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You're an alchemist. Assemble fantastic monsters and use them to wreck your competitors' laboratories! 252-card strategy card game.
You're an alchemist. Assemble fantastical agents of mayhem and use them to wreck rival laboratories! 252-card ECG.
You're an alchemist. Assemble fantastical agents of mayhem and use them to wreck rival laboratories! 252-card ECG.
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    1. Lab Mayhem Team Creator on March 3

      Thanks for your support and congratulations! We are incredibly excited, and are kicking our art operations into full gear. Stay tuned as we lock in various aspects of our final product, send you surveys to collect your shipping information, and more!

    2. Quba Michalski on March 3

      Congratulations! Happy to see this project funded and can't wait to learn the game and have a go at it myself

    3. Missing avatar

      Brian Van Slyke on March 2

      Woo, congrats! So excited for you and this game.

    4. Lab Mayhem Team Creator on March 1

      Thank you so much! We'll be in touch about how to get your copy to you once we've finished manufacturing. And we appreciate the support for a worker-owned coop! :)

    5. Ravachol on March 1

      Yea, we'll probably work something out.
      But you convinced me, so I'm looking forward to get the game some day :).

      P.S.: And supporting a worker-owned collective is always the right choice.

    6. Lab Mayhem Team Creator on February 28

      We don't have any plans to be at SPIEL right now, no, sorry. One of our founders is moving to Europe in May, though, so maybe we can work something out down the line... :)

    7. Ravachol on February 25

      Well, considering my low income, unfortunately that would be a pretty big deal breaker for me.
      You are not coming to some conventions like SPIEL in europe, are you?

    8. Lab Mayhem Team Creator on February 23

      Hi Ravachol, thanks for your interest in Lab Mayhem! Unfortunately at this time it looks like international shipping would be incredibly pricey (easily $100 for 4 sets depending on where you are). If that sounds fine to you we might be able to work something out but I totally understand if that is a deal breaker. -Michael

    9. Ravachol on February 22

      Hey, I really like your project but is there any way to get the stuff to europe?

    10. Lab Mayhem Team Creator on February 21

      Thanks Mike! We are excitedly preparing to put our artists to work!

    11. Missing avatar

      Mike McNulty on February 21

      Congrats, guys, on hitting your goal! Can't wait for the game (it looks like a lot of fun!).

    12. Missing avatar

      Eva Valenti on February 9

      Thanks so much for the awesome event last week, I can't wait for my poster! The illustrations are all amazing.

    13. Lab Mayhem Team Creator on February 8

      Thanks Nathaniel! It's going to be a fun day =)

    14. Nathaniel English on February 8

      Can't wait to try it out on Sunday at VPC!

    15. Lab Mayhem Team Creator on February 5

      Thanks for your support Simon! We hope to see you at our upcoming events; together--we can make mayhem!

    16. Missing avatar

      Simon Ehrlich on February 4

      Sooooooooo excited to finally get my hands on some sets and start deck building! Y'all did an awesome job with this game (I've had the pleasure of playing a few times at your events).

    17. Missing avatar

      Gregory Schram on February 4

      After getting so much awesome traction in the Bay Area and Seattle, I'm glad to see the Kickstarter speeding along! Should be lots of people to play with :D

    18. Lab Mayhem Team Creator on January 31

      Thanks so much for all your support this past year, Jorgen!! To $11,500!! :)

    19. Jorgen on January 31

      There. Past $3,000! Time to get you to $11,500, right?! :-)