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The third edition of Interface Zero for the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition.
The third edition of Interface Zero for the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition.
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    1. BluegrassGeek on

      Johnsoned - When someone screws you over for no apparent reason. (Yes, I love Shadowrun, but damn that's a tired trope.)

      Flashed - Modifying the core software of a cyberlimb or other electronics to give yourself an edge (from flashing the BIOS of a computer).

      Gnoming - Doing a job for someone secretly, just out of kindness ("The Elves and the Shoemaker" classic tale, as well as Wikipedia's "Wikignome" entry)

      Battlestation - Any space set out specifically for doing a task (From sub)

      Uber - Referring to a corporate "employee" that's only working on-contract ("That job sounds nice, but you'll just be an Uber with no guaranteed hours.")

      Sudoer - Someone with authority, especially if you wouldn't expect it (from the Linux sudo command)

      Ancient - Anything considered obsolete or out of style

    2. Missing avatar

      John on

      more notes on cryptonet - you cannot access every system on the cryptonet once a cryptograph is installed on your TAP. you can access most of the common ones, but many of them require higher security authorization. this must be given by the group that controls that particular system. for example, Karlee (a hacker), wants to access the site - they must be given authorization by the people/group that runs the site and have the appropriate crypto key installed on their cryptograph in order to access that site on the cryptonet. these special 'crypto keys' are additional controls put in place by groups want extra security and to keep certain people (like SPYDERS and GOV/LEO) out of their systems... because even on the cryptonet there are snitches/groks, cops, etc.

      SPYDER - A.I. program that crawls the global datanet to identify unauthorized or unregistered programs, connections, systems, etc. and assimilate them into the global access database registry.

    3. Missing avatar

      John on

      cryptograph - TAP software that is installed and configured to allow a cryptolink between 2 or more users (like encrypted communication channels) and also allows users to access the cryptonet.
      cryptolink - term to describe an encrypted link between 2 or more TAPs that allow for secure communications that can't be decoded, sniffed or otherwise deciphered. Used by people who do not want the government or anyone else to listen in on their conversations.
      cryptonet - generic term used by hackers/crackers and other cyberpunks to describe an 'underground' encrypted network where hackers, crackers or other cyber criminals meet up in cyber space, buy/sell stolen goods (virtual or physical), acquire latest hacking software, or pirated cyber upgrades, etc. corporations, government and law enforcement refer to it as the Secure Access Network aka SAN.
      kurakka - slang term for a cracker or hacker (derived from japanese)

    4. Missing avatar

      John on

      pixel - a hallucinogenic drug
      pixelated - under the influence of pixel
      cyops - cyber operations. term used to describe infiltrating a digital company.
      chrome dome - slang term for person with a lot of upgrades or who is addicted to getting upgrades
      grok - slang term for a snitch or someone who messes everything up. "he really grokked that up..."
      TAP-trace - locate a person via their GDA
      GDA - global datanet address, similar to IP addresses of today
      SAN - secret access network. an underground criminal network only accessible through highly secure, encrypted SAN software installed into a persons TAP. GDA for the SAN changes regularly to hide from law enforcement.

    5. Missing avatar

      John on

      bunk - slang term to describe a lame situation
      DoS AKA denial of service - a type of attack performed by a hacker that sends a large number of packets or requests to a computer system or program and causes it to fail.
      lag - slang term used to describe slow networks (usually because of packet loss)
      lagged out - when a connection to a program or network is disconnected because of packet loss. also a slang term used to describe a boring situation "Man, that party was bunk.. so I lagged outta there."
      packet - formatted data that is routed between hosts and systems on a network
      packet loss - errors in a network that cause packets to fail and never reach their destination.
      ping - test if a person, computer, or system is currently online
      PoD AKA ping of death - a type of attack performed by a hacker to cause a denial of service (DOS) to a system
      RAT - remote access trojan. program that gives a hacker a remote CLI to control a computer, system or network.
      traceroute - packets are sent over a network to trace the path from a source to a destination. hackers typically use this to find what networks and systems a packet traverses and where firewalls are located.

    6. Missing avatar

      John on

      backtrace - to find the source of a hack.
      bounced - disconnected from the network, usually by another hacker or program.
      burned out - spent too much time in the net.
      command line interface - also called CLI or just command line. is a program that provides text based access to a computer system and allows the operator to enter commands to control the system.
      core dump - a file that contains everything from a programs memory/RAM at the time of a crash or segfault. hackers examine these to find ways to exploit a program.
      debugging - analyzing computer systems, programs, or code to find vulnerabilities.
      dropper - an innocuous program used by hackers to deliver actual malicious payloads.
      firewalk - method that hackers use to 'test' firewalls and IPS to find holes/vulnerabilities.
      IPS - intrusion prevention system. a program that monitors for and prevents malicious activity and hacking attempts.
      malcode - malicious code
      patched - a program that has been modified by a hacker to circumvent security controls.
      payload - malicious program
      rootkit - malicious program that allows a hacker to gain root access to a computer system.
      segmentation fault AKA segfault - condition that causes a program or cyber modification to crash or stop functioning. typically caused by a hacker or malcode. hackers try to find segfaults to gain a core dump.
      shell - command line access to a remote computer system.
      shellcode - code that provides a remote shell to a computer system, typically very small in size and lines of code and often combined with a payload.
      swag - stolen goods either digital or physical.
      wizeewig - what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG). slang term for human or A.I. that doesnt have any modifications.

    7. Missing avatar

      Jarl-Stian Olsen on

      Really like Lukas' suggestions. :)

      Here's a few I like:

      Cleaner - Assassin or person willing to do wetwork
      Hardwired - a person that has cybernetics that interact directly with his TAP. May perhaps apply to several types of augments, such as Smartgun System or Vehicle Control Interface?
      Ice - Intrusion countermeasures. Black Ice is the deadly variant.
      Neurosoft - Skill engrams/skill chips
      Razor/Razorgirl/Razorboy - person with some kind of bladed implant.
      Senstar - Sensory recordings celeb
      Vatjob - Derogatory term for Bioroids and Simulacra

    8. Lukas Buergi

      Well, one obvious term from GitS is "Ghost". But other than that, there's in fact not much of a slang being used. There might be a bit more in the manga, I would have to check.

    9. Christopher Irvin on

      I love the asthetic of ghost in the shell...I’ve been looking back through it, but they don’t label much, of use specific terms. Cyberization is a good one - the process of replacing body parts with augmented/cyber parts or modules.

    10. Dani Jang

      Bean Bum - a vagrant with no hint of augmentation whatsoever at all. The term was wide spread when these poor souls were under spotlight when they begged for canned beans that were mass produced in the age long past and forgotten that they flocked up to national relief orgnization when it and government decided to distribute them a can for each for several months. They became a byword for low standard compared to most lowest of skums in the teeming megalopolis and corporate cities and lack of common sense that people nowadays go by. But where they lack in tech savvy and culture, they make it up with knowledge and hearsays that is long forgotten.

    11. Lukas Buergi

      Going to steal one or two from others as well here:

      to lag/lagging - tripping on drugs/unable to function normally
      410'd - murdered/erased
      to crib; cribbed - hacking someone's cyberware, stopping their functions; being targeted by such a hack
      bling - obvious cyberware
      barber - fighter specialising on close combat
      to 404, 404'd, being 404'd - to vanish, vanished, being vanished, all without a trace

    12. Missing avatar

      Michael Zebrowski on

      "Going into a trance" - Entering VR.

      Trancer - A person who uses VR. Usually associated with VRPGs.

      Hard Trance - Time spent in a VR Prision. When used with time the subject time inside the VR prision is used and not the real world time.
      "Billy just did 10 years hard trance."

      Vractor - A VR actor.

      VSport - The competative VR game scene.

    13. Aaron Stockser on

      CRISPR Kreme - anti-viral salve for treating topical biophages

    14. Aaron Stockser on

      1) A person who focuses exclusively on BioWare
      2) A "Darwin Award Winner" - a poor example of the gene pool in action

    15. Lukas Buergi

      chum - fresh meat on the streets

    16. Missing avatar

      Glitch on

      Gencon (v): Being able to genetically engineer a system into something new. "Mplant is genconning the entire team to give super-hearing."
      Genconner(n): Someone who genetically modifies others. "Out of all the genconners, Crypto's CRISPR skills are second to none?"

      A wink to the gaming convention.