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The third edition of Interface Zero for the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition.
The third edition of Interface Zero for the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition.
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    1. David Jarvis/Gun Metal Games 8-time creator on

      Sorry you feel that way.

    2. Filipe Cunha

      I didn't like the layout, it's too much 80s/90s when it shouldn't. The HIGHEST appeal for IZ to me was that it departed from the retro-style look most Cyberpunk media has. I really wish it were more in line with what IZ 2.0 or IZ Fate did...

    3. Manuel Sambs

      That preview looks like a throwback to cyberpunk book design of the late 80s/early 90s. I love it! :)

    4. Palmiro Bonafidem on

      Campaign Themes are really interesting, cleaning crew.. just great. The same origins and stating core skills.
      Abou layout is nice but for my taste a little "heavy". I prefer easy to read text and enjoy art with less background.

    5. David Jarvis/Gun Metal Games 8-time creator on

      As far as a World History goes, we'll have the timeline, but we don't spend a bunch of page count on going through the entire history of the setting. That would take an entire sourcebook by itself. There's just too many things to cover.

    6. David Jarvis/Gun Metal Games 8-time creator on

      I can do a no-frills pdf of the world section and put the setting timeline in, but i don't have time to do a number of different formats. Sorry.

    7. Lukas Buergi

      "Cleaning Crew"... the possibilities... the mind boggles...

    8. Jetstream

      eBooks are, essentially, special zip files containing HTML documents. They're super easy to make, if time consuming.

    9. David Jarvis/Gun Metal Games 8-time creator on

      honestly, I don't know anything about epub or Mobi.

    10. joshua on

      Would you consider releasing e-reader files (epub or mobi) of the world history in advance of the books? This sort of information would be handy for GMs that want to prep or players that want to know where their character's live. I don't know how easy that would be, so please forgive me if that is a big ask, but settings with rich backgrounds like this can feel intimating as you prep. I guess ultimately I'm saying i don't want feel unprepared and then have that dream where I'm at the game table and one of my players ask a question about the world and not only don't I know the answer, but I'm only wearing my underwear. (no offense to those who GM in ONLY their underwear)

    11. Chris Garland on

      Basic design looks really good!

      Two points to consider.
      1. The Interface Zero logo on the title page gets lost with the gray on light blue. Consider a heavier outline or some other object in the background to give it some contrast.
      2. The page backgrounds would probably look better with the hazard striping on the outside edge and the graffiti joined on the binding edge. Currently, it is the opposite.

    12. Morgan Stjernstrom on

      Im impressed as well and really excited about the books!! 😎😎😃

    13. Michael Bentley on

      Certainly color me intrigued and impressed.