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Filming a documentory on a rigorous 3 month expedition. Backers will receive valuable naming rights and Pygmy tools!!

Update- Discovery, MSNBC, TODAY, The Huffington Post,  Fox News, Yahoo, USA TODAY,  Live Science, Science Seeker, Digital Trends, and approx. 70 other Media Outlets featured the Newmac Expedition and counting! We are also in the works with a producer for a reality show on The Discovery Channel, but we still need the funding to make it all happen! So get involved NOW and take advantage of the awesome rewards before they reach their cap! (The depiction of us in articles doesn't necessarily reflect the views of the team or the goal of the expedition)

Huffington Post written article:

Hello there! My name is Stephen McCullah (the one above on the left). I was born in Springfield, Missouri and like a lot of people I figured out what I wanted to do in my teens (14 to be exact). I wanted to study Biology and I wanted to explore the world. Well I consider myself incredibly blessed as I've been able to do both to an extent. I've been able to pursue some great endeavers, but on this latest project I'm going to need a little help..  Along with my colleagues (who also have a love for Zoology) I'll be launching one of the first expeditions in this century with the goal of categorizing plant and animal species in the vastly unexplored Republic of the Congo. Our hope is to discover a wide variety of new species along the way. The Congo Basin is a region of Central Africa larger than the state of Florida, more than 80% of which has been totally unexplored.

(Photo Above- Clearing out brush around our camp in Nicaragua with the help of locals. Acting tough for the camera ha)

The few expeditions that have gone into these jungles in the last three decades (approx 15) were smaller, shorter, and much less technologically advanced, but because of the abundant plant and animal life and the fact that it is largely unexplored most produced great results.

Operation Congo took place between December 1985 and early 1986 by "four enthusiastic but naïve young Englishmen," led by William Gibbons, Although the party found no evidence of the Mokèlé-mbèmbé (the large reptile which they were searching for), they discovered a new subspecies of monkey, which was later classified as the Crested mangabey monkey (Cerocebus galeritus), as well as many fish and insect specimens.

In November 2000, William Gibbons returned back to the region and did some preliminary research in Cameroon for a future expedition. He was accompanied by David Wetzel, and videographer Elena Dugan. While visiting with a group of pygmies, they were informed about an animal called Ngoubou, a horned creature. The pygmies asserted it was not a regular rhinoceros, as it had more than one horn (six horns on the frill in one eyewitness account), and that the father of one of the senior members of the community had killed one with a spear a number of years ago. However, the locals have noted a firm dwindle in the population of these animals lately. The pygmies identified the animal from a picture shown to them by Gibbons as a Styracosaurus. An animal previously thought to be extinct.

Our first expedition will be dubbed The Newmac Expedition. It will be a preliminary three month (or as long as our health allows) four man venture. We'll launch on June 26th and we anticipate discovering hundreds of new insect, plant, and fish species during the course of our research and work in the area. There is also the legitimate hope of discovering many reptile and mammalian species as well. We have received reports from week to two week expeditions in the region of eye witnesses seeing canine sized tarantulas, large river dwelling sauropods, and a species of man eating fish (which was recently discovered on river monsters).

Our first trip will be recorded via an accompanying camera crew and made into a reality show on Discovery or Nat Geo.


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  • We'll land in Brazzaville where we'll meet up with our Guide and Translator. After that We'll be hitching a ride on a boat going North on the Congo River and cut off on a tributary leading to the village of Impfondo. We'll get off there and hike roughly 46 miles to the remote village Matoko. After getting more water and food we'll pack up and trek another 20 miles through the Likouala swamp region to the Bangombe pygmy tribe living on the southern tip of Lac Tele. This is where we'll be setting up camp for the next 3 months. From here we'll be taking day trips out into the Jungle and on the nearby rivers and lake to collect and photograph specimens. We'll also be placing trail cameras in as many locations as we can and utilizing thermal cameras to track animals on land and sonar to locate animals in the merky waters.

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  • Our main goal is to locate and bring back proof of undiscovered species from the area. Birds, Fish, Mammals, Reptiles, Plants, Insects, ETC..

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  • The discovery of new species can impact everyone. The discovery of new plants can lead to new pharmaceuticals being created to cure diseases previously thought uncurable. The discovery of new animals in a region can influence what we know about migration or the extinction of another animal . If an animal or plant is discovered before it becomes extict we can take steps to prevent it from happening.

    When you discover a new species you also gain the rights to name that species or subspecies. Pledgees of the $1500+ mark will benefit from having their name attached to the name of a new species which usually generates a significant amount of attention from media.

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    Everyone in this pledge category will receive daily updates and pictures of progress- Via text or email, so you will be one of the first to see the findings. Weeks ahead of the media. Furthermore we'll send a you a genuine pygmy made string and bone bracelet to commemorate the launch of The Project.

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    Limited Reward- Everything in the $5 or more with the addition of a personal hand written letter from the team leader and legal use of all the pictures and sound recordings gathered during the expedition.

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    Limited Reward- Includes the $25 or more with the addition of an authentic piece of a new species of plant found along with information on it.

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    Pledges of this amount are eligible for the previous reward as well as the ability to have their emailed questions responded to by team members mid expedition. They will also receive a DVD collection of the entire trip and a handcarved Spear made by the Baka Pygmy people along with a picture of the person who carved it holding YOUR spear.

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    We'd like to offer everyone pledging $250 or more a handcarved wooden mask from Brazzaville, Congo as well as everything in the tiers below.

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    We're offering all of our pledgees of $500 or more the chance to have their name incorporated into the name of a new plant species discovered during the course of our research. (First pledgees will have first choice!)

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    Receive all previous rewards as well as having your name or company name attached to the official name of a new species discovered within this expedition- Additionally for the first 5 people who pledge we'll be sending a handmade crossbow made by the Baka Pygmy people. Much like the one in this pic:

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    Limited Reward- Receive all of the rewards below along with one complete and preserved specimen of a new species or subspecies of insect we discover during the course of our research. This is the incredibly rare opportunity to own one of four to six specimens in the entire western hemisphere. A true opportunity of a lifetime for collectors and enthusiasts.

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    Official sponsor. Team members will wear clothing with the name of official sponsors. Official sponsors will also be mentioned in all media interviews and in the documentary as a sponsor, as well as have a chosen species named after them. Finally Pledgees in this category will be given the opportunity to personally visit one of the project sites. (We'll even have a grub lunch ready)

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