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Interface Zero 2.0 is a cyberpunk/sci-fi game setting designed for the Fate Core rule system.
442 backers pledged $18,832 to help bring this project to life.

11/16/2015 update: Full Color and a new add-on!

Posted by David Jarvis/Gun Metal Games (Creator)

Hi everyone!

We’ve got just six days to go on this kickstarter, and I wanted to hop in with words of encouragement and some news!

First off, don’t lose hope! We’ve starting to see an uptick in pledges, and I expect that will increase dramatically in the next week!

I’ll be doing an email blast in a few hours, which will hopefully attract more people!

Also, I’ve been looking at the kickstarter stats and realized that our current number of backers for the print books and above is actually working in my favor in terms of my costs to print, especially in COLOR. As things currently stand, right now I can print deliver a full color book to everyone who is currently backing at the print level for roughly the same costs as it would to print a grey scale book.

Seems odd, right? Well, the key here is that the original print run was for approximately 1,200 books in grey scale, but the number of backers we have at this moment isn’t close to that figure, so I can look at my color quote and see the cost to print half that number (still more than our current backer count), and I get very close to my original print cost.

Right now we need approximately 5,700 dollars. Divide that by 40 (the most popular pledge level), and I need 142.5 backers to fund, which still keeps me under the number of books I’ll be able to print at the original kickstarter costs!

So, I’m going to go ahead and print in full color!

I’m also going to make the 54 card Zone Aspect Card Deck an add-on you can get for 7 dollars! If you live outside the United States, please add 2 dollars for shipping costs.

So things are looking pretty good, and I’m really happy to be able to make this announcement. Please spread the word!



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