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Showcasing the best unpaid & intern talent across the creative industries and initiating a debate about intern culture and its effects.

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Why a magazine about interns in the creative industries?

*Issue One cover subject to change
*Issue One cover subject to change

intern magazine was born out of personal experience. 

I decided at the start of last year that I wanted to work in independent magazines. I had been waiting all my life to find something that I was passionate about, which was also a viable career. Having convinced myself to take the gamble, I embarked on a journey into the relative unknown. Over the twelve months that followed, the journey took me to Milan, London and Athens, all the while revealing more and more about this industry that I longed to break into. Twelve months as an intern is a pretty long stretch, not the longest by a good distance, but long enough that the strains of working unpaid begin to take their toll. I consider myself one of the lucky ones, I was able to last it out through the generosity and support of my friends who put roofs over my head. Their charity and altruism allowed for my experience as an intern to be rich and educational, as did the kindness and wisdom of my mentors. 

Despite this overwhelmingly positive experience, as the year drew to a close, I was no closer to a paid job in the industry as when I had set out all those months ago. I began considering this concept of a ‘career’ and had seen how the creative industries are full of those for whom a career means freelancing and can be littered with uncertainty. It struck me that there were ways in which people like me could be helped on their quest to get established in their field of expertise. 

First and foremost, people need to be exposed to your work in order for them to notice you. Secondly, the culture of internships across the creative industries is one that is not discussed or debated outside or even within them. Wouldn't it be a lot more helpful if people could get an insight without throwing themselves in at the deep end? It is around these two ideals that intern is built; we want you to meet the talent and join the debate. 

Since January of this year I have been working with interns and unpaid workers from across the creative industries to put together a magazine that will show off their immense talent and initiate a debate that is pertinent for those involved in, soon to be involved in or even just curious about those industries. I am also making a stand, whereby every contributor involved in the magazine will be paid. This won’t be as much as these guys will inevitably make in the future but serves hopefully as one of the first in a long line of monetary rewards for their hard work and talent. 

This is where you come in Kickstarter, the pieces are slotting into place, most of the features and contributions are ready. I am setting up the business side of the project to ensure that future issues will follow. I just need some help covering the initial print run so that we can get intern magazine Issue One into your hands. As an extension of intern’s ideals, all of our rewards above the £45 threshold are collaborations with our contributors, who will receive a percentage of each contribution which sees their work commissioned. This project is an investment in the future of the creative industries, through nurturing some of the finest talent it looks to support and promote. Through initiating the debate it looks to ensure that the industries reflect on the implications of internships, doing away with complacency and helping to create a situation where creativity is given the freedom required to flourish.

More about Issue One. 

One of two potential formats:

1. 265 x 210mm 112 pages. 

Cover 300gsm Offset FSC Mixed sources.

48 pages 130gsm Silk FSC Mixed Sources. 

64 pages 110gsm Offset FSC Mixed Sources.

2. 240 x 170mm 144 pages.  

Cover 300gsm Offset FSC Mixed sources. 

48 pages 130gsm Silk FSC Mixed Sources. 

96 pages 110gsm Offset FSC Mixed Sources.

What your donations will go towards. 

1. Issue One Print Run

2. Kickstarter rewards & postage

    3. Ongoing distribution & promotion

Rewards, Rewards, Rewards...

Issue Zero

100 Copies of our Limited Edition 12 page tabloid Issue Zero Newspaper are on offer for those pledging £10. Printed by The Newspaper Club on a traditional print press.

Issue One

The first 50 backers will be rewarded with Issue One delivered ANYWHERE in the world for just £12. After that £20 gets you in the game.

Ltd. Edition Tote. 

100 Hand Screen Printed, Kickstarter-only Grey 100% cotton Tote Bags are on offer for those who have 'Got To Bag It Up'.

Photo Prints. 

12" x 8", 20" x 16" or 30" x 20"

1. Nora Hollstein

2. Cecilia Poupon

3. Maxwell Tomilson

4. Paul Phung

Any backers pledging £45 or more can pick their photo print from the above selection of Issue One contributors. Printed on FujiFilm Crystal Archive photographic paper, each selected sees the contributor getting paid for their work.

Vincy Cheung A3 Screen Print. 

300GSM Acid Free, Archival Stock. 50% Cotton 'Fabriano Rosaspina' Water based ink. Eco Friendly hand pulled Screen printing process. Expertly printed in Manchester, UK by SAVWO.

Detail of the Vincy Cheung 'Never Ending Story' print.
Detail of the Vincy Cheung 'Never Ending Story' print.

Backers pledging £60 or more can select a beautiful Vincy Cheung A3 'Never Ending Story' Screen Print, masterfully printed by SAVWO. Vincy gets a cut of each one selected.


Design - She Was Only

Film - Generic Greeting

Photography - Meagan Hodds

Screen Printing - Savwo & Callum Higgins

Music - Youthfall

Film Cameos & Consiglieres - DR.ME & OWT Creative

11th Hour Game-Changing Puns - Sophie Galpin

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

As much as there are always risks with print publishing, I have approached this project vigilantly and through extensive planning have tried to make it as watertight as possible. What I can't guarantee though, is that the magazine will sell out. If sales were underwhelming, it would make releasing a second issue financially challenging, but I am totally committed to this project and have been for the last seven months.

Should the Kickstarter be a success, anything from 300 copies upwards of the 2000 printed will already be accounted for and building on the back of that initial circulation and the coverage that this campaign picks up, I am confident that the remaining copies will be sold through the website and through a roster of worldwide retailers that I will look to add to week by week.

The only foreseeable setbacks in terms of delivery time for rewards (including magazines) will be delays from printers and contributors on the handful of features yet to be finalised. That said, the magazine is being printed by the company used by the last magazine I interned with and their service in terms of both quality and speed was first class.


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