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I've resolved to become a cross-bred cousin to that clunky, crusty, fish-lipped, oil-belching, high-rise-wrecking meteorite monster…
I've resolved to become a cross-bred cousin to that clunky, crusty, fish-lipped, oil-belching, high-rise-wrecking meteorite monster…
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Headpiece work... and fully roughed-in Gara-face sculpt!

What a productive and amazing weekend here at Garamania World Headquarters...

It kicked off with a great and thorough conversation with Jim from FOE about everything GARAMANIACAL; we are now less than three weeks out from showtime, and folks, I gotta tell ya... this is gonna be a hell of a show, with a GREAT opening night... I really hope that some of you reading this can make it!  Fingers crossed x 1,000 for good travel weather in the Northeast on Friday, 2/10!!!

Saturday evening, Ms. Seligson and I built a new foam headpiece- second try, after I scrapped the first (it was a nifty wearable, and not bad for a first try... but the head shape was all wrong... reminiscent of Sark's headgear from the original Tron), and this one came out well (in the end... after much cutting and re-cutting, hot-gluing and re-hot-gluing).

Sunday, we traveled down to Montpelier, where I met Mike Ridge at his house.  I walked into his basement studio and was immediately greeted by the near-fully roughed-in Garamike face sculpt.  Floored... stunned... elated... yes... all of these... words can't even do Gara-justice, really.  Mike is knocking this one out of the park, truly, and I could not be happier with the work!

Most of the afternoon was taken up with fitting and carefully refining the headpiece: sizing the face hole just right to insure a good lock against the spike-ridge ringing the face, and cutting off the cylindrical excess foam up top (pics were taken before this step... hence the Pope Gary The First look), then gluing, rounding and shaping. 

For Mike Ridge, next steps include smoothing out the sculpt with alcohol; fixing up some of the spikes, which cracked slightly as we pushed them into new angles today; and then beginning the real detail work, using a whole lot of great Gara-reference material to add and refine textures.

As for me, it's back to spike cutting (and more spike cutting, to be followed by spike cutting) while simultaneously sealing, texturizing and rubberizing the ones I have done; continuing to shape the headpiece a bit, then coating the inside with watered-down white glue, to adhere strips of cloth inside (preventive of foam rubber-on-silicone drag when taking the headpiece on and off) and rubberizing the outside... then it'll be time for spike positioning and adhering!  Really looking forward to that!

Enjoy the pics, and please help rally & spread the word in any way you can here in the final days! 

I sincerely, deeply appreciate your time, enthusiasm and support of this Gara-craziness!  THANK YOU!!!  


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      Liz on

      Sooooooooo Incredibly Amazing!!!! Your talent is so unique and (for me) different... I am enjoying the process and the progress!!! Wish I could be there on the the 10..... BUT!!! I hope it will be wildly fabulous for you alllll!!!!
      Stay well both of you,
      Mom (Nicoles)