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We are raising funds to have a bench installed in Two Plum Park!

We want to have a Bench installed in Two Plum Park to make it easier for everyone to enjoy the Park. Two Plum can be found in the King Neighborhood, between NE Shaver and Mason, NE 6th and 7th Ave, in Portland, Oregon.

Two Plum Park already has a lot to offer: a swing set, a play structure, a street light, a mural.

But no place to sit

Maybe you want a place to sit and watch the kids while they play. Maybe you would like a place to sit and chat with a friend. Maybe you'd like a place to sit and read, enjoy your lunch, or just relax outside.

Our project team has approached Portland Parks about a bench for Two Plum Park and they recommended we use their Commemorative Bench Program to get a bench installed.

A Commemorative Bench with a plaque costs $5,200 and we are raising $6,000 to cover all our fees.

We've already raised most of the funds for a Bench, we want to raise the last bit with your help!

In the late 1990's Two Plum Park was a vacant lot overgrown with weeds. Joe Martin lived at the end of the block and decided to start mowing the grass. Soon other neighbors were helping to cut the grass and clean up the lot. As they continued their improvements they decided to work with the City to make the space an official Park. In 2001 the garden became Two Plum Park.

We plan to dedicate the bench to all the neighbors who cared for the space and worked to create Two Plum Park.

If by chance we exceed our Kickstarter goal, the extra funds will go toward other improvements to Two Plum Park, such as a garbage can.

The Two Plum Park Bench is a project of the North East Coalition of Neighborhoods, a charitable, 501c3, organization, so your contribution is tax deductible.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

The Commemorative Bench Program with Portland Parks is an established program with a long track record and many benches installed. We are confident that once funds are raised and an application submitted a bench will be installed in Two Plum Park.

Risks include:

The cost of a bench could change, we are approaching the end of the calendar year and cost reviews may change the Commemorative Bench program for the new year. Our contacts at Parks don't think this is likely, but its always possible.

Unforeseen elements of the Commemorative Bench application process is also a risk. We hope our conversations with the Parks Department have prepared us for the application, but there is always a chance some unexpected element will arise.


  • Good question! That's a lot of money we are talking about! $5,000 is for the bench, $200 is for a commemorative plaque. We are raising a total of $6,000 to cover fees (Kickstarter, Amazon, NECN).

    But still, why $5,000 for a bench? Since Two Plum Park is part of the City Parks system of Portland, OR anything that is installed needs to meet their requirements for safety and accesibility; and be installed by them. The bench will have a poured concrete pad, which is the largest part of that expense. Future maintenance is also included in the cost, so we are paying money now to make sure the bench can be repaired when needed.

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