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The ultimate bicycle helmet. Brighten your ride with integrated lights, brake, and turn signals.
The ultimate bicycle helmet. Brighten your ride with integrated lights, brake, and turn signals.
6,072 backers pledged $809,551 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Cristiana Quaglio on

      color quando arriva????

    2. Missing avatar

      Peter McMullan on

      high visibilty yellow, like safety jackets

    3. Tai-may Jiang on

      fluorescent purple would be awesome!

    4. Missing avatar

      Bruce Knopf on

      I am not impressed by the additional color options. The white and carbon black and the hand painted all are striking. These color tones look like a school art project. I think high visibility colors are a great idea. My current helmet is red and black. I just don't think these color choices match the styling quality of your product.

    5. Jane L. Fijal on

      red helmet would be nice.

    6. Abby Holloran on

      fluorescent green for 3rd color

    7. Sue Petersen on

      I love the fluorescent green helmet. I will glow in the dark with the lights on it.

      I did you see this indiegogo link

    8. Missing avatar

      Fred Wilner on

      Fluorescent green would be a great 3rd color

    9. Cassie Wallender on

      As others have mentioned, I'd love to see some matte options.

    10. Missing avatar

      John Hale on

      Something flouro! Green or orange?

    11. Missing avatar

      Brian Dennis on

      Red 1st choice, Green second...

    12. Ania Mitros on

      The red is the most visible of the three color options you have.

    13. Ania Mitros on

      Yellow! Or second choice, anything high viz.

    14. Joseph Pierson on

      I would vote for fluorescent yellow reflective paint.

    15. Lumos Helmet Creator on

      Great!! Thanks for the suggestions everyone! As always, we read all your comments and are listing very carefully! Sometime within the next few days we will be selecting a shortlist of colors from your suggestions and making new renderings of them in a new update, so keep a lookout for that!

      In the meantime do keep your color suggestions and requests coming! Once we hit the $600K stretch goal, we will hold a survey for all our backers to decide which will be the extra color!

      @Warren, You will be able to choose your design from any one of the 9 that we have shown above. If you are interested in something that is more fully custom, Danielle actually does do that, but for a higher cost naturally as it involves a lot of time in the creative process on her part to create a new design. If that is something that interests you though, do drop us a message and we would be happy to put you in touch with Danielle directly to arrange it.

    16. Missing avatar

      Melissa Bross on

      Definitely a high visibility color as the third option!

    17. Missing avatar

      Bruce Billetter on

      Fluorescent yellow for the 3rd color

    18. nicolastuil on

      Great idea.
      Fluorescent yellow would be great for high visibility.

    19. nicolastuil on

      Great idea.
      Fluorescent yellow would be great for high visibility.

    20. Lee Eastwood on

      Blue please will match my black and blue gear.would be great for a patten/2 tone would be more sporty

    21. Missing avatar

      Brendan on

      How about bright orange or yellow for safety when it is daylight and the lights won't be as visible?

    22. Warren Otto on

      None of the new colours interest me. John warren has the right idea.

      With regard to choosing your own design for the 50 helmets, wilt there be a number of designs one needs to pick from, or something you yourself can come up with? A Winnipeg Jets or Winnipeg Blue Bombers would be cool..Both would give good visibility (Jets - white, silver and blue, Bombers - blue and gold) and foster pride in my city.

    23. Missing avatar

      Chris Wood on

      bright red to be seen

    24. Missing avatar

      John Warren on

      Since you are about safety and visibility with your new helmet I'm confused as to why you would not offer a high-visibility color? Most people will wear your helmet Day & Night, most likely the LED lights won't be as visible during the daylight hours, but the color of the helmet if it's a high-visibility neon yellow, green, pink, blue or red, etc. would certainly help. Thanks! John

    25. Chris Meyer on

      Day Glo Yellow, the point is to be noticed, right?

    26. Andy Butler on

      Personally, as a commuter in London I think a graphite or grey helmet colour would look awesome.... That's my ten pence!

    27. Lumos Helmet Creator on

      We hear all of you!! We will make several more renderings after hearing from more backers!

      We will keep the original white and black offer anyway so please dont worry if your favourite colour is still the white or black. We will send out a survey at the end of the campaign to collect your choice of colour

      The limited edition handpainted helmet is selling for $219, and if you had backed our project, you can just manage your pledge and change to the "LIMITED EDITION HAND PAINTED LUMOS". If you hadn't backed the project, simply pledge here:…

    28. Nikolaj Elniff Larsen on

      What is the additional price of the Limited edition handpainted helmets?

    29. Missing avatar

      Liana Santarossa on

      I just want the original white that was shown in the video please.

    30. Missing avatar

      Melissa Johnson on

      Love to see like a Yellow bright like the Yellow Jersey from the Tour de France

    31. Missing avatar

      Jean Van Coevering on

      Red would be great and matches my bike, but having an unique hand painted helmet and that isn't just plain red would be the best.

    32. Missing avatar

      Jean Van Coevering on

      Oak woodgrain and metallic copper

    33. Daniel Lovasz

      The blue one!

    34. Daniel Tay on

      Mahogany Woodgrain, Metallic Copper

    35. Missing avatar

      Sally Gillies on

      Copper or hi viz yellow

    36. G Andrew Bauer III on

      Hi Viz blue or green

    37. David Cohn on

      I would love to see an Orange and black helmet offered. Would match my bike!

    38. Missing avatar

      stephen brooks on

      yeah Hi Viz please.

    39. Missing avatar

      Gail Littleton on

      I love bright colors . .. . . really favoring the red then the green helmet! Yellow or orange would be awesome too.

    40. Missing avatar

      stephen brooks on

      How about a flouro colour? Orange or yellow?

    41. Missing avatar

      Warren Kelm on

      Digging the Blue.

    42. Missing avatar

      Andrea Darvas on

      I agree with the suggestions of a high visibility yellow/green helmet. Too many of my friends are getting hit by turning vehicles in the day time.

    43. Missing avatar

      Ramona Gonzales on

      How about a "true" Red? That one looks more "brick" colored - yuk...

    44. Missing avatar

      Andrew Siegel on

      Since my bike is red, I'd like a glossy red helmet. Very red. Trek Emonda SL-6 Viper Red.

      I had a very serious accident almost a year ago (August 11th). I was riding down the road at a comfortable 25mph when an oncoming pickup truck turned right in front of me. My head and front wheel sustained the most contact with the front fender of the truck. I was riding a carbon fiber bike and the front fork sheared completely off. The driver said he didn't see me. I've always ridden with bright colors and now I have lots of lights, too. Lights are on no matter what the conditions are. I'm really excited about the new helmet, as we need to do all we can to draw a driver's attention to the fact that there's a bicycle on the road. They're not looking for us, they're looking for cars. We're that invisible gorilla. Couple that with all the distractions a driver has and it's a wonder any of us survive. After months of rehab, I'm back over 100 miles a week - being safe!

    45. Missing avatar

      Gerd Ellsmore on

      You absolutely have to add a green helmet, ideally high viz, it would make my day and be even safer!

    46. Travis & Chelsie on

      How about adding 3 additional colors as your stretch goal.

      Need a high viz, either yellow, green, orange.
      Also Red, and Blue.

      Adding 1 additional color vs adding 3 additional isn't really that much extra work and it would make a lot of backers happy!

    47. Missing avatar

      Robert Hamby on

      Hi-Viz Yellow/Green.