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Nick wants nothing less than to be the best adult film star of all time followed by eternity in heaven. Fascinating to say the least. Read more

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Nick wants nothing less than to be the best adult film star of all time followed by eternity in heaven. Fascinating to say the least.

About this project

Hung, Hard & High: The Nick Manning Story is a year-long journey centered around one of adult film’s most famous male stars - and arguably its most infamous.  Our documentary takes an intimate look into Nick's everyday life and focuses on his primary conflict in life:  a prolific career in porn versus his deep-rooted love of God and Jesus. 

While Nick deals with typical issues and daily struggles to which we can all relate, he tells his life story and how he went from exceptional athlete, to corporate VP on Wall Street, to Miami model, to porn’s illustrious “AVN Male Newcomer of the Year.”  He gives us an unprecedented look into the mind behind the man who wants nothing less than to be known as the greatest male porn star in history... followed by eternity in Heaven. 

Who is Nick Manning?

We think it best to let Nick and the life he leads speak for themselves.  Check out the trailer and you’ll get a good glimpse into the world of Nick Manning.

Our goal

From day one, the goal has been to make the quintessential Nick Manning documentary.  Nick is – without question – the most fascinating human being we’ve ever met, and that’s why we’ve spent countless hours and every spare dime over the last 4 years crafting Nick's life story. 

Our immediate goal is to complete the movie by the end of 2012, and have it ready to present at festivals, markets and sales screenings throughout 2013.  We are aiming for an independent theatrical release, followed by cable, DVD and other standard ancillary markets.

And the only way we can achieve this, is with your help…


Originally conceived as a short called “A Week in the Life with Nick Manning”, it was quickly apparent that neither a week of filming nor a 20-30 minute film would be enough to do justice to Nick’s captivating and larger than life personality. 

In December of 2007, upon arriving at Nick’s to pitch the documentary, we immediately thought we were at the wrong house.  There was a Bible on the porch railing, and we thought there was no way that an adult film star would have anything to do with the Bible - or religion, in general.

The moment Nick verified the Bible was his, and showed us his household collection of Gideon Bibles, we realized our instincts were spot on:  there was so much more to Nick Manning than being a good looking, charismatic and famous pornstar.  Nick loved the idea, and gave us a year to follow him around. 

With barely enough money to call it a budget, we decided the most important thing was to begin filming immediately, shoot as much as we could, and worry about post once we no longer had access to Nick.  Two days after we pitched the documentary, I was in an SUV with Nick and two porn actresses on our way to Las Vegas for the AVN’s (the Academy Awards of adult film). 

Our plan was to break the documentary into three phases:  i) filming, ii) post production, and iii) distribution. 

From January 2008 through January 2009 we were allowed 24/7 access to Nick and every aspect of his personal and professional life.  We shot Nick at home, on set, at parties, with friends, lovers and co-workers, accumulating over 150 hours of footage. 

We’ve shot (and continue to do so) over 30 hours of interviews of those who know Nick best – including the biggest names in adult film.  We’ve interviewed Nick’s parents and have arranged to interview several hometown friends as well. 

We have access to Nick’s 8mm home movies, shot starting the day he was brought home from the hospital, throughout his childhood and on into high school and beyond.  We also have a dozen hours of an earlier attempt at a documentary shot circa 2003.

Post Production
Once our year with Nick was up, we began to sift through and catalogue our scores of tapes.  Then began the painstaking process of digitizing and transcribing the footage. 

Now that we have a vast majority of the footage digitized, we’re going to pull the best 12-13 hours of footage and craft “episodes” to shape the overall yearlong story.  From there, we'll focus on the most entertaining and revealing storylines and condense those into a 2 - 2 ½ hour film.  Once we “lock picture”, we need to make the film look better and sound cleaner. And that’s because…

To keep this documentary as genuine as possible, we made a point to keep an all-but-invisible footprint on Nick’s life and those around him.  Save for the various interviews, no shot was ever staged or prepped.  We used no extra equipment (lights, boom, etc), and there was no crew to speak of - other than whichever one of us was operating the camera. 

The pro is that we were able to achieve a deeper level of spontaneity and intimacy with Nick – and it shows.  The con is that the footage is quite raw and needs a significant amount of work to make it ready for distribution (e.g. color correction, sound mix, etc).

Once there’s a rough assembly of the film - and throughout post - we will be working with a composer creating the score.  We will also explore the option of obtaining licensing rights to songs we feel express the mood and perspective of Nick and the documentary.  In an ideal scenario (and perhaps on down the road), we’d love to get the rights to any number of songs that were in the documentary; either because Nick was listening to a song on the radio, or randomly singing one of his favorite tunes.  These artists include Metallica, Charlie Daniels Band, AC/DC and several others. 

Traditionally, songs by these artists are expensive to license, costing tens of thousands of dollars.  Only if we are able to raise more than our minimum will we be able to explore this option (more on the scenario of raising more than the minimum in a bit…)

Once the film is complete, we will submit it to several film festivals in an effort to secure a world premiere at one of America’s (and or the World’s) top-tier festivals, e.g.: Sundance, South by Southwest, Toronto, Tribeca, Berlin, etc.  We will also look for festivals that specialize in documentaries, independent films and or those with unique subject matter.

Screenings are also an integral part of marketing a movie.  Hosting premieres in New York, Los Angeles and Nick’s hometown of Chicago will do wonders to get the word out, as well as provide potential distributors an opportunity to see the film in a theater and gauge an audience’s reaction.  It can also be beneficial to attend large film festivals even if not in competition and hold your own private screenings.

All of this takes money.  The more money you have, the better the finished product and the higher your odds of finding a distributor.

How can I help? You ask…

Here’s the good news:  there are two significant ways you can help. 

First, is to “back our project” by pledging a certain dollar amount.  How much?  I’d suggest the most you can afford and not a penny more.  We’ve created packages ranging from $10 to $10,000 - and with a wide variety of great rewards, we feel like there’s something there for everyone. 

Whether you’re a fan of Nick, independent films, documentaries, or simply love a great story, we are asking YOU for your help.  Please back us and let’s make this film available to anyone and everyone who wants to experience a year in the life of Nick Manning.

Second, is to tell as many people about our project as you can – regardless of how much you donate.  In today’s age of social networking, with a little effort by a lot of people, we have the ability to pass the word about Nick and this documentary to thousands of people.  The more people we reach, the likelier we are to reach our goal. 

UPDATED: follow us on Twitter, making it even easier to keep buzzing about Kickstarter and our project: @HungHardHigh

“Like” us on Facebook, post us on your page for all your friends to see, Twitter about the documentary, text your friends, email co-workers.  Remember: this part doesn’t cost a dime, and yet is priceless to us filmmakers. 

We need to raise at least $125,000 and every dollar helps!!!

Can we raise more than the minimum amount?

That’s the great news!!  While there is a minimum we need to raise, there is no maximum. And our hope is that we raise closer to $250,000.  If we’re fortunate enough to raise that amount, or close to it, we'll be able to secure licensing rights to some or all of the songs we’d like to have in the movie.  That said, any amount over the $125K we’re trying to raise - save for the rewards and Kickstarter fees - will also go into finishing the film on time and having enough funds for a solid year of publicity.

What happens if we don’t raise at least $125K in pledges? 

We don’t get a dime.  It’s all or nothing!!!  That’s the genius behind Kickstarter.  You “pledge” an amount, and only if the project is fully funded within the allotted time will you actually have to pay.  Whether you give a little or a lot, you know that your money will be well spent… or not spent at all.

This is why we need your help.  Without your generous backing, finishing the film may take several years as opposed to several months. 

We owe it to Nick, his family and most importantly, his fans to complete this film as soon as possible and get "HHH: The Nick Manning Story" out into the world.

How exactly will the funds be used?

In a nutshell, we need to: finish the interviews, edit the film, compose a score, do video and sound post, create publicity materials and exhibit the film.

Every penny we raise will be used toward the completion of the film.  Once complete, we’ll explore the standard avenues available to find distribution - mainly via film festivals and special screenings to attract potential buyers. 

The basic budget breakdown @ $125,000:

$7K – Interviews (travel & lodging for out-of-town interviews, equipment rental)

$30K – Editing (editor, assistant editor, equipment rental, hard drives, etc)

$10K – Film Score (composer, studio time, musicians)

$20K – Video Post (color timing, effects, titles, etc)

$20K – Sound Post (sound editing, fixing bad sound, adding score, etc)

$25K – Publicity / Festivals/ Screenings (includes Kickstarter rewards)

$13K – Kickstarter Fees

If over $150K raised:

$25K - $100K – music licensing fees ($25-50K per song).

What if I have more questions or need information not covered here?

We encourage any and all with questions or a desire for further details about the film or project, in general, to email us:

You can also visit the following links for some quick info on Nick and the filmmakers:

Nick @ Wikipedia:

Nick @ IMDB:

Justin @ IMDB:

Jeff @ IMDB:


Have a question? If the info above doesn't help, you can ask the project creator directly.

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