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A deck of playing cards built on an uncommon concept which brings us together in an unique way. Visit to order!
A deck of playing cards built on an uncommon concept which brings us together in an unique way. What does your card say?
A deck of playing cards built on an uncommon concept which brings us together in an unique way. What does your card say?
2,707 backers pledged $85,311 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Andrei Paun on October 27, 2016

      I never received the reward. Funny thing is that I forgot about it and found about it right now. Still is it possible for me to get something?

    2. Damian Michaels on December 30, 2014

      Did you even send out the international pledges? I haven't received mine and others from overseas also haven't received theirs I see from comments. Can you provide the tracking number please?

    3. UnCommon Beat 4-time creator on August 13, 2014

      Hi Hamid! You can check out the card reveal here:

    4. Hamid Lalani on August 11, 2014

      What is the hidden secret in one of the cards you mentioned earlier?

    5. UnCommon Beat 4-time creator on May 8, 2014

      Hi Samson! Please check your messages when you get a chance.

    6. Missing avatar

      Samson Lau on May 6, 2014

      Hello! I am from the UK and I have still not received my deck! Could you please let me know if there is a problem with the delivery?

    7. UnCommon Beat 4-time creator on May 6, 2014

      Custodio - We sent you a message regarding your package so check your Kickstarter messages when you get a chance.

    8. Missing avatar

      Custodio on May 1, 2014

      Hi Im from Portugal and I still haven't received my cards. It's May already is this delay normal? Thanks

    9. UnCommon Beat 4-time creator on April 15, 2014

      Thanks so much Mike & Stephanie! We really appreciate your support and the nice feedback!

    10. Stephanie
      on April 10, 2014

      I love the way the prints turned out, now I wish I had gotten more! Grats on an amazing and successful project, and I look forward to your next one!

    11. Mike Brohammer on April 10, 2014

      My decks, prints and uncut finally arrived after a world tour with the postal system. Couldn't be more pleased with the way everything came out. Great project, I'm looking forward to the next one!

    12. UnCommon Beat 4-time creator on April 8, 2014

      Hi Aayushmaan – We just heard from a backer in India this morning and they just got their package today. International packages were all shipped out at the same time but depending on the speed of your customs and your local postal systems, it may take longer for you to receive your package. The USPS has delivered your package to your customs and then your package should enter your mail stream. I will send you a message as well.

    13. Aayushmaan Narsaria on April 8, 2014

      Hi Im from India and I still haven't received my cards. Its april and we've waited too long already. Could you please let me know the status? Thanks a lot!

    14. UnCommon Beat 4-time creator on April 3, 2014

      Hi Cameron! We have sent you a message via the Kickstarter system :)

    15. Missing avatar

      Cameron Bensimon on April 3, 2014

      Still waiting for the cards. I live in France. Is it normal?

    16. UnCommon Beat 4-time creator on April 2, 2014

      Thanks all! We’re ecstatic everyone likes the decks and rewards!! Happy reading ;)
      @ Valica – we've sent you a message as this is the best way to contact us about your specific package. When you get a chance, please check your Kickstarter messages from us.

    17. VALICA TURCUMAN on April 2, 2014

      Hi to all, someone from Europe received the packages? I'm still waiting for my playing cards

    18. Adonael
      on April 2, 2014

      Received mine in Aus too, very unique deck. I completely forgot the tuck case would be textured and it was a great surprise, a real 'woah' moment.

    19. Shane Phillips on April 1, 2014

      Received my decks in Australia and I can't begin to express my disappointment. Disappointed I didn't order more haha. I've cracked open the standard deck and reserved my ltd editions - exquisite work and the card quality is really stunning. The tuck box texture only comes through when tearing of the plastic - great point of difference. Love the dice too. Terrific campaign with great comms. all the way Scott and Sara.

    20. Brys on March 31, 2014

      Received mine last week sometime but forgot to comment! :D Absolutely love the tuck cases, I think the horizontal branded deck is my favorite.

    21. Andreas Ohlmeier on March 31, 2014

      Now you've got your own section on my Homepage ;-)

    22. Missing avatar

      Ethan Kucera on March 30, 2014

      The worst part of getting a deck as beautiful as these? You're afraid of using them! I love what you guys did and can't wait to see what might be next. Thanks a million for the awesome project!

    23. oscar falcón lara on March 29, 2014

      Cards arrived today and I'm pretty happy with them, love the finish and the feel and it's quite interesting to "read" through them, fun with typography all the way... Cheers!

    24. UnCommon Beat 4-time creator on March 28, 2014

      @Andreas – WooHoo – That’s fantastic they arrived!! Thanks so much for such wonderful feedback :D
      @Hans - Awesome!! :)
      @Michael & @Micheal – It is what it is – we’re just glad you guys are enjoying the decks :)

    25. Michael on March 28, 2014

      @Michael I'm with you there. I'm hard up for money as the next person but I couldn't see myself turning a dime on these collectible works of art.

    26. Michael on March 26, 2014

      just got mine and loving the decks and dice and the portfolio
      I am disapointed to dee branded decks on ebay looking for $130 for both and another no buyout but currently at $17.50
      I hate people who use limited pledges on KS to on-sell them for a profit. let people who really want them pledge for them

    27. Hans Christian Böttcher on March 26, 2014

      Got my decks today. They are amazing!

    28. Andreas Ohlmeier on March 26, 2014

      They arrived today in Hamburg, Germany
      WOOOOOW.... The Look is soooo f*****g fantastic.
      Great job from A to Z!
      Review next on my homepage:

      @UnCommon Beat
      I'll be back on your next KS Project!... 100%

      Many, Many thanks

    29. UnCommon Beat 4-time creator on March 25, 2014

      It really means a lot to hear from all of you and we are both ecstatic that you are all enjoying your rewards!
      @Professor Stephen Candy – We’re so happy you received them and hope they bring you as much joy pouring over them as we had making them :)
      @Paul Sharp – Happy Anniversary! I hope your wife likes the prints and thanks so much for sharing and posting the pics!
      @Steph – Awe thanks so much Steph! It really means a lot that you guys are enjoying them and that you can’t wait to display them.
      @Felix – Wow, what a site that would be!! :D We’ll definitely keep you posted on what’s next!
      @Niek – WooHoo – Thanks for checking in and letting us know the rewards are arriving in the Netherlands :)
      @Chapel - Awesome! Such fantastic news they made it to you already!
      @Joe – Thanks and we’re glad they got all the way over to you safe and sound!
      @Naomi – Thank you so much – there were times when we felt we got lost in the details while making them ;)
      @Pablo – Fantastic - So nice to hear your package made it to you safely and you like the quality!
      @Javier – Awesome and thanks for the compliment Javier!

    30. Javier Rebolledo Serrano on March 25, 2014

      Just got mine, and it's gorgeous

    31. Missing avatar

      Pablo on March 25, 2014

      Got my LE a couple of days ago, amazing quality!

    32. Naomi Green on March 25, 2014

      Got mine today. I could get lost in the details! Great job!

    33. Joe Heininger on March 25, 2014

      Got mine in aus today. Amazing job

    34. chapel on March 24, 2014

      got mine in Germany today!

    35. Niek Batstra
      on March 24, 2014

      received mine in the Netherlands!

    36. Felix Topsholm on March 24, 2014

      These cards blew me away, amazing how they look! Framed a whole deck up, looks awesome! Thank you for the deck and if you are going to create a similar deck, let me know!

    37. Steph Daneliuk on March 21, 2014

      Got my cards! Our prints! The dice! These are *gorgeous* you guys. We're just waiting for frames so we can hang these up and display them. <3

    38. Paul on March 21, 2014

      Might trim off the white. Will look like a jumbo card

    39. Professor Stephen Candy
      on March 21, 2014

      My deck and seal arrived today. I'm very impressed and will be going over the cards with a magnifying glass to get all the details out. Thank you for a great project.

    40. UnCommon Beat 4-time creator on March 21, 2014

      Hi Lucian "Luke" Levine, Michael Ballerini, Misael, George N., Michael, Miguel ND, Kat Emralde, Michael O, Austin Rodriguez, Nikolai,, and Derek K!
      We don’t have the words to express how overjoyed and humbled we are that you all like the decks and rewards. Thank you all for making this happen, being so patient, and posting your comments!
      @Adam Wratten – Hang in there yours is on the way and should get there in the next couple days ;)

    41. Adam Wratten on March 21, 2014

      Totally still waiting, and totally crazy excited! I can't wait! :D

    42. Derek K. on March 21, 2014

      Received my decks, seals and dice yesterday. Beautiful cards! I was able to create a gift for my fiance' with them and she was ecstatic. Thank you for your hard work!

    43. on March 21, 2014

      Received in Austria, everything's great, many thanks

    44. Missing avatar

      Nikolai on March 21, 2014

      Just received mine here in the Philippines! Thanks guys!

    45. Missing avatar

      Austin Rodriguez on March 20, 2014

      Received my goodie bag, well tube to be more precise, today and I couldn't be happier! I have to say this was one of the more well up to date and thorough projects I've had the pleasure of backing. Thank you guys for all the hard work you put into this project, it really shows.

    46. Missing avatar

      Michael O
      on March 20, 2014

      Received in the Netherlands. WOW, they are awesome!

    47. Kat Emralde
      on March 20, 2014

      Got them, love them! Thank you!

    48. Miguel ND
      on March 20, 2014

      deck received at Spain, many thanks!

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