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A cyberpunk tabletop RPG set in the year 2090 and powered by the Savage Worlds Deluxe system.
1,305 backers pledged $84,400 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator Alex D Williams on April 15

      Damn. That's intense. My money is on the demon.

    2. Creator David Jarvis/Gun Metal Games on April 15

      Thanks Alex. I already have the cover, actually. I'm going to be posting a preview link for the kickstarter soon, so ya'll can check it out.

    3. Creator Alex D Williams on April 15

      David, I wanted to make one suggestion for the upcoming Hell setting Kickstarter. I would leave out a pledge level for choosing characters for the cover. I believe that having this criteria for the cover pigeonholed the artists and stifled their ability to create the best possible cover. I'm not saying either cover is bad, but when compared to a lot of the interior art they fall short. I attribute this to the fact that the artists had very specific criteria to work within.

    4. Creator David Jarvis/Gun Metal Games on March 24

      I will soon. I'm trying to get some rules written for Pheonix, but it's proving problematic. I don't want to do one update, and then turn around and do another one right away.

      I'm sorry I've been quiet, but my day job has been rough, and I'm working on about five different projects right now (most for Interface Zero, though this new kickstarter is taking up time), so things are slow-moving.

    5. Creator Franck Florentin on March 24

      Hi David, is there any chance you can provide an official update about various stages of advancement for the stretch goals ? I believe the last one was two months ago. Getting an update every month would be awesome in the future.

    6. Creator David Jarvis/Gun Metal Games on March 18

      No apologies necessary, sir. I learn from comments like this. I'm planning another kickstarter which will probably go live in a couple of weeks, and your feedback will make the bennies look much better, so thank you.

    7. Creator Robert Davis on March 18

      I appreciate the apology and, as I mentioned, I love everything else about IZ 2.0; I honestly think it's one of the best designed settings for any game system. I guess that's why I was so disappointed with the bennies - I'd really hoped for a selection of different images with a decent IZ 2.0 logo on the back. Oh well - such as it is. If you guys ever produce more bennies for the setting please reconsider the design :) Please accept my apologies if I upset anyone by posting this minor complaint.

    8. Creator David Jarvis/Gun Metal Games on March 18

      I'm REALLY sorry to hear that sir. I apologize.

    9. Creator Robert Davis on March 18

      IZ 2.0 is a great product. I do, however, feel the need to mention how disappointed I was with the bennies - they are, IMHO, probably the worst designed I've ever purchased. Sorry to be negative about this but I felt it had to be said. As I said earlier though - the rest of IZ 2.0 is awesome and I will patiently wait for the rest of the books because they are well worth the wait.

    10. Creator David Jarvis/Gun Metal Games on March 14

      Hi sir, sorry for the late response.

      Phoenix should be ready next week, and the others are in various stages, still. After Phoenix, my goal is to get NEw York finished, and then start shipping the physical copies of all of the books we've done so far.

    11. Creator Neal Dalton on March 13

      Is there any word on Pheonix or any of the other supplements?

    12. Creator David Jarvis/Gun Metal Games on December 17

      Have you checked the last update I did?

    13. Creator Neal Dalton on December 17

      Is there an update on the IZ supplements?

    14. Creator David Jarvis/Gun Metal Games on November 11, 2014

      I wish you would have contacted me sooner, Paul, send me a PM, and I'll try and get you sorted.

    15. Creator Paul Duffy on November 11, 2014

      I'm in UK. Still waiting for Explorers edition and bennies. Have these been sent out yet?


    16. Creator David Jarvis/Gun Metal Games on November 4, 2014

      I'll be doing an update in a day or so to let everyone know what's going on. Keep an eye out!

    17. Creator Nathan Reed on November 4, 2014

      With the shipping of the core pledge levels do we have much in the way of an update schedule for the add-ons (like Seattle, Japan, Mal-mart)?

    18. Creator Joffrey Collard on October 15, 2014

      Got my books and the goodies!
      Excellent work David! Thank you (and no thx to customs...)

    19. Creator Thom Shartle on October 10, 2014

      Hey David - what about the Signed Poster of the Limited Edition Cover?

    20. Creator Gian on October 4, 2014

      Got mine and it is epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    21. Creator Michael Ostrokol on October 1, 2014

      Street Sam backer checking in. No sign of the book here in Dallas.

    22. Creator Gian on October 1, 2014

      PM sent

    23. Creator Aaron T. Huss on September 30, 2014

      I have yet to receive mine either, and I'm also at the Street Samurai backer level.

    24. Creator David Jarvis/Gun Metal Games on September 30, 2014

      did you ever fill out a survey?

    25. Creator David Jarvis/Gun Metal Games on September 30, 2014

      All the the levels have shipped. Send me a PM with your name, and shipping information, Gian.

    26. Creator Gian on September 30, 2014

      Im in the US, haven received mine yet

      Did steet sam levels ship?

    27. Creator David Jarvis/Gun Metal Games on September 26, 2014

      I sent you a PM, Anne.

    28. Creator Anne-Sylvie Betsch on September 26, 2014

      Hello David, my book and bennies are stucked at custom. They are missing an invoice. Would it be possible to recieve a pdf with an invoice for my rewards ? It should be enough to release it.

    29. Creator Peter Maslin on September 19, 2014

      hey just recieved mine in the UK looks great ,

    30. Creator Darren Bulmer on September 19, 2014

      David, I'm wondering if Interface Zero has been sent out yet please? Still waiting for my hard copy, and beginning to worry it may have gotten lost in the mail or that you may have ahd the wrong address.

    31. Creator Gary on September 17, 2014

      Received with thanks and very pleased. Stunning and worth the hefty backing level.

      Well done David, been a bloody pleasure.

    32. Creator David Jarvis/Gun Metal Games on September 17, 2014

      Great, guys!

      Antoine, yes, I'll be shipping the add-ons later in bulk rather than shipping individually. It'll save me $.

    33. Creator Antoine Pempie on September 17, 2014

      Received my core book + bennies + cards + dices.
      Are add-ons shipped later ?

    34. Creator Craig McClung on September 17, 2014

      Received my book, dice, cards and bennies. Very pleased with it all! Thank you David!

    35. Creator David Jarvis/Gun Metal Games on September 9, 2014

      Jeffry, the Internationals for sector cops and above started shipping last week, please give it a bit of time.

      Anita, in update #108, I clarified that unless you purchased the explorer's editions as an addon, you don't get them. Please read update 108.

    36. Creator Joffrey Collard on September 9, 2014

      In Belgium, got a Fixer Pledge, still no books right now :(

    37. Creator Anita Twitchell on September 8, 2014

      Hi there! The book looks amazing and so do the tokens/poker chips. :) However, I'm missing the explorer's edition. Could you contact me regarding that. :)
      Thank you! Cheers!

    38. Creator Brandon Metcalf on September 8, 2014

      Got my books, cards, dice, and tokens David everything looks great.

    39. Creator David Jarvis/Gun Metal Games on September 8, 2014

      We had to order another 30 adventures, and since internationals ship after the domestics, it's possible that is what is holding things up.

    40. Creator David Jarvis/Gun Metal Games on September 8, 2014

      I haven't received my reports for internationals at sector cop and above yet. Once I do, I'll be able to get you tracking numbers

    41. Creator Peter Maslin on September 8, 2014

      @David is there any tracking available for the international packages ?

    42. Creator Guillaume Robert on September 5, 2014

      I received my book yesterday, It is a beauty. I can now start to read. Excellent packaging too.

    43. Creator Peter Maslin on September 5, 2014

      thanks for the shipping update i am looking forward to getting it , it will be worth the wait am looking forward to running this with my local groups.

    44. Creator David Jarvis/Gun Metal Games on September 4, 2014

      I'm glad you got your books, Louis! Right now, I'm focused on getting stretch goals done (lots of those), and I've Licensed Daring Entertainments World of the Dead line, so at some point in 2015 I'll be rebranding it (High Octane Zombiepunk!) and possibly kickstarting it.

    45. Creator Louis on September 3, 2014

      David, I got my book and cards yesterday and they look great! Thanks for a great kickstarter experience!

      So, what's next for Gun Metal Games?

    46. Creator David Jarvis/Gun Metal Games on September 3, 2014

      Awesome guys!

      Peter. The International orders for Sector Cops and above will be shipping by the end of the week. Sorry for the delay.

    47. Creator Peter Maslin on September 3, 2014

      im in the UK and looking forward to recieving mine (fixer) hopefully soon.

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