to you end of July and was delivered on August 9th to a parcel locker. Let's follow up by email.

    47. Missing avatar

      Edward LEVERT on September 27, 2017

      I never received my package. Very disappointed.

    48. Missing avatar

      Daniel Z. on September 27, 2017

      After a month of use I'm still very satisfied with my kello!
      Only downsides:
      - noisy power supply
      - Feel of the Snooze Button

      Also I had an issue after hitting the snooze button for the second time:
      kello didn't ring again (standard sound) but showed the "ringing graphic" after the first snooze. Are you aware of this bug?

      Again: This is the best managed and supported kickstarter campaign I backed so far!! Keep on the good work!

    49. Kello Labs Creator on September 27, 2017

      @Joseph Hawkins most probably a router setting, would you mind contacting with more details on the issue? They will assist

    50. Joseph Hawkins on September 27, 2017

      Any idea why my Kello keeps disconnecting from the app all of a sudden? It worked fine at first, but in the past week I have had to reconnect twice.

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