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XPUMP unleashes immersive sound with the touch of your fingertips. Hear the difference.
XPUMP unleashes immersive sound with the touch of your fingertips. Hear the difference.
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The Second batch of XPUMPs coming out soon plus CES 2017 show recap

Posted by Peng Lee (Creator)

Dear friends: 

We are very happy to share with all of you that we are about to send the second batch of 2000+ XPUMPs beginning from Jan. 19. Hopefully, all the backers can receive the reward no latter than the end of January, according to our experience sending out the first batch of XPUMPs. We will ship to most of the international backers by FedEx. For some countries where FedEx does not provide direct cargo service to ship product with Lithium-ion battery, we will use TNT instead (ex. Australia, New Zealand, India). For China, Hong Kong, Macau, we will adopt SF Express service.

To make sure to let people in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, China who will go away for the Chinese New Year to receive XPUMPs before vacation, we will process the shipment to these areas as soon as we get the XPUMPs fresh out from the production site. Meanwhile, we will ship out to the rest of the world with no delay.        

Here we also want to share with you that our team just came back from CES 2017 in Las Vegas and introduced the revolutionary audio device to more than 1200 international buyers, industry experts and audio lovers. They all love XPUMP very much and we are very grateful that because of all of you that XPUMP can be brought to life this soon! 

Audio enthusiasts lined up to experience XROUND audio effect
Audio enthusiasts lined up to experience XROUND audio effect


Team explaining the physics behind the technology
Team explaining the physics behind the technology


Introducing XPUMP during a CES pre-show Taiwan Exellence Award press conference
Introducing XPUMP during a CES pre-show Taiwan Exellence Award press conference

Hope all of you enjoy your XPUMP and please share feedback anytime and let us know if you have any technical questions and we will respond as soon as we get your request. Many thanks! 

Best Regards,

XPUMP team  

XROUND Inc./ Embrace Audio Lab 



感謝您們的支持,跟大家報告,第二批XPUMP 即將與大家見面了!我們預計1/19. 20附近開始寄送給各位。因為台灣、香港、中國大陸、澳門、新加坡、馬來西亞等地方要過農曆新年,會盡量優先處理,讓大家年假前能夠收到哦!恭喜發財,大「雞」大利,希望大家喜歡這個新年禮物。



在此並與各位報告,我們的團隊也參加了拉斯維加斯的消費電子大展CES 2017,與超過千人國際買家、音樂愛好者交流,獲得非常好的成果,很快就有更多通路能夠看到XPUMP。


XPUMP team 

XROUND Inc./ Embrace Audio Lab  


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    1. Missing avatar

      Daniel Dalessio on

      Is there anyway to return these? I am really not happy with the way it sounds, does not make a difference.

    2. Missing avatar

      Tony Tsoi on

      Already used for a week and feel impressive with Xpump, it's great start for me to back more project in future for more incredible design. Thank you for the team.
      Best wishes from hong kong.

    3. Missing avatar

      Brandon Levy on

      It's a game changer for my PC games. I hear you coming around those corners.

    4. Duncan Teng on


    5. astor on

      Just got mine at the office! Very satisfactory performance. There really is a big improvement in terms of audio quality. Will try it further at home with better source! thanks! Woohoo!

    6. Chi Chung Cheung on

      It is always so warm to get your updates from time to time.

      Really looking forward to the product soon!

      Best wishes from Hong Kong! :-)

      加油加油加油!! 祝你們好運!!

    7. Missing avatar

      Coody Chou on


    8. Ci Wooi on

      Thank you for the consideration for the Chinese New Year.

    9. Missing avatar

      Lau Chris on

      Happy new year for all of you
      just receive the updated on 15th Jan, good to hear that
      as you mention in the letter, you will use the SF if i live in Hong Kong, so i wonder if i can change the address to SF store that near me as SF will have additional charge to deliver the stuff to the home address and i can pick it up on my own schedule if u send to their store. if positive, how to change the address, thanks for help.

    10. Missing avatar

      John Smith on

      Great job xpump team this should be how a kickstarter project should be run regular updates that make sense and a sense of excellence!

    11. Paul on

      圖二的女生眼神好兇…… 小編放這張照片小心被人尋仇哈哈哈哈哈……

      On a slightly more serious note, congrats to the XPUMP team to meeting the promised deadline, not many crowdfunded projects can do that nowadays.