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A cooperative game of magical experimentation with different powers each time.Stretch goals added new scenarios, minis and spells to every game!
A cooperative game of magical experimentation with different powers each time.Stretch goals added new scenarios, minis and spells to every game!
679 backers pledged £42,295 to help bring this project to life.

Funded! (and other news)

Posted by 3DTotalGames (Creator)


The last few days have been phenomenal, after a rocky middle period we've had a meteoric comeback and are really gaining momentum as we head into the last two days. This is a huge success for everyone who kept believing while times were tough and here's hoping that we can capitalise on that over the next two days.

Stretch Goals

The next stretch goal announced is at £40k for the glass stones, that's a long way away with only a few days to go, but if our last few days mirror our first two days we can make it. I'd like to add more goals in between here and there, but if we did that then we wouldn't be able to afford the token upgrade should we get there, so instead here's the plan:

The stretch goal will be made a bit more granular, if we hit £35k we'll upgrade one of the elemental tokens, at £37.5k we'll do a second and at £40k we'll do all three. Also bear in mind that extra backers contribute more Kickstarter glyphs to the mini game, which (if used wisely) will translate into more scenarios and spells for the game!

Share All The Things

If you want to help us get there, then now's a great time to share the project and let people know how great it's going to be and that the campaign is over in a couple of days! Nobody likes spam, so try to focus on sharing stuff that's useful and informative - in a few hours I'm going to post an update to welcome everyone who checks back having clicked that "Remind me when there's 48 hours to go", that'd be an excellent candidate.

Also this review that's been posted on facebook.
Or this one, that appeared on BGG
Or even just this picture of people having fun with the game at Preston :)

Alternatively, let people know about the professional reviews of the game. Rahdo and Ricky both do really excellent videos, it'd be neat for more people to discover them. On that note Phoebe is just getting started and would benefit a lot from the extra traffic and I think that Cardboard Vault could grow into something great, some of her insights were only shared with much more experienced reviewers. There are plenty of great reviewers to choose from :)


The debate between the backer-wizards has been quite energetic today, the majority favour casting Persona and unlocking a new character, but there are some calls for more scenarios or even to pull together a ritual in the hopes of powering a huge number of spells with aid from new backers over the last two days.

The die is cast.

Paul Howard is chosen and steps forwards to deliver his chosen incantation: Kickstartrum-Boardgamegeekus!

This Persona is boosted and so does not create a paid addon, but instead adds a character to all copies of the game, completely free. Each spell can only be boosted once so this event cannot be repeated, but every copy of Wizard's Academy shall benefit from its casting.

The new character steps out of the darkness and it's immediately apparent that she's somewhat familiar. Due to volunteering to come and play the game in our office the Polyhedron Collider review accidentally contains photographs of two of the hidden characters, visible since the first day of the project:

And so some backers recognise a familiar face when Irini steps forwards to be added to the roster of wizards. This noblewoman has been displaced from her homelands in a peasant rebellion and resides in the academy to hide from those who would still do her harm. She has never been able to let go of her upbringing and believes that all of lifes problems can be solved with delegation and the application of wealth. While the approach of paying other people to learn magic on her behalf has left her sadly bereft of any useful magical knowledge of her own, some people have such imperious force of personality that even the fundemental laws of the universe can be made to stand aside once in a while. In her eyes magic is just another servant and if ordered loudly and clearly enough can be made to obey its betters. What could go wrong?

Like Smiley, Irini does not have a specialist school of magic and instead accesses boosted spells through her special ability. In her case she can expend additional power to force the result she wants without bothering with such trivialities as knowledge or consequences. By expending an additional glyph she is able to boost the effect of a spell of any school.

This is strictly less advantageous than having the spell cast by the correct specialist, as it does the same thing at a greater cost, but it does permit her a flexibility that other wizards lack. She's at her best in games with a small number of players in which the group is likely to be lacking specialists in several schools and would usually have to rely upon positioning the boosting rooms to access upgraded spell effects. When flush with power she's also a good candidate for exploring new spells, as often boosting a botch will mitigate the worst of its negative effects.

I'm pleased that we've seen a boosted persona and that backers at every level will be able to try out at least one school-neutral character. I look forwards to seeing what you do over the next couple of days :)

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    2. 3DTotalGames 4-time creator on

      @Hagor That was at a funding level that's not realistically attainable. Reasonably the glass counter level could be switched out and the extra punchboard included there instead. Is there widespread demand for that?

    3. 3DTotalGames 4-time creator on

      @John As written no, nor are they budgeted to include her, but I think the spirit of the £165 is "everything" so I'll include her in £165 pledges.

      @Bart I thought about that, but figured that it could look reasonable at each stage. Using just glass for ice would make sense because ice is different to everything else in that it can be destroyed from an adjacent room and glass looks a lot like ice (more than it looks like fire or water). Using it for water & fire if we managed 2/3rds would look right too since those are thematically related. Using it for all three obviously works too. It's not the case that you'd have some glass tokens of a type and other cardboard counters of the same type, the switches would be one entire element at a time.

    4. hagor on

      @ bart: I think you're right - all glass or all cardboard.

      @3DTotal: IIRC, I thought there was a plan to add (as SG) more cardboard tokens (to show passages, for the (mona) wizard, etc)? Or did I miss something

    5. Missing avatar

      Bart Larrenaga

      To be honest, I think I'd prefer that the component upgrade stretch goal stay as one single level rather than spread out. I think it would look weird on the table if one element is a glass stone but the others are still cardboard.

    6. John Schiavo on

      Do the £85 and £165 pledge levels include a Resin model for Irini?

    7. Yannick Larvor on

      Those work fine, thanks!

    8. Yannick Larvor on

      Both facebook links don't work for me.