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Two-Faced Beauty is a film about 1950s Broadway showgirl Rosemary Williams – a statuesque beauty who shared the same name as me.
Two-Faced Beauty is a film about 1950s Broadway showgirl Rosemary Williams – a statuesque beauty who shared the same name as me.
130 backers pledged $15,999 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Reward prints for backers

Hi all! Things are moving along nicely with the film. I just completed the rough cut of the film, and have sent it off to a few places to apply for finishing funds. During this little lull, I'm turning my attention to fulfilling rewards.

For those of you who backed the project at $100 or above, I'll be producing the prints and sending them out in the next few weeks. I'm providing a choice of three images, and you'll be receiving a survey where you can provide your shipping address and choose a print. Here are the three choices for you to refer to, since I can't include images in the survey.

Thanks again for your support of the project! It is really exciting for me to see the project develop, and I owe so much of that to you all.

The images are, in order:

"Brand New Cadillac"

"Sid & Rosemary"

"Dressing Room"

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Some Film Stills

It's been a long time since I've updated! With the incredible pace of the production last Spring, and the scramble to finish audio production over the summer, it's been hard to be an effective social media person. I've been working on the edit of the film - with a few false starts as I felt through how to structure the footage - and now am deep into it.

While I'm somewhat behind my overly ambitious schedule for completion, I'm thrilled with how it's going, and once I finish my edit I'm passing it off to my post-production team for a final edit, color correction, scoring, audio design and mix.

While I'm not quite ready to share video, I'm posting some film stills today to give you a little window into the character of the film. I'd love to hear your reactions and thoughts.

Just a quick note - I'm behind on fulfilling my rewards, but for those of you receiving prints, they'll be printed this Spring and mailed to you. I'll organize soon to get everyone's mailing information. I need an assistant!

Thanks for all your patience - and tremendous support - of the film.



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Campaign Successful!

A huge thanks to everyone who backed Two-Faced Beauty - I'm thrilled to report that the campaign was successful, and I raised almost $16,000 for the production. Thanks for all the love - and it's been really exciting for me to build this strong community of supporters around the film.

I'll leave you with a couple more snapshots from our production week last week - more to come as we start filming again Monday. Thanks again!

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Production starts on Two-Faced Beauty

We started our main stage of production yesterday, filming at the Soap Factory in Minneapolis. Yesterday we filmed a scene with the Insurance Adjuster (Guy Messenger), who reports on Rosemary's troubles with Sid in the context of an insurance report about a break-in to her apartment she suspects Sid is behind. Today, we filmed with the DA (Joel Thingvall), who gives the audience the run-down of all the expensive stuff Sid bought Rosemary - much of which she pawned.

We're off to a great start - three more days of filming are scheduled this week, and then we'll be a third done.

Thanks to everyone who has donated to the project so far!

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Kickstarter blogs about Two-Faced Beauty!

Thanks to everybody who has contributed to my fundraising campaign so far! After only 5 days the project is already at 22%, and going strong, thanks to you.

I also wanted to let you know that Kickstarter chose today to feature my project Two-Faced Beauty in their blog post about their favorite newly launched projects. Here is the link, it's a great little write-up:

They've also chosen it as a "staff pick," which means a much higher profile on the site. This is great news for the project!

Thanks again for your support in helping me make this project happen.