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A cyberpunk tabletop RPG set in the year 2090 and powered by the Savage Worlds Deluxe system.
A cyberpunk tabletop RPG set in the year 2090 and powered by the Savage Worlds Deluxe system.
1,305 backers pledged $84,400 to help bring this project to life.

Jericho Rose is available, and solo books are shipping this week!


Hi Everyone!

I'm pleased to announce that this week books will be shipped to those of you who only ordered a book, and no add-ons. I want to thank each and every one of you for your continued patience, and I hope you like the finished product.

For those of you (some 400 of you), who ordered more (Sector Cops, Fixers, and Above), your books will be shipping as soon as I can get the dice, cards, bennies, etc packaged and shipped to the warehouse. Please be patient, everything is coming.

I'm also pleased to announce Jericho Rose, written by  John Wick, is being sent out to you guys as we speak!

Managers and producers know the secret. It isn't what's not now, it's what's next. That's the key. Not what they're listening to now, but what they're going to listen to tomorrow.

Lorna Jericho could be next.

A hot look, a new sound and lyrics that turn fans into fanatics. She's dangerous. She has no fear. She asks all the wrong questions, shouting them out loud to her loyal followers.

Shadows in tall buildings say, "She has to be stopped." They say, "She has to be silenced."

And perhaps, they've gotten her wish. Because like a ghost, she's gone. Vanished. And it's up to you to find out who stole the Girl with Kaleidoscope Eyes.

Written by critically acclaimed author John Wick, Jericho Rose is a cyber-noir adventure for 4 to 5 characters of Seasoned rank or Higher.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Dave Sherohman on July 23, 2014

      If you use different addresses for different sites, you can also contact drivethru support and ask them to merge the accounts so that you can use coupons sent to your kickstarter address when logged in to your DTRPG account on that address. However, it appears that the merge may not be permanent. (I had them merge my addresses in early June, then had to do it again for the same addresses yesterday when I got the Jericho Rose coupons.)

      I've also made a feature request to DTRPG support asking for the ability for users to manage multiple email addresses on their accounts without needing to request merges from support. If anyone else wants to submit similar requests, that may improve the odds of getting it...

    2. Aaron Smith on July 22, 2014

      Thanks message sent.

    3. Missing avatar

      on July 22, 2014

      Thanks for the update, David! It must feel great to reach this point!

    4. David Jarvis/Gun Metal Games 7-time creator on July 22, 2014

      HI sir, send me a PM with the email address you need the PDF sent to, and I'll get you sorted out.

    5. Aaron Smith on July 22, 2014

      I cannot get the adventure because I have a different email address for KS and DriveThru. Is there anyway to have a link sent to my drivethru account email?

    6. Missing avatar

      Nick Simpson on July 22, 2014

      This adventure is pretty much distilled John Wick, down to the adorable girl private eye. I like the inclusion of stat blocks and maps, in the PDF, and the hand outs are nice.

    7. Walt Robillard
      on July 22, 2014

      I agree with R.Patrick Taggesell. You guys have done right with this KS. Fantastic Job!

    8. David Jarvis/Gun Metal Games 7-time creator on July 22, 2014

      OK> That's odd.

      The PSD file has the entire title in the image.

    9. R. Patrick Taggesell on July 22, 2014

      Yet another good day. GMG has great and timely follow-through. Thank you.

    10. David Jarvis/Gun Metal Games 7-time creator on July 22, 2014

      well shit. I'll update it.

    11. Missing avatar

      on July 22, 2014

      It looks cool, but the cover lacks the "h" in Jericho. The text in the book has he "h".