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Craft cocktail bitters inspired by ancient herbology created in small batches entirely by hand in Chico, CA.
Created by

Jesse Smith

229 backers pledged $9,942 to help bring this project to life.

100% Funded!

Wow!  We made it!  What a thrill. Five by Five Tonics is officially off to the races!  I am so grateful to all backers and everyone that supported this project.  The fact that this project was funded as quickly as it was (1 week!) ensures that I will be getting started immediately working out all the logistics.

However, this project campaign is far from over!  We still have 23 days left to raise funds.  There is a stretch goal in place and if we are able to reach that, I will be rolling out a second flavor of bitters! (read more below)

To date, I have spent quite a bit of time securing all the proper permits and permissions to produce these bitters, developed a early template for a website, priced equipment (today I spent a couple hours researching the best price on the glass carboys that will hold the bitters while they infuse), and sourced the best ingredients I can find.  Once this project comes to completion (hopefully well past our stretch goal) I will purchase all of these items and get to work on sending out your bitters!

As promised, I planned to reveal what I will be working on should we meet the stretch goal. I hinted at citrus bitters, but what I have been working to develop is a citrus bitters that goes far beyond the standard. In traditional Chinese medicine citrus used at different stages of maturity have different properties, as do those of different species. I am putting together a citrus flavor made up of five different citrus species at different stages of maturity. This recipe is designed around aged tangerine peel, know in Chinese as Chen Pi, which imparts an added aged quality to compliment many of the aged spirits that may be used in cocktails.  The tartness and aromatics will come from other forms such as immature or fresh citrus peel as well as other ingredients.  This recipe will add complexity to bitters and to cocktails that I have yet to experience.  For this reason, I'm pretty excited to get them made and out to people!

As far as pledges go, if we reach $7000, you the backer will be given a choice.  If you pledged $25 for one bottle, you may then choose which of the two flavors you would like.  If you pledged $50 or more, you can choose any combination of flavors you like that totals the same number of bottles as your original reward ($50 = 2 bottles, etc.)  Simple!

Lastly, thank you all again for supporting this project!  Five by Five Tonics is very close to my heart, and to receive such overwhelming support has been nothing short of amazing!  Stay tuned for more updates!




    1. Creator Mike Prasad on August 23, 2012

      Grats! Great project! You have our support!!

    2. Creator Jesse Smith on August 22, 2012

      Lani! What a nice surprise! Thank you for your support of this project! I hope to see it continue to grow in popularity over the next few weeks!


    3. Creator Lani Blazer on August 22, 2012

      Hearty Congratulations on achieving your preliminary goal so quickly! This shows people are really interested in your concept!