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XPUMP unleashes immersive sound with the touch of your fingertips. Hear the difference.
XPUMP unleashes immersive sound with the touch of your fingertips. Hear the difference.
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Behind the scenes of making XPUMP and unlocking another stretch goal!

Posted by Peng Lee (Creator)

More than 20 XPUMP samples were just fabricated at the factory for more of our quality testing, stability testing, firmware tuning and integration. Here is a sneak peek as we are assembling PCBA, battery and housing in the lab. They work just great but we need to make sure the design is ready for manufacturing before we ramp up into mass production and much work is still to be done before we can scale them up. 



Please stay tuned, as we work hard toward delivering the very best to our backers, who deserve every part of it. And because of all your input, the audio cable included in every XPUMP set will now be gold-plated, what an upgrade!

An additional reminder to our supporters in the Bay Area, XPUMP will be visiting San Francisco and San Jose very soon, so please come to meet us and hear the difference with XPUMP if you are around.

Oct. 12th 10:00am ~ 12:00 am

Venue: HAX | 479 Jessie St San Francisco, CA 94103 USA

Oct. 15th 9:00am ~ 3:00pm

Venue: TED x Harker School | 500 Saratoga Avenue, San Jose, CA 95128 USA

We look forward to seeing you and you’re more than welcome to share this info and invite more friends! RSVP to our event or contact us at

Your support is much appreciated and let’s keep growing the XPUMP community together!


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解析 XPUMP 的製作過程以及延伸目標解鎖囉!

我們製作了超過 20 個產品原型,一切都為了加強品質管理、穩定性測試及韌體測試。同時,我們也在實驗室不斷地進行電路板印刷、電池與外殼的測試。這一系列的測試雖然非常繁雜困難,但我們一定會確保設計端與功能都非常完善後才會大規模的開始製造 XPUMP,希望每位贊助者都能收到我們引以為傲的產品唷!

同時,也因為你們的幫助,所有贊助 XPUMP 的朋友都可以免費升級成鍍金音源線唷! 是不是超棒的呢,快分享這個專案給你的親朋好友,讓大家輕鬆的享受好聲音!

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