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A cyberpunk tabletop RPG set in the year 2090 and powered by the Savage Worlds Deluxe system.
A cyberpunk tabletop RPG set in the year 2090 and powered by the Savage Worlds Deluxe system.
1,305 backers pledged $84,400 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Philip DeLuca on November 27, 2017

      Hi David,

      I'm not sure what happened, but I just discovered all of these updates - I had thought this KS didn't go through or forgot about it. The many links you've been sending are now dead - is there a way I can get the materials?



    2. Missing avatar

      tommytux on November 19, 2017

      I wanted to leave a comment to say that I have backed a number of Kickstarters that have either failed to materialize at all or have not lived up to their promises. I have become a bit burned out on Kickstarter because of it, but this project has been a shining light in contrast to those. Even though some of the promised rewards in this Kickstarter have been slow in coming or not as initially envisioned, the creator has maintained good communication and has worked to make sure the rewards are as close as possible to being as described, including attention to quality control. He has also been excellent with responding to questions and concerns. Thank you! I haven't had the chance to actually play the game yet, but I've been enjoying the books immensely dreaming up possible games.

    3. Nick McFadden on November 19, 2017

      I too would like that rough manuscript. My players are complaining/asking for gear choices

    4. David Jarvis/Gun Metal Games 7-time creator on October 26, 2017

      I'll se if I can't track it down Jon.

    5. Jon Smejkal on October 26, 2017

      Speaking of the Malmart Catalog, is the rough manuscript available still? The link in Update #147 is dead and I'd like to spice up our current campaign a bit for the finale.

    6. Chuck Dee
      on October 12, 2017

      Club Anyone is available as part of a bundle on StoryBundle.

    7. David Jarvis/Gun Metal Games 7-time creator on October 3, 2017

      I haven't really had anything to say. The Malmart book got hung up on some issues, and I've had to send it back to one of the writers.

    8. Robert Davis
      on October 3, 2017

      No updates since July? Any more news on the Malmart Catalog?

    9. David Jarvis/Gun Metal Games 7-time creator on July 14, 2017

      I'll see if I can't scrounge it up.

    10. Missing avatar

      joshua m eaves on July 14, 2017

      Good evening,
      Would it be possible to re-upload the pdf for solar singularity? The link posted in the updates no longer works and I've lost my copy. Thank you for your time and hard work.

    11. David Jarvis/Gun Metal Games 7-time creator on July 14, 2017

      I'm going to be posting an update later today discussing the book, and some other news.

    12. Eric Lange on July 14, 2017

      QQ: Saw the release of Club Anyone on Drive Thru RPG, was this ebook novel included in the stretch goal rewards for all backers?

    13. David Jarvis/Gun Metal Games 7-time creator on July 10, 2017

      Not right now, sir. I hope to be making an announcement soon, though.

    14. Robert Davis
      on July 10, 2017

      Any updates on this project?

    15. Oscar Simmons
      on March 21, 2017

      Repeated from my comment on your last update: if I may say you are being too generous. I was more than pleased with the products you produced for us in the first Kickstarter. You certainly don't owe us a free new revision. I appreciate your sincerity, but there should be some cost for the work you are doing in a new edition. I understand you've told us you would provide, but at least put a donation button or something to allow us to pay you for the new work.

    16. Michael Robbins on March 21, 2017

      Thanks for the update, looking forward to China/Russia and the new edition. Good luck with the editing!

    17. Missing avatar

      Khentar on March 2, 2017

      Hello ! It's been a long time since the last update. Any news you can share with us ?

    18. David Jarvis/Gun Metal Games 7-time creator on July 20, 2016

      Thank you, everyone, for your understanding. I'm still planning everything else, and will post an update in the next 24 hours with a link to a PDF with all of the supplements yet to be done. This way you'll be able to track it all.

    19. Missing avatar

      Khentar on July 20, 2016

      I want to apologize for the usage of "feeling robbed" earlier. I REALLY enjoyed the corebook and the sourcebooks delivered so far. My pledge included a lot of printed sourcebooks (solar, mallmart, japan, europe, australia, NY and 1 other i think - it been a long while) and if they are in B/W without Arts i prefer to stick to the pdf and being refund for the printed part (even if it's make me unconfortable and feeling acting as a dick as you said having financial issues)

      For those who have pledge only for pdf it was an extraordinary good move as the delivered materials are gorgous.

      Thanks again for your work, honesty and creativity.

    20. Missing avatar

      joshua m eaves on July 20, 2016

      I would simply like to say thank you for all the blood sweat and tears that have gone into making one of the best Savage Worlds settings I've had the privilege to read. I think you've gone above and beyond with this kickstarter. I will back your next project without hesitation.

    21. Joshua Haney on July 19, 2016

      I backed at the pdf level and have certainly gotten my money's worth already. To me anything else at this point is just gravy.

      I appreciate your honesty and keeping in contact with us. I can't imagine how hard this update was to write, it takes guts to admit you made a mistake.

    22. Michael Robbins on July 19, 2016

      I would have no issue backing you again for another project if I was interested in the subject matter, even if the remaining IZ2.0 are black and white with minimal to no art. Good luck!

    23. Michael Robbins on July 19, 2016

      I've mined your books for its own game, material for Last Parsec, and other Savage World work. I cannot believe the number of PDFs I have gotten over the years for the initial investment and can certainly understand why you are having money issues when I consider how much I have gotten compared to cost.

    24. Missing avatar

      GhostShip Blue
      on July 19, 2016

      I'll echo Kirk's opinion - what I've gotten has been first rate. I got two copies of the core rules and a couple of printed adventures for my money - by no means a ripoff. If I get NY and Mallmart in print, I got a GREAT deal.

    25. Kirk Agathon on July 19, 2016

      There was no way 84000 was going to cover all of those source books. What you have produced has been well done, we'll written, and beautifully produced. As someone who worked briefly with you on Reign of Discordia SW, I know you're a stand up guy. I've got my money's worth, anything else is (and has been) a bonus. Thanks and take care.

    26. David Jarvis/Gun Metal Games 7-time creator on July 13, 2016

      Not at present, no. I may offer the books in POD in the future, but I had limited amounts of bennies and dice and minis, and I'm not prepared to sell off that stock yet.

    27. Craig McClung on July 13, 2016

      Would it be possible for us to have a second chance to pick up the minis, bennies or extra books?

    28. David Jarvis/Gun Metal Games 7-time creator on July 3, 2016

      Tha Malmart catalog is being developed, and the manuscript for the Eurasion Union/Russia/China is in, but is in need of HEAVY editing.

    29. Craig McClung on July 3, 2016

      Any news about the Eurasion Union/Russia/China book and the Malmart catalogue?

    30. Phillip Ash on March 10, 2016

      I just want to say that this has been the best RPG kickstarter I and my friends have ever done. You have made some great books that look very proffessional. Keep up the great work :-)

    31. David Jarvis/Gun Metal Games 7-time creator on March 6, 2016

      There's nothing to say right now. Sorry

    32. Craig McClung on March 6, 2016

      Any chance of an update?

    33. David Jarvis/Gun Metal Games 7-time creator on January 29, 2016

      No updates on those yet

    34. Craig McClung on January 29, 2016

      Is there an update on the New York, Eu/Ru/Ch and Malmart books?

    35. David Jarvis/Gun Metal Games 7-time creator on January 7, 2016

      I still haven't heard back from the guy doing the hero l;abs files. In retrospect I wish we hadn't done that. It's proven to be a nightmare.

    36. Jonathan Eskritt on January 6, 2016

      any word on when the herolab files will be available? I was planning on starting an interface zero game soon and all my players have herolabs.

    37. David Jarvis/Gun Metal Games 7-time creator on October 13, 2015

      You haven't recieved your copy yet? Holy cow. I wish you would have contacted me sooner.

      Send me a PM, and I'll get you sorted out.

    38. Missing avatar

      Karl Morey on October 13, 2015

      Hi David,

      I hate to be one of Those Guys but we've moved since the campaign completed, and I'm honestly not sure where to update my address for the Rover level that I pledged for (as I haven't seen the explorer's edition hard copy yet). Any ideas?


    39. David Jarvis/Gun Metal Games 7-time creator on August 12, 2015

      I understand your frustration. I'm not using any resources for this. The side projects pay for themselves, and I devote extra money made to continuing these stretch goals. The only thing I'm re-using is art and graphics. The books are being worked on, I promise, but things have taken a lot of time, and frankly, I haven't been getting the output I've needed from some writers. I'm not trying to shift blame; it's just a fact right now.

      Speaking of the length of time, yes, the kickstarter funded in 2013, but the actual book didn't get completed and sent until september 2014, so extra development truly began then, because writers need a full book to work from. yes that's still almost a year, but I have been releasing stretch goals in PDF; one source book, and 5 adventures to be exact.

      The malmart catalog is being written, but gear books, especially for Savage Worlds, are tricky. Not only do we have to make sure that we don't introduce power creep, but everything has to be balanced, so lot's of play testing, edits, and more edits.

      I hate to keep asking, but please be patient. I'll die before I fail to deliver your products.

    40. Robert Davis
      on August 12, 2015

      I apologise up front if I upset anyone but, considering the IZ2.0 kickstarter was funded in March 2013 and the stretch goals are still not completed, I was a little concerned to receive an email informing me that IZ2.0 is now in beta for Pathfinder. Should I be worried that resources are not being dedicated to the stretch goals as they should be? What are the date projections for actually getting the rest of the items? I had pledged for a hardcopy of the Mallmart Catalogue but have no idea when to expect this to actually be printed.

    41. Benn Williams on June 13, 2015

      I like this. Today's modern cyberpunk genre constantly explorers the transhumanist element: Be more than human. This concept is simply an extension of dubbing, where the mind is rendered as software and uploaded into a new or cloned body. The bioforms concept is a great way to explore concepts such as what makes a person a person, and what are things such as souls?

    42. Curt Koenig on June 11, 2015

      Posted to IZ Facebook page.

    43. David Jarvis/Gun Metal Games 7-time creator on June 9, 2015

      Curt, please send me a PM with your shipping information and I'll check to see what's going on with your stuff.

    44. Curt Koenig on June 9, 2015

      I know I'm late, but I still have not received my hard copies. I have been moving, and quite busy, so I am sure I missed the shipping posts, but it is possible my delivery is still trailing behind me somewhere. What info do you need from me, and is this the best forum?

    45. David Jarvis/Gun Metal Games 7-time creator on April 15, 2015

      Mine too! :)

    46. Alex D Williams on April 15, 2015

      Damn. That's intense. My money is on the demon.

    47. David Jarvis/Gun Metal Games 7-time creator on April 15, 2015

      Thanks Alex. I already have the cover, actually. I'm going to be posting a preview link for the kickstarter soon, so ya'll can check it out.

    48. Alex D Williams on April 15, 2015

      David, I wanted to make one suggestion for the upcoming Hell setting Kickstarter. I would leave out a pledge level for choosing characters for the cover. I believe that having this criteria for the cover pigeonholed the artists and stifled their ability to create the best possible cover. I'm not saying either cover is bad, but when compared to a lot of the interior art they fall short. I attribute this to the fact that the artists had very specific criteria to work within.

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