CA$ 9,425
pledged of CA$ 128,000 goal
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Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Sun, June 24 2018 12:54 AM UTC +00:00
CA$ 9,425
pledged of CA$ 128,000 goal
0seconds to go
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Sun, June 24 2018 12:54 AM UTC +00:00

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    1. AJ Webb on

      It's too bad this didn't go through, the first Terrodome was fun and with this on console I could've played more. I was really looking forward to Cassie too, she doesn't get enough love, even if I don't like certain directions the comic took.

    2. Huracan Studio 2-time creator on

      Hey Terror-backers, the team and I would like to thank you for backing this project from the bottom of our hearts. This campaign didn't reach its goal but the game will reach its goal eventually as we're not depending on any external funds to make it happen. We were only trying to boost the production, but we have a solid team and we love and believe in what we do. So stay tuned for our next step will be Steam early access release sometimes next year. We'll keep you backers informed of any new update and you can also follow us on our FB page, twitter and on Discord too!
      Thanks again and have a great day!

    3. Elizabeth Halliday on

      I would still love to support this game and hope this is not the end for this project. I loved the original terrordome and hope to see this game released someday.

    4. Missing avatar

      Axton McCormick on

      Backing this to show my support for horror themed fighters. Loved the first Terrordrome, here's to hoping for the best for the last 43 hours. c:

    5. Huracan Studio 2-time creator on

      @GroGut, yeah I think having a community based on a free game didn't help. Lucky we're aiming at a wider audience with this new game. Thanks for the support!
      @Ten, Maybe, but I'm not sure it would have changed anything with so few pledges, the problem lies elsewhere.

    6. GrogGut on

      @Huracan Studio,
      I don't even play the other game and I only discovered yourselves via a youtube video but the premise behind this game is great, hence why I chipped something in the hat!
      Personally I blame the 'Fans', happy enough to take the FREE game but ask them to pay towards building a better future and suddenly everyone is busy.
      Keep up the great work and I'll support the next venture :)

    7. Missing avatar

      Ten on

      Maybe next time you guys should concider updating your project. I was part of 2 successful kickstarter... it requires at least weekly updates...

    8. Missing avatar

      Cassandra R. Gibson on

      I just found this today, I love you guys. So sorry I didn't know sooner. I posted a link on facebook. I might not do anything but I'm trying. So sorry this may not turn out! It looks wonderful <3

    9. Huracan Studio 2-time creator on

      Well turns out Maximilian Dood is streaming tonight and will play Terrordrome's demo. A bit late but still better than never.

    10. Huracan Studio 2-time creator on

      @bones Bsmith, we did in fact reached to as many youtubers and other influencers as possible, and we started this like 2 months before the campaign, only to have a few getting back to us. People like Maximilian Dood and Uncaged who have featured us on their stream or videos in the past simply ignored us this time for unknown reason. We were counting on them to bring even more awareness, but apparently we're not mainstrain enough for them now. We have no Update per say to offer, besides that we will continue working on this game, as I've already stated in the comment section before. With the community and popularity we gained along the years, it's hard to pin-point what went wrong. I think the demo was in too early stages (not enough FX, not enough this and that), we have too many followers either not in age of doing a pledge or simply expect Terrorrdrome2 should be also free. The whole team put all the efforts in this demo and campaign but since the very first days it was obvious that something was going wrong and that the campaign wasn't taking off at all. At this point we can only extrapolate on what should or shouldn't have been done.
      We'll keep the backers updated on our next step: Early access release on Steam next year.

    11. Bones Bsmith

      Backed this for my lad, shame the campaign doesn't have the legs. The creators don't seem to be very pro-active, no update, no driven social media presence, Are you guys just sitting back just hoping the cash would come rolling in?

    12. Huracan Studio 2-time creator on

      @Edward, we're conscious that the demo was in early state, no final FX nor sound effects. We though we could rely on our big community to foresee what we're trying to do but that wasn't enough. It's a big disapointment but we take it as we weren't ready. We'll keep working on it nonetheless. We got interesting feedbacks to help us improve the game.
      @Devon, I'm not too keen on starting a crowdfunding anytime soon. Preparing a KS campaign takes a lot of energy and time. I would rather bet on a Steam early access when we feel we're ready this time. That's our plan.

    13. Edward Drummond

      Game sounds cool, but some more flair with the combos and ults would have had it fully backed already. Perhaps have only the most basic combo attacks with static camera, with the stronger combinations zooming in for cinematic grapples/beat downs. Very flashy ultimate attacks ofc are a given.Targetting the combat clip shown as an example: Frankenstein's lightning blast attacks should have more sparks and neon glow, even to the extent of the shadows that would flicker during said attacks. Sasquatch could have more intimidating sound effects (think Buffy vamp sounds), snarls and even a stun roar shockwave style attack. Sasquatch's bird summon is somewhat plain..either have the bird bloodily gouge targets eyes or swap for a more intense special like a flurry of brutal meaty-sounding punches with afterimages or grapple with a wince inducing bone break.The roster is fairly small, thus what's there needs to shine all the more, grabbing us into the action! Backgrounds look stellar btw, it's just some combat polishing needed and you will have droves of slavering mortals flinging wallets left, right and centre! :)

    14. Devon on

      Even if you are not fully funded, will you be starting another campaign elsewhere or on Kickstarter to raise any funds even if they do not reach your goals? I really want to help your project.

    15. Missing avatar

      Layne Ross on

      To be honest I mainly play on consoles, but I still want to support this project because it looks amazing. I really hope I can find a way to get my hands on the demo, but until then you guys just let me know what I can do as a fan to help support this amazing project.

    16. Brandon Stoltz on


      A shame indeed. After what I saw of the original terrordrome (I could never get it to work on my pc) I REALLY wanted to see this succeed so I could play this iteration of it. I love horror and a love fighting games, so I desperately want this to succeed.

    17. Thomas "Poultrygeist" Richardson on

      Its a shame this campaign has not got the recognition it deserves...So many places all over I hear the same complaints...mostly about not having the copy written characters , when people try to explain to these people why you do not have them...they just do not get it...they think its a simple process lol

      The other thing I hear from people is , the combat doesn't look "brutal" enough...they want the moves to all be boneshattering , earthshaking and extremely bloody...They basically want a Monsters version of Mortal Kombat 10+Injustice 2...

    18. Huracan Studio 2-time creator on

      Hi Terror-backers, The campaign is going slow and chances we reach our goal is rather slick. However we wanted to re-assure everyone that the project continue. We don't depend on the KS campaign to make it through. It would have helped to boost the production for sure, but there are other solutions. We're still headed for a Steam early access release by Q4 2018 or Q1 2019.

    19. Darkenn on

      I really like the roster, guys - hope you get all the backing you need. You should probably try to reach out to James and Mike from the Cinemassacre youtube channel - they really liked your first game and I do believe they can help spread awareness for this one.

      I have a question though... if you get to the base goal, but not any of the stretch ones, will you still find a way later down the line to add all the dlc characters, including Cassie Hack?

    20. SCP-096-2 on

      You guys are great, to show my support, maybe some cool characters to introduce as dlc?

      Here's some for example:
      Nopperabou (why? Faceless humanoids make horror more better)
      Slit Mouth Woman
      New Louisiana Swamp Monster (The one that looks like the Rake in the original pictures)
      Killer Clown (Not related to T.H.I.S, instead a human murderer in a clown costume)
      Ash Williams (Since we have Cassie Hack and Herbert West, why not bring The King, himself?)
      Loveland Frogman
      and Bunnyman.

    21. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    22. AJ Webb on

      I raelly really hope we get the console releases. My pc is terrible for gaming.

    23. Danimation on

      Very excited to see the project on Kickstarter after following it for so many months. I’ll do what I can to spread the word so we can make this a reality 🖤

    24. Missing avatar

      Miguel Angel Martin on

      Kick ass project. Congrats and hope you go all the way.

    25. Kevin Joffard on

      Hi ! I have 2 requests.

      _ We will be able to choose the plateform if the console port SG will be unlocked ?

      _ The Backers Will have access freely to the future seasons ?

    26. Huracan Studio 2-time creator on

      @Devon Terrordrome is powered by Unity 3D and they handle a large variety of controllers. So yes, controller support is part of the game features.

    27. Devon on

      I just backed your project but I did have one really important question for you guys. Will there be any kind of controller support? It doesn’t have to be fully functional in menu screen, just fully functional during the actual games. If not, I probably won’t be playing until there is. Thank you and good luck on the campaign and development of your game!

    28. Missing avatar

      Payet Matthias

      Can we see how looks like the exclusives skins ?

    29. Thomas "Poultrygeist" Richardson on

      Backed as soon as I got home and saw it was up!

    30. BlacksoulMD on

      I already posted the link on quite a few reddits and facebook pages, but this game needs all the publicity it can get. If anyone can send it to fighting game youtubers like Max or pages like Kotaku or Fighters Generation.