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I am making a giant quilted banner for an art show. I need to hire help to accomplish the project. Help me please!

Belly-butt/on cup example:

SLC Temple Painting:

Hello Everyone!

Take a look at the project image, or at the SLC Temple Painting. That is what I am remaking out of fabric. Each square represents 1" square of fabric. This project is taking a tremendous amount of effort, time, and money. My deadline isn't until May, but I want to finish by the end of February. Because of the strain of the banner, I want to hire assistants.

I am trying to raise money to both pay a fair wage for helping me, and to buy more fabric. This project is going to be gigantic, and amazing once it is done!

I really appreciate your time, and, hopefully, your donations.


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    My sincere thanks for any kind of donation.

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    Screen printed Holiness to the Lord (in the Deseret Alphabet) post card.

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    A porcelain belly-butt/on mug. These mugs are made on the wheel and then altered and smoothed by hand afterwards. Fired with a white satin cone 10 glaze. Dishwasher safe! If you are international, we need to talk shipping rates.

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    A limited edition print of the painting that serves as the picture for this project. 22" x 30" with hot-fix rhinestones attached to the spires.

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