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A photojournalism/art project exploring the mediacy and immediacy in our relationships with public transportation.

Hello family, friends, and fiends! This summer I want to start one of what hopefully will be a long line of photojournalism projects in order to gain more experience in the area. The first project will be composed of photographs and text and will probe one's relationship with the New York City subway.

Photojournalism is (perhaps obviously) the perfect marriage of two of my biggest interests -- photography and journalism, and as I prepare for my final year of college and begin to decide what direction I want my career to go in, I really want to explore photojournalism and pursue projects beginning with this one because it will provide me with both an artistic outlet and a possible career path.

Unfortunately, my insatiable appetite for shooting far outpaces the time I am able to spend in the darkroom and the immense long term cost associated with film makes facilitating projects very difficult. Without your help, projects like this are not economically viable for me and because of this I fear that I will be unable to sufficiently get my feet wet.

For this project I will pursue my passions beginning specifically with a Photojournalism/Art project that scrutinizes one of my most prominent relationships... my relationship with the New York MTA, particularly the subway. I hope to uncover through a combination of photographs and text the enormous, chameleon like emotions we go through when simply trying to move from one place to another.

We may wait for what seems like hours, rush faster than at any other point in our lives, or enjoy our time "alone" while we are really surrounded by hundreds of strangers. From one minute to the next our perception of the subway can shift drastically, causing us at times to feel like the nature of the train is always changing, when in reality, of all the factors in the daily commute it is the the train that is the most static. 

In order to complete this project which I will release digitally I will need to pick up at the very least a five year old used dslr and a mount converter so I can use two of my old film lenses. Ideally, I would like to get something slightly newer like a Pentax K-5, Canon 50d, Nikon D7000 with a decent lens (which would cost around 1500, so I wish to raise this amount) in order to make this project as beautiful as possible as well as to have relevant equipment a few years down the line for future projects although any step in the right direction would greatly expand my possibilities.

For a few samples of my work that I have scanned from film you can check out:

Thank You All,

Adam H.


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