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In Sword 'N' Board you will battle your way through imaginary enemies, cardboard forests, dark pillow fort dungeons!
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What's this?! EARLY BETA ACCESS?!

Posted by Robert Busey (Creator)

So, for one of the rewards from the Kickstarter was early Beta access to the game, of which I've been working on daily on my dev stream over at

I was able to get the game through Greenlight on Steam recently, and have been focused on getting the PC version finished! Once that is all done I can begin all of the fun (and not so fun) part of doing QA for the Wii U version as promised!

For those of you that didn't read the previous updates, the game was moved to Unity, because of Unity's various export options and for better performance, as the previous engine I was using just wasn't up to par for what I needed for the game. Which of course only meant the game would take even longer to develop. It was a mildly heartbreaking decision I had to make, but now I feel the game is at a good enough point to finally let people start to play it again!

The currently build many of you will find is always expanding, as new areas are added and opened up! Currently there are only 2 enemy types as the main focus has been all of the game logic, and general Overworld design, but that will be quickly changing as well! 
The Kickstarter stretch goal which involved a crafting system with the Blacksmith and upgradeable stats is also in the game currently, which you can use! 
There are also multiple save slots that you can use as well, in case you have a friend that would like to play the game, and you don't want to mess up your save!

There are quite a few item combinations that are readily available at the start for everyone to play with as well, but that will be changing as the Dungeons are added, and the progression for the game is finalized!

I will be sending out Steam keys for everyone that wanted one, and for those of you that specifically wanted the Wii U version, you will also be receiving a key for the Steam version, so you have something to play until the Wii U version is realeased, at which point you will be given a code for that as well.

For those of you that don't want to use Steam etc, I will be uploading a build to the site that I am launching in the next day or so, with a link that you can use to download a build from there.

So keep an eye out for keys, they are coming!


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