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A cooperative game of magical experimentation with different powers each time.Stretch goals added new scenarios, minis and spells to every game!
A cooperative game of magical experimentation with different powers each time.Stretch goals added new scenarios, minis and spells to every game!
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Botch cast!

Posted by 3DTotalGames (Creator)

Maik hears Craig's objections to exploring the spell grid, with so many dangerous botches and so few uncovered bonuses, but casts them aside - boldly stepping forward to invoke "Facebookus Boardgamegeekium!"

A botch, but it could have been worse, the spells are still where you believed and no glyphs have been lost save those to cast the spell. This botch does serve to highlight a problem with the game though, why was so much money spent to hire masters like Ludwin and Sean when the very first prototype already had perfectly good art?

This early spell card from version 0 point something harkens from a version of the game in which the "school of magic" boosting system was yet to be developed. In the early days a lot of cards had text like this and I played the game with myself over and over scribbling on them to try to find values that didn't lead to obviously broken games.

The first prototypes to be shown to external testers had icons borrowed from these two wonderful free icon resources: Game Icons and The Noun Project - both good resources if you're a designer interested in prototyping. However the first internal prototypes came from a primordial soup of various game ideas under testing that didn't leave time to do anything so fancy as searching for real artists. Using these elemental icons saved valuable seconds, though perhaps I wasted time in colouring them in.

This early Nyvetta is a touch anachronistic, because she actually wasn't a bear at this stage, I drew the image on the left just now to fit the style of the rest of the post. The one on the right has been in use however, as part of diagrams discussing ideas for models, video shots and so forth. I'd still be happier if she had wolverine claws.

This is probably the most recent example of some of my art, what artists collection is complete without a self portrait? Poor Az needs to set up camera shots and lighting and so on in filming videos (in this case one that we didn't even use!) and all he has to guide him are this sort of diagram. There are literally pages of this stuff, for every shot or for different parts of the animation that made the final video - it's a wonder nobody has tried to strike me down in defence of their poor eyes.

It's still not entirely clear to me why we needed to hire artists at all after my efforts carried the game through to its first version (version zero isn't seen outside of the office) but the rest of the team assured me that it was a necessary step. I'm not sure why, is this really so much better:

Okay, I suppose that maybe I have to concede that there's a slight improvement there ;)

Three spells left, narrowed down to two botches and one bonus spell - how lucky are you guys feeling?

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    1. Missing avatar

      Raymond Lee

      Can we get the original art for the reprint? It adds a level of scary creepiness that I don't think one can unsee from...

    2. Granite26 on

      Botch that loses cards, Botch that rearranges and turns stuff face down, and a Spell that adds cards, iirc

    3. Jacob Coon on

      But do we know what spell hasn't been revealed yet?

    4. Maik on

      @Oren: I think that's a good idea.

    5. Oren on

      Honestly, I'm not even sure scry is worth it. We want to cast augmentation and persona after funding, so we need to save 2B, 1T, and 1K. It's unlikely we will get another three twitter glyphs, nothing else is worth it, and if we guess we have a 2/3 chance of a really awful botch (one rearranges the spells and the other makes us lose glyphs). Everyone just stop casting to get the most out of this.

    6. Oren on

      We could save the glyphs for the good spells until the game is funded.

    7. Granite26 on

      This is hardly a botch at all... The other two, otoh...

    8. Maik on

      Where is the fun in that? :)

    9. Jacob Coon on

      I'm not feeling lucky at all, so let's get some Twitter glyphs, cast Scry and then we can start casting with whatever glyphs we have. No more "hoping for the best" please.