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A cyberpunk tabletop RPG set in the year 2090 and powered by the Savage Worlds Deluxe system.
A cyberpunk tabletop RPG set in the year 2090 and powered by the Savage Worlds Deluxe system.
1,305 backers pledged $84,400 to help bring this project to life.

Someone spoiled it for everyone

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I'm going to be taking my files off dropbox, because I've been informed that a backer has already posted a direct link to the file on my dropbox account


Interface Zero 2.0 A CyberPunk 14/01/06(Mon)19:07 No. 57285

Lots of names on the list of supporters, so this should be safe enough to share. Straight from the developers Dropbox, so it's got to be clean too, right? Full PDF with layers you can turn on/off for printing. Enjoy chummers.

I don't know who did it, but I really don't appreciate it.

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    1. David Jarvis/Gun Metal Games 7-time creator on

      And yeah, that's pretty much what I've been doing, :)

    2. David Jarvis/Gun Metal Games 7-time creator on

      send me a PM vickey, please and I'll get you your copy.

    3. Vickey & Bob Beaver/Obatron Productions on


      I don't know if I've got the latest download or not.

      One way to handle this that might make your life (and ours) easier is to send us all comp copies via OBS once you've got the "final" version you want us to have. You can see your limit in your Publisher Account information. Unless you've done some huge marketing push, I'd wager you'll have what you need to cover all your backers. Just export your backer report e-mail addresses to a comma delineated list and you should be able to copy and paste into the "send" section.

      Best wishes!

    4. Toju Xinshu

      I understand someone sharing it with their gaming group to play it, but sharing it openly online is asshattery of the highest order.

      Was happy to pay for it and will continue to be happy to pay for the quality products from Gun Metal Games.

    5. Joshua D. Meadows on

      That sucks. Especially since it adds to your workload. I honestly don't know why anyone would pirate IZ as your work is awesome, the price points of your media has always been on the more than fair side and the kickstarter pledge levels were superb. I guess there will always be people wanting something for nothing.

    6. Robert Davis

      This is very sad news and I actually find it difficult to believe that someone who actually paid for the product would actually stoop to then putting it out for the masses :( On a personal note I am definitely one of those who wholeheartedly supports the use of coupons for such sites as DriveThruRPG and RPGNow. Besides making the distribution of the products more secure (nothing wrong with watermarks as far as I'm concerned) it also makes it far easier to get any updates to the customer as well.

    7. Missing avatar

      Ben W Bell on

      It looks like the file was downloaded by a backer and then the regular screen PDF was uploaded to another site for download. is a file hosting service. It isn't a link to the dropbox account, and the link is still unfortunately out there and available. Unfortunately removing it from Dropbox has not achieved anything as the file is now on the Russian site. The only people the removal from Dropbox is hurting now are the backers who haven't downloaded yet.

      Basically your Dropbox link wasn't circulated, the uploader was mentioning Dropbox as his source and the file is now elsewhere and unfortunately out of your reach to do anything about. Sucks big time.

    8. Drew Calderone on

      Now, I'm not going to say whether I do or do not possess gaming PDF's of questionable legality...
      But I will say that when it comes to small-but-amazing publishers like Gun Metal (or Pinnacle, or Evil Hat, or...), I am actually proud to say that I've spent money on their products.
      This sucks for you and yours, Mr. Jarvis, and this snafu has really helped to give me a different perspective on pirating.

    9. Glen Green on

      we should find the guy and punch him in the face

    10. Guy Sargeant on

      That UTTERLY sucks. As I had waited until this evening to D/L the new copy (wouldn't d/l to my tab for some reason last night) I am doubly disappointed. Will PM you David for d/l details. Grrr.....:(

    11. David Jarvis/Gun Metal Games 7-time creator on

      PM me with your email Bill, and I'll get you hooked up.

    12. Bill Dodds on

      The addy denotes a russian email site. In my experience, many spam accounts for bots seem to eminate from
      Perhaps a one-use link via rpgnow to each of the paid backers? I don't know what costs are involved, but that seems a might more secure.
      I hadn't d/l the pdf yet, but I am willing to wait for whichever method of delivery you decide upon.

    13. David Jarvis/Gun Metal Games 7-time creator on

      I just want to make sure everyone who is supposed to get the pdf gets it. I know I can't stop piracy, and it's almost a waste of my time to try, but when this sort of thing happens, it's frustrating, because it makes it trickier for me to get this into your hands.

    14. Stephen "Trotter" Holland on

      David, please don't be discouraged. The majority of us (all minus one?) will keep paying for your books whenever you push them out. As for watermarks, I'm fine having them in my PDFs. There've been a lot of good suggestions regarding DriveThruRPG/RPGNow. Those coupon codes are really handy for me as a frequent purchaser, and it is nice being able to look at my library and quickly see what has been updated since I last downloaded a file.

    15. Christian Steudtner on

      @David - I think providing links to (as it seems) dubious content isn't good.

      And while it really sucks that this happened, I think it isn't something you can't really prevent - and in my opinion it isn't helpful to fight it through making thinks harder for people who did buy something. If some **** wants to pirate it you can't really change that. [I personally find it much better if I can just download my stuff without needing to register on a new site every few Kickstarters ...]

    16. Mark Mealman on

      The coupon route is a lot safer. For one you can expire them. Another thing you can do is send out 1 coupon for every X people, basically batch them out which makes people think they're trackable. Paranioa does wonders to stop people from sharing. Maybe rpgnow has other things to help with this. With all the kickstarting going on they could certainly offer some sort of help for publishers to push out thier backer content through them as easily as possible.

      Services like Steam have done more to stop game piracy than anything else. I look at rpgnow as the same thing if it's used right.

    17. David Jarvis/Gun Metal Games 7-time creator on

      I checked that link again, and the description has changed, so it's been modified since I posted this update

    18. David Jarvis/Gun Metal Games 7-time creator on

      Christian. Maybe he downloaded the zip file, and uploaded the PDF instead of a zip?

      Not sure.

    19. Christian Steudtner on

      @David: The download link in the link you provided with this update only points to a PDF (21.0MB) - the link in update 92 points to a ZIP (35.5MB containing two PDFs, one 22.8MB, the other 33.1MB).

    20. David Jarvis/Gun Metal Games 7-time creator on

      I've got an idea who might have done it, actually. Someone with a extension on their email.

    21. David Jarvis/Gun Metal Games 7-time creator on

      Send me a PM, David, and I'll hook you up.

    22. Missing avatar

      David McKeehan on

      So how would be best to contact you for the pdfs if we haven't gotten them yet?

    23. Derek Mayne

      @David - really disappointed that anyone would then rip you off in this way - I assume it originated from a backer. I guess it is worth mentioning that it is possible for people to have similarly shared the discounted link for DTRPG/RPGNOW so you might want to expire that after a reasonable period of time.

    24. David Jarvis/Gun Metal Games 7-time creator on

      Christian. I don';t know why he said PDF instead of Zip file. I really don't. You'll have to ask him.

    25. Sven Schläpfer on

      I think that David uses the best measure against piracy there is. Produce great content that people are happy to pay for. Of course there will allways be those who aren't willing to do so but I believe that a lot of people are willing to pay for quality in order to support the author behind it.
      I for sure am willing to pay for good stuff ;)

    26. David Jarvis/Gun Metal Games 7-time creator on

      Well, unfortunately, I had to kill the coupons, to mitigate any potential piracy. Now, people are going to have to contact me, and I'll give them a special coupon they can use to purchase the book.

    27. Christian Steudtner on

      I'm only a bit baffled about the link, since the file-size doesn't fit with any of the older files I have.

      Also when it is a direct link to the files from update 92 why is it an pdf? The link in update 92 (which seems still live - at least to me), only points to a .zip (containing two version of the pdf).

      I can only say that I am rather confused right now.

    28. Missing avatar


      I wish you could track down whomever the douche that provided the pirated copy is. I think it was yesterday that we got coupons for the pdf through DriveThru. That is a good choice for a few reasons, such as updates, but also to mitigate douchery. I hope that the person or people that shared can read and know that we don't like them.

    29. David Jarvis/Gun Metal Games 7-time creator on

      Eclipse Phase doesn't require an extra rule book. Mine does, so unless I create my own game system, which I don't plan on any time soon, the creative commons license doesn't mean much.

    30. Missing avatar

      Andy Rennard on

      Although I think this stinks, perhaps it's an opportunity to take a different approach. You'll never defeat piracy, - those who pirate will always find a way to get stuff for free. Those who support and enjoy your work will happily pay for it - via this kickstarter or DriveThru RPG. Maybe you should think about releasing the game as Creative Commons like Eclipse Phase. It certainly hasn't done Posthuman Studios any harm.

    31. Sven Schläpfer on

      @Christian he basically posted a copy of the entry that the Asshole who thought it would be great to give everyone the possibility to pirate the book.
      @Topic. It really sucks, especially since David is such a generous dev who gave us tons of stuff for free (all of IZ1.0 comes to mind during the backing phase). I did some quick research on who it might be but the thing with these anon boards is that its nearly impossible to find a guy like this....

    32. Mark Mealman on

      I really wish Kickstarters would just use rpgnow/dtrpg for all the backer PDFs. It's watermarked so you don't have to worry about casual piracy and as the customer, I don't have to track different updates from different sources(I HATE this with Achtung Cthuhlu). It's incredibly nice that I can just log into rpgnow, click on Library and see all my rpg updates.

      Oh also, a lot of times publishers will toss add ons to the origional PDF. Premade character PDFs? Added onto my rpgnow Gramel purchases. Better maps images? Added onto my High Space purchase. The Savage Mojo Suzerain setting updates? Those will push out to my rpgnow purchases when they're ready. It makes me feel like I'm a subscriber of a product, not a one shot buyer. And while piracy may stil happen the pirates will never get all the updates and so on so they have a substandard product experience to me.

    33. David Jarvis/Gun Metal Games 7-time creator on

      Yes it was a link to the pirated PDF from update 92.

      Nobody can get it now, because it's a dead link. I deleted the files (yes I have them backed up), so it doesn't matter anyways. I Posted that so people know WHY I did it.

    34. Missing avatar

      Tealus on

      I've backed other RPG projects. And I've gotten an unique coupon that only works once for RPGNow. You should be able to do that, the problem is the previous "universal" coupon is still active and you may want to kill that. Because if that person had no problem giving out the direct link to the files, I can't imagine that he would have any morals to stop him from giving out that code.

    35. Christian Steudtner on

      Maybe I don't follow this KS closely enough [I'm patiently waiting for the novels I want], but I'm not exactly sure what is going on [Other than that someone probably did something that they shouldn't do].

      Is the link you posted some pirated version of the pdf from Update 92? Or what is it exactly? The update is posted in a way that I'm not really sure if I should download it or not (I think probably not, but if so it would be better not to post that link)

    36. Missing avatar

      Tealus on

      That sucks. I can understand if you go ahead from this point on only distribute via RPGNow and just give each backer their own coupon for their copy. And for those backers that need a non-watermarked version they can request it via email.

    37. David Jarvis/Gun Metal Games 7-time creator on

      And I don't know if DTRPG can set up a security key. I'll talk to them about it.

    38. David Jarvis/Gun Metal Games 7-time creator on

      It's been fixed.I simply deleted the files from the dropbox acocunt.

      Trust me when I say the people who worked on this game are being paid. I won't ever back away from my financial responsibilities.

      The frustrating part, is NOW I'm going to be fielding a ton of queries about how people who haven't yet downloaded the book can get it, and that takes precious time I don';t really have.

      So, thanks, whoever did that.

    39. Tracey Michienzi on

      That blows! I am so sorry David.

    40. Robert N Emerson on

      I'd like to add my voice to those that are disappointed that someone did that to David, GMG, and those of us who backed the KS and paid for the good works. It's quite disappointing, and irksome, to put it mildly.

    41. Stephen "Trotter" Holland on

      Wow, that stinks. I think DriveThru is your best bet, too. As for that new link, I have no idea how to use it since I don't speak Russian.

    42. David Notar on

      People are ridiculous. This game is awesome so I'm sorry to hear that people are pirating it :(

    43. R.S.Tilton (EpicRPGBlog) on

      Yeah, there's people who need to get paid for such an awesome game, and the cost of producing everything promised is going to outstrip the cost of the Kickstarter. It just went on sale yesterday, so everyone who downloaded the copy from the dropbox cost GunMetal Games $20...That $20 could be used to pay for new material, especially if say it's 200 people, now we're talking 4 grand, and that's a small book in PDF a Malmart catalog.

    44. Missing avatar


      Very disappointing. Here's hoping no one shared the RPG Now discount code as well.

    45. John Polack on

      Man that sucks, David I am sorry I would say contact dropbox and see if you can get them to remove it.

      You have worked so hard on this and its truly a great game....

    46. Missing avatar

      Matt Fleming on

      This is why we can't have nice things. Might I suggest talking to DTRPG and getting a bunch of keys to give out individually to backers to put onto their accounts?

    47. Missing avatar

      Stephen Kilpatrick on

      The gaming community is a small place, please don't rip off the few quality developers that we have.