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Manuscript is finished, now its onto final edits, artwork, publishing and getting the word out.

In 2011, while praying and walking to work, I was asking God about my career.  Instead of setting a direction, He said write a book.  Once the first draft was completed, a career opened up.

The book trys to take God's amazing grace and love for His kids and boil it down to practical steps that anyone can see in scripture to experience God's grace.  I use both my own testomony and the lessons I learned while trying to answer the question "What's that look like?"

The book is written and I've worked with an editor to bring it to this point with my own money.  To take it to completion, I am lookiing to share the blessing with others to finish the project.

I am looking to self-publish so I can control how the book is marketed and control the rights.  The funds will cover the final editing needed to prepare for publishing, the actual cost of publishing and listing with Spring Arbor, a Christian distributing service.  Any money raised above these costs will be directed toward cover art and marketing.

The average book sells about 1,000 copies, I am shooting for 5,000.  If God so blesses, I would pray the words I believe He gave me will touch someones heart and cause them a closer walk with the King!

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Risks and challenges are minimal with self-publishing. The biggest risk is that the 10 copies of the books that we give out to backers are the only ones ever printed!


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